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A Will Eternal

A Will Eternal

Author: Er Gen [耳根] Time:2019-09-27 10:56:40

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Introduction:A Will Eternal is the fourth major xianxia novel by the renowned Er Gen. It tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family. The story takes place in the same

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Book 1: I'm Bai Xiaochun

Chapter 183: I’ll Be Back Soon....
Chapter 182: My Precious Pearl....
Chapter 181: Uncrushable....
Chapter 180: Could It Be The Will Of The Heavens...?
Chapter 179: I’ll Tell You A Secret
Chapter 178: So Little Mask, You Want To Play Hide-And-Seek With Lord Bai?
Chapter 177: Heavenspan Dharma Eye!
Chapter 176: The Only Hidden Legacy
Chapter 175: Please Behave Yourself, Elder Brother Bai
Chapter 174: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!
Chapter 173: The World!
Chapter 172: I'm Sorry, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 171: Assassinate Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 170: Goddess Lingfei
Chapter 169: Hou Yunqing Never Lies
Chapter 168: Incognito....
Chapter 167: Nine Serenities Ghost Domain!
Chapter 166: Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment
Chapter 165: Seizing Heavenstring Energy!
Chapter 164: So What!?
Chapter 163: No Quarter Asked, None Given!
Chapter 162: Heavenstring Energy
Chapter 161: Wreck Your Tideflow!
Chapter 160: Slaughtering Chosen!
Chapter 159: Undying Gold Skin!
Chapter 158: Spirit Stream Sect, Defend Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 157: Fighting Back!
Chapter 156: Wanna Kill Me?!
Chapter 155: Breaking The First Shackle!
Chapter 154: Striving for a Great Dao!
Chapter 153: Let The Tideflow Begin!
Chapter 152: You’re Shameless! No, You’re Shameless!
Chapter 151: You Wanna Fight Me, Bai Xiaochun?!
Chapter 150: Your Sweetie Has Something Else To Do....
Chapter 149: Whether Sect Uncle Bai Wants It To Or Not
Chapter 148: Come Play With Me, Sweetie
Chapter 147: A Mystery Pill Appears!
Chapter 146: Power!
Chapter 145: Sentenced To Death!
Chapter 144: Lord Bai Is Gonna Fight You To The Death
Chapter 143: That Was Definitely On Purpose!
Chapter 142: A Host of Chosen!
Chapter 141: Fallen Sword Abyss!
Chapter 140: Foundation Establishment Holy Land
Chapter 139: I Didn’t Do It!
Chapter 138: Bruiser’s Hobby....
Chapter 137: My Battle Beast!
Chapter 136: They All Came Over
Chapter 135: The North Bank Erupts!
Chapter 134: The Spirit Is Still There.
Chapter 133: It's Not Worth Trying, Kiddo
Chapter 132: Life Essence Ancestral Awakening Blood
Chapter 131: For the Contributions!
Chapter 130: The Blooming of the Beastbirth Flower
Chapter 129: Bone Spur!
Chapter 128: Alert
Chapter 127: Soul Floating In the Void
Chapter 126: Build Up To Success
Chapter 125: The Ol’ Nightstalker Beast....
Chapter 124: Human Controlling Grand Magic
Chapter 123: Fight!
Chapter 122: I Accept This Challenge!
Chapter 121: Paper Cranes Fill the Sky....
Chapter 120: Fight Me, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 119: It’s Spring, and I Planted My Beastbirth Seed
Chapter 118: Not A Warm Welcome....
Chapter 117: Frigid School Medicine Manual!
Chapter 116: The Founder Appears!!
Chapter 115: No! Don’t Spread That!
Chapter 114: Li Qinghou Understands....
Chapter 113: Something Really Bad.
Chapter 112: Two Hearts Intertwined, At Long Last Reunited
Chapter 111: Making Contact with the Shackles
Chapter 110: Exiled To 10,000 Snakes Valley
Chapter 109: A Light Rain on Violet Cauldron Peak....
Chapter 108: Big Fatty Zhang, Loyal Friend
Chapter 107: Lightning Detox Grand Magic
Chapter 106: Crazy Rabbit!
Chapter 105: Massive Animal Jailbreak!
Chapter 104: I Guarantee....
Chapter 103: I Want To Serve The Sect!
Chapter 102: Is Anyone Around?
Chapter 101: Waterswamp Kingdom and Protomagnetic Wings!
Chapter 100: Still Won’t Apologize To Your Sect Uncle Bai?
Chapter 99: Knock Knock
Chapter 98: Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture
Chapter 97: I Am Big Fatty Zhang!
Chapter 96: Fighting Ghostfang
Chapter 95: That’s Not How You Use Swords!
Chapter 94: Sect Uncle Bai, We’re On The Same Side
Chapter 93: What a Useful Pill
Chapter 92: The Despair of Gongsun Wan’er
Chapter 91: The Enraged North Bank
Chapter 90: Archenemy of the North Bank
Chapter 89: Just Concede
Chapter 88: The North Bank’s Strongest
Chapter 87: Outer Sect Chosen Battles
Chapter 86: That Again....
Chapter 85: He... Took First?
Chapter 84: Unbelievable Acceleration
Chapter 83: Elder Zhou, You’re Up
Chapter 82: South Bank Chosen
Chapter 81: Will-Spirit Grand Magic
Chapter 80: The Talents of Big Fatty Zhang
Chapter 79: Xiaochun, We Believe You
Chapter 78: Are They Talking About Me?
Chapter 77: Auction
Chapter 76: Eighth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 75: I’ve Been Wrongly Accused!!
Chapter 74: So, It Was Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 73: Who Did This!?
Chapter 72: The Sect Has Rules
Chapter 71: Living Prestige Scion
Chapter 70: Hey, Elder Brother Li
Chapter 69: Bai Xiaochun, Come Offer Greetings To The Young Lord
Chapter 68: Sect Nephew, Don’t Rush Off!
Chapter 67: Elder Brother, Where’s Our Master?
Chapter 66: Going Through Hell Or High Water For The Sect
Chapter 65: The Gravekeeper
Chapter 64: Morale And A Funeral
Chapter 63: Crushing The Luochen Clan!
Chapter 62: Killing a Chicken With a Battle-Axe!
Chapter 61: Fatal Attack!
Chapter 60: Fierce Life-or-Death Battle
Chapter 59: You Die, I Live!
Chapter 58: The Cornered Beast Fights!
Chapter 57: You Have To Stay Alive!
Chapter 56: Sticking Together for Survival
Chapter 55: Crown Prince Chen Heng!
Chapter 54: Principles!
Chapter 53: Bravery!
Chapter 52: Luochen Betrayal
Chapter 51: Elder Brother Feng, Such A Good Guy!
Chapter 50: Bizarre Courtyard
Chapter 49: Luochen Clan
Chapter 48: The Big Wide World
Chapter 47: Xiaochun Ventures Out Of The Sect
Chapter 46: Mission For The Hall Of Justice!
Chapter 45: I Could Kill You, Easy!
Chapter 44: The Sun Is Rising
Chapter 43: Slow... So Slow....
Chapter 42: Promotion Test
Chapter 41: The Effectiveness of Spirit Enhancement
Chapter 40: Pursuing the Pinnacle
Chapter 39: Crushing....
Chapter 38: Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning
Chapter 37: Heaviness-in-Lightness
Chapter 36: The Little Turtle Proclaims Superiority!
Chapter 35: Another Encounter with Xu Baocai
Chapter 34: Crushing It in Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 33: Disqualify Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 32: Heaven-Defying Luck
Chapter 31: Humiliated!
Chapter 30: Bring It On!
Chapter 29: Lightness-in-Heaviness
Chapter 28: Pressure is Motivation
Chapter 27: Th-that's... Bamboo?
Chapter 26: How Were the Spirit Tail Chickens?
Chapter 25: Invincible Iron Skin!
Chapter 24: Who Are You?
Chapter 23: The Chicken-Thieving Fiend
Chapter 22: Don’t Worry, Elder Sister!
Chapter 21: Big Bro Xiaochun....
Chapter 20: Feathers Scattered About
Chapter 19: The Legend of the Weasel
Chapter 18: Drawing the Attention of the Crowd!
Chapter 17: Little Turtle
Chapter 16: Meticulously Careful
Chapter 15: Undying Live Forever Technique!
Chapter 14: Third Elder Brother? Third Elder Sister?
Chapter 13: You’re Coming Too!
Chapter 12: On the Bamboo Fence
Chapter 11: Hou Xiaomei
Chapter 10: Elder Brother, Don’t Go!
Chapter 9: Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill
Chapter 8: We're Gonna Go All Out!
Chapter 7: Bonding the Turtle-Wok
Chapter 6: Drunk On Spiritual Energy
Chapter 5: What If I Lose My Poor Little Life?
Chapter 4: Spirit Enhancement
Chapter 3: Six Lines of Truth
Chapter 2: The Ovens
Chapter 1: I'm Bai Xiaochun

Book 2: The Legend of Nightcrypt!

Chapter 326: Destination: Middle Reaches!!
Chapter 325: The Blood Ancestor’s Eyes Open!
Chapter 324: Merge The Qi, Wake The Ancestor
Chapter 323: Gathering At The Blood Stream Sect!
Chapter 322: Trifling Toad Monster
Chapter 321: The Might Of The Eternal Parasol!
Chapter 320: Eternal Parasol!
Chapter 319: Swallowed Up
Chapter 318: Everyone In Your Family Is A Tadpole
Chapter 317: I'm The Little Turtle!
Chapter 316: The True Spirit’s Eyes Open!
Chapter 315: Secrets Of Two Sects!
Chapter 314: I Live For The Sect
Chapter 313: The Founding Of The River-Defying Sect!
Chapter 312: No One Can Handle That Responsibility Except For Me!
Chapter 311: That... Scar!!
Chapter 310: Du Xuemei Offers Greetings, Blood Master!
Chapter 309: The Profound Stream Sect Surrenders!
Chapter 308: Yin-Yang Ravens
Chapter 307: Target... Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 306: The Slash Of The Heavenhorn!
Chapter 305: Cutting Down Lin Mu
Chapter 304: Powerful Fleshly Body!
Chapter 303: Fighting Lin Mu
Chapter 302: Flaunting Strength On The Battlefield!
Chapter 301: Extremely Enraged!
Chapter 300: The Power Of The Incarnation!
Chapter 299: Re-Form!
Chapter 298: Senior Goldcroc, Listen To Me, Sir!
Chapter 297: Heaven-Damned Little Turtle, I Hate You!
Chapter 296: You're Alive?!
Chapter 295: Take Them And Have Fun!
Chapter 294: To The Front Lines
Chapter 293: Plaguedevil Wreaks Havoc!
Chapter 292: I Must... Concoct Medicine!
Chapter 291: The Middle Peak Blood Master Has Infinite Magical Powers!! The Spirit Stream Heaven-Dao Expert Can Shake The Whole World!
Chapter 290: In Profound Stream Sect Territory!
Chapter 289: Patriarchs, Send Me To The War!
Chapter 288: What Bird Is That...?
Chapter 287: Women Are Terrifying!
Chapter 286: Good... morning...?
Chapter 285: Master Thousand-Faces!
Chapter 284: Droughtflame Attacks!
Chapter 283: Now Can You People Listen?!
Chapter 282: I Really Get It!
Chapter 281: Blood Stream Sect, Stand Down This Instant!
Chapter 280: Patriarchs, Stop This War!
Chapter 279: Because I'm The Blood Master Of Middle Peak!
Chapter 278: The Blood Stream Sect... Arrives!
Chapter 277: Complete Spell Formation!
Chapter 276: Daoseed Ninth Formation
Chapter 275: Luochen Grand Spell Formation!
Chapter 274: Once Upon A Time, I Was Also A Crazy Teen!
Chapter 273: Zhou Xinqi, It’s Destiny
Chapter 272: With Bruiser On My Side, The Spirit Stream Sect Is Mine
Chapter 271: True Emptiness, the Most Wonderful Existence
Chapter 270: Thoughtful
Chapter 269: Vow To Slay Nightcrypt
Chapter 268: We Believe You....
Chapter 267: You Guys Definitely Miss Me
Chapter 266: I'm Back!
Chapter 265: Knocking Sounds....
Chapter 264: Disaster Brewing....
Chapter 263: Looting The Lady’s Bedchamber!
Chapter 262: The Patriarch's Adopted Son!
Chapter 261: Come Out, Du Xuemei!
Chapter 260: The Second Blood Ancestor!
Chapter 259: A Legacy Is Memories!
Chapter 258: Blood-Colored Light From Middle Peak!
Chapter 257: Boo!?!?
Chapter 256: You’re Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 255: The Throat Crushing Grasp Again!
Chapter 254: Time’s Up!
Chapter 253: Ten Ghosts Heavenly Demon Body!
Chapter 252: You Really Can’t Blame Me This Time
Chapter 251: My Plan
Chapter 250: Die!
Chapter 249: I Can’t Believe He Ate It!!
Chapter 248: Get Away From Me, Stop Following Me!
Chapter 247: What’s That?
Chapter 246: Second Stage
Chapter 245: This Isn't Fair!
Chapter 244: Pure Malice
Chapter 243: Nightcrypt, I'm Jia Lie, And You're Dead!
Chapter 242: Trial By Fire for Blood Master!
Chapter 241: The Blood Devil is the Blood Lord!
Chapter 240: I'm Just Too Honest
Chapter 239: Should I Help Myself To A Bit....?
Chapter 238: Tier-5 Spirit Medicine!
Chapter 237: A Boom From Lesser Marsh Peak
Chapter 236: You Handle It, Shadow!
Chapter 235: Plaguedevil's Here
Chapter 234: It Really Won't Explode?
Chapter 233: Eee? Why Did You Stop Talking?
Chapter 232: The Power of Four Ghosts
Chapter 231: The Senior Generation Isn’t Perfect....
Chapter 230: What If She Uses Force?
Chapter 229: Plaguedevil’s Name Spreads Far And Wide
Chapter 228: Excuse Me... Are You Immortal Grass?
Chapter 227: Mysterious Black Smoke....
Chapter 226: Don’t Worry About Anything
Chapter 225: Come Back Home With Me, Nightcrypt!
Chapter 224: This Isn’t Betraying The Sect, Is It?
Chapter 223: Flying Furnaces Fill the Firmament
Chapter 222: I Must Concoct Medicine!
Chapter 221: The Dao of All-Creation Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 220: Holy Pill Wall Fragment
Chapter 219: Mid Foundation Establishment
Chapter 218: Negotiations Fall Apart!
Chapter 217: Beast King!
Chapter 216: All-Knowing!
Chapter 215: Divination With The Snap Of A Finger!
Chapter 214: I'm Back....
Chapter 213: Piddling Master Coldsnort!
Chapter 212: The Hesitation of the Blood Stream Sect
Chapter 211: The Ultimate Vixen....
Chapter 210: Grand Elder, Please Behave Yourself!
Chapter 209: Silenced In Death....
Chapter 208: Save Me Big Sis Song
Chapter 207: Nightdevil’s Name Spreads.
Chapter 206: Dazzlingly Ferocious Reputation!
Chapter 205: What A Great Sect!
Chapter 204: Inverse Blood Ancestral Awakening!
Chapter 203: You Really Think I'm Scared Of You People?!
Chapter 202: The Rabbit Gets Nervous!
Chapter 201: I, Bai Xiaochun....
Chapter 200: Young Lady Xuemei, What A Coincidence...
Chapter 199: Xuemei’s Immortal's Cave
Chapter 198: You’re Plotting Against Me!
Chapter 197: Secret Magic of Middle Peak!
Chapter 196: A Mysterious World
Chapter 195: I Pick Big Sis Song’s Middle Peak!
Chapter 194: What Gall!
Chapter 193: Hogging....
Chapter 192: Trial By Fire at the Blood Precipice
Chapter 191: Rewards from Corpse Peak
Chapter 190: Green Zombies
Chapter 189: Hair Transformation
Chapter 188: Corpse Refinery
Chapter 187: Song Que Has An Aunt....
Chapter 186: Cultivation Paradise!
Chapter 185: Secrets of the Blood Stream Sect
Chapter 184: How Is This Possible!?!?

Book 3: Rise Of The River-Defying Sect!

Chapter 378: I’ll Be Back!
Chapter 377: The Celestial!
Chapter 376: An Uninvited Guest
Chapter 375: Bai Xiaochun’s Dao Protectors....
Chapter 374: Hostage!
Chapter 373: Three Breaths River-Defying Pill!
Chapter 372: They’re Talking About Me!
Chapter 371: Patriarchs, Save Me....
Chapter 370: I'm Gonna Kill You, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 369: Marks....
Chapter 368: Let Me Explain
Chapter 367: Living Mountain Incantation!
Chapter 366: Shameless! Cheater!
Chapter 365: What’s That...?
Chapter 364: You Bullies!
Chapter 363: One Should Be Enough
Chapter 362: The Legacy Competition Begins!
Chapter 361: Only One?
Chapter 360: Fine. Fine. Fine! I’ll go!
Chapter 359: Bullying Others With Force!
Chapter 358: Arrogant And Despotic!
Chapter 357: Malicious Intentions
Chapter 356: Beast King Violet Core!
Chapter 355: Bruiser’s Tribulation!
Chapter 354: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!
Chapter 353: The So-Called Wildlands!
Chapter 352: Come On In, Elder Brother Bai
Chapter 351: Come Hang Out In My Immortal's Cave....
Chapter 350: You’re Lying!
Chapter 349: A Love Letter....
Chapter 348: The Rabbit’s Weakness....
Chapter 347: When The Talking Rabbit Stops Repeating....
Chapter 346: The Mysterious Power Appears Again!
Chapter 345: Unclean Thing....
Chapter 344: Getting To Work
Chapter 343: No More Sky River Court; Welcome The Honorable River-Defying Sect
Chapter 342: Undying Heavenly King Core!
Chapter 341: The True Spirit Awakens!
Chapter 340: One Palm Eradicates Core Formation!
Chapter 339: Making Contact With The Second Shackle!
Chapter 338: Heaven-Dao Gold Core!
Chapter 337: Gold Sun!
Chapter 336: Battling Core Formation!
Chapter 335: Fatality!
Chapter 334: Completely Crushed!
Chapter 333: The Scream Of The Phoenix
Chapter 332: Someone’s Definitely Protecting Me
Chapter 331: Indestructible In Foundation Establishment
Chapter 330: Locking Down the Dire Skybanyan!
Chapter 329: Attacking The Sky River Court
Chapter 328: Dire Skybanyan!
Chapter 327: Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

Book 4: A Different Kind of Hostage!

Chapter 563: Vanished Without A Trace
Chapter 562: Beast Claw Shreds All!
Chapter 561: Deva Soul Merger!
Chapter 560: What Was That Thing!?
Chapter 559: Beaten But Not To Death
Chapter 558: Big Sis Red-Dust, Let Me Explain
Chapter 557: Deva Soul In Hand!
Chapter 556: Third Level!
Chapter 555: The Pinnacle!
Chapter 554: Profoundly Mysterious!
Chapter 553: Spirit Enhancement?!
Chapter 552: Realm Of Trials By Fire
Chapter 551: I’ll Be A Good Boy....
Chapter 550: There’s... Something On My Back!
Chapter 549: Your Comeuppance Is At Hand, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 548: I’ll Take Off Now... Sshhh....
Chapter 547: Sshhh....
Chapter 546: An Arrow With A Golden Design!
Chapter 545: I'm Zhou Yixing, You Moron!
Chapter 544: Sacrifice Of Flesh And Blood!
Chapter 543: Blood-Soaked Buns
Chapter 542: Red Heads, Green Heads, Our Favorites Are The White Heads....
Chapter 541: Red Hats, Green Hats, We’re A Bunch Of Little Hats....
Chapter 540: Nine-Colored Flame
Chapter 539: Ill Intentions
Chapter 538: Run, Xiaochun
Chapter 537: Devil Bai Is Here!
Chapter 536: Intolerable Bullying!
Chapter 535: Roster
Chapter 534: News About A Deva Soul!
Chapter 533: Something Big
Chapter 532: Wronged!
Chapter 531: It’s Like Looking At Myself
Chapter 530: A New Move
Chapter 529: The Riches Of World City
Chapter 528: He’s Just A Kid
Chapter 527: You're The Major General?!
Chapter 526: New Major General?
Chapter 525: Proud Song Que
Chapter 524: Taking Command Of The 3rd Corps
Chapter 523: Promoted To Major General!
Chapter 522: The True Spirit Protects Its Food
Chapter 521: Turning In The Vengeful Souls
Chapter 520: Black Pillar Of Light!
Chapter 519: Huge Soul?!
Chapter 518: It's All To Become A Major General!
Chapter 517: A Deva?
Chapter 516: Kill Me First!
Chapter 515: Be A Good Boy And Take The Medicinal Pill
Chapter 514: I'm An Army Officer, Fool!
Chapter 513: This Soul Is For The Giant Ghost King!
Chapter 512: Bring It On! Who Dares To Make A Move!?
Chapter 511: They Can’t See Me!
Chapter 510: Highway Robbery!
Chapter 509: My Own Mission
Chapter 508: Don’t Tell Me I Have To Seduce Mistress Red-Dust...?
Chapter 507: I Have To Become A Major General!
Chapter 506: The True Undying Hex!
Chapter 505: Great Circle of Gold Core!
Chapter 504: The Five Legions Compete
Chapter 503: Promotion To Colonel!
Chapter 502: How Is This Possible!?
Chapter 501: Trying To Defeat A Nascent Soul Expert!
Chapter 500: Battle Prowess That Shocks The Masses!
Chapter 499: Frigid Domain!
Chapter 498: Who Else Wants To Die!?
Chapter 497: Going All Out!
Chapter 496: I'm Friends With Your Commanding Officer
Chapter 495: Devil Bai
Chapter 494: Not The Time To Fear Death
Chapter 493: Soul Convergence Power!
Chapter 492: Battle Of A Hundred Tribes
Chapter 491: Drum Of The Celestial Warrior!
Chapter 490: It Could Be!
Chapter 489: Assassination Attempt!
Chapter 488: The Might Of The Pill!
Chapter 487: Major Progress With The Soul Convergence Pill!
Chapter 486: Worldwide Death Warrant For Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 485: Aphrodisiac Pill To Shock All Creation!
Chapter 484: Bai Xiaochun’s Fury!
Chapter 483: I’ll Make Your Pill Furnaces A Thing Of The Past!
Chapter 482: Ji Feng
Chapter 481: Lining One’s Pockets....
Chapter 480: Promotion To Lieutenant
Chapter 479: Thirteen!
Chapter 478: Do You Know What You’ve Done, Bai Xiaochun?
Chapter 477: What Magical Items Were They?!
Chapter 476: It’s Gonna Blow!
Chapter 475: This Old Guy Offended Me
Chapter 474: What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Concocting Medicine?
Chapter 473: You’re Bullying Me Too!
Chapter 472: Conscripted For Ten Years!
Chapter 471: Do You Really Want To Join The Skin Flayers?
Chapter 470: Who Said I’m Scared?
Chapter 469: Necromancers!
Chapter 468: Savage Giants!
Chapter 467: The Skin Flayers
Chapter 466: The Incredible Great Wall!
Chapter 465: Wildlands Cloudgyre
Chapter 464: Bones of Giants
Chapter 463: World City
Chapter 462: You People Just Wait!
Chapter 461: Disembarking
Chapter 460: The One With The Spine
Chapter 459: Confession Of Love....
Chapter 458: I Can’t Take It Anymore, Xiaochun
Chapter 457: Elder Brother Zhao, You’re Hurt!
Chapter 456: Mysterious White Shadow
Chapter 455: Elder Sister, Hear Me Out
Chapter 454: Don't Worry, I’ll Take Care Of Everything
Chapter 453: I’ll Do Whatever You Say, Xiaochun!
Chapter 452: Infinitely Changeable Chosen
Chapter 451: Love Saint Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 450: Win Charm!
Chapter 449: So, You’re That Kind Of Person....
Chapter 448: Junior Brother Bai, A Word Please?
Chapter 447: The Return Of The Unclean Thing!
Chapter 446: Dinner? Tonight?
Chapter 445: Finally, I Can Get Some Real Food
Chapter 444: 1st Place Zhao Tianjiao
Chapter 443: Boarding
Chapter 442: Du Lingfei Appears In Person!
Chapter 441: Soul Hunting Expedition
Chapter 440: The Extraordinary River-Defying Sect
Chapter 439: I Only Have A Wish
Chapter 438: Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 437: The Kingdom Crushes The Statue
Chapter 436: Battling Gongsun Wan’er!
Chapter 435: The Power Of The Soul Convergence Pill!
Chapter 434: Challenging The Trials Again!
Chapter 433: Twelve Hours
Chapter 432: Wracked With Anxiety!
Chapter 431: Master, Spare Me!
Chapter 430: I Can Too!
Chapter 429: Meld With The Mountain
Chapter 428: Don’t Try To Convince Me!
Chapter 427: Bullies!
Chapter 426: A Naughty Bridge
Chapter 425: Pissing Off The Guardian
Chapter 424: Trial Of Skill
Chapter 423: No Stopping
Chapter 422: He’s Swimming?
Chapter 421: How Warm!
Chapter 420: You Look Down On Me!
Chapter 419: Respect The Rank
Chapter 418: All Mountains Have Spirits
Chapter 417: The Ravine of Endless Mountains
Chapter 416: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars
Chapter 415: Who Dares To Try To Take Bai Xiaochun’s Poor Little Life?!
Chapter 414: Xiaochun, The Hall Of Devil Slayers Is Your Home
Chapter 413: This Sect Treats Me Great
Chapter 412: Xiaochun’s Indignation
Chapter 411: Are You... Talking About Me?
Chapter 410: A Surprise For Feng Youde!
Chapter 409: Going On A Mission....
Chapter 408: This Square!
Chapter 407: Hall of... of Devil Slayers?
Chapter 406: Sky Quarter
Chapter 405: Promotion....
Chapter 404: I'm A Hostage!
Chapter 403: How Dare You Try To Hurt Me!
Chapter 402: Threatening Home!
Chapter 401: Incredible Gall!
Chapter 400: Que'er, It's You!
Chapter 399: Song Que’s Dream...
Chapter 398: Mid Gold Core Stage!
Chapter 397: Live Forever Tavern
Chapter 396: Comeback Time!
Chapter 395: Seeing Du Lingfei Again!!
Chapter 394: Sky Quarter Rainbow
Chapter 393: File A Grievance....
Chapter 392: Dao Protector Reunion
Chapter 391: Are You Fellow Daoist Zhang Dahai?
Chapter 390: Kidnap Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 389: People Can Live Like This?
Chapter 388: The Rise Of The Azure Dragon Society
Chapter 387: Fantasy Pills
Chapter 386: Why Aren’t You Kowtowing!?
Chapter 385: Running Into Master God-Diviner
Chapter 384: Schemes and Tricks
Chapter 383: Attracting Attention
Chapter 382: Ultra Fasting Aid Pill!
Chapter 381: Out Of Options
Chapter 380: I'm Hungry
Chapter 379: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect

Book 5: The Peak Of Life!

Chapter 854: Is That?
Chapter 853: You Absolutely, Positively Must Not Crush That!!!
Chapter 852: You Owe Me An Explanation, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 851: Why Won’t You Accept It, Song Que?
Chapter 850: Calm Down, Que'er....
Chapter 849: Is This Some Sort Of Mistake...?
Chapter 848: Farewells
Chapter 847: Taking Off The Mask
Chapter 846: The Hell-Emperor’s Successor
Chapter 845: Shaking The Wildlands
Chapter 844: Undying Bones Skyrocket
Chapter 843: The Celestial’s Blood-Hair
Chapter 842: I'm Not Really That Outstanding....
Chapter 841: Master, Save Me!
Chapter 840: Lock Of Blood Hair!
Chapter 839: Unmatchable Battle!
Chapter 838: What Right Do You Have To Withhold Your Approval!?
Chapter 837: The Celestial Cometh!
Chapter 836: Daoist Magic Of Heaven And Earth!
Chapter 835: Cause And Effect
Chapter 834: The Hell-Emperor Cometh!
Chapter 833: Ow... Oww....
Chapter 832: Second Deadly Blow!
Chapter 831: Experts Unite!
Chapter 830: That’s Not Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 829: Ghostform Lifedrain
Chapter 828: Save Me, Father-In-Law!
Chapter 827: You Broke My Teddy Bear
Chapter 826: Late Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 825: Risking It All!
Chapter 824: Full Scale Retreat!
Chapter 823: Sweetie
Chapter 822: Xiaochun Makes A Move!
Chapter 821: Can’t See Me....
Chapter 820: Intense Fighting
Chapter 819: Fishing!
Chapter 818: It’s Her!
Chapter 817: Bai Xiaochun?!
Chapter 816: Nineteen-Colored Flame
Chapter 815: Advancing By Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 814: If You Have Any Questions....
Chapter 813: Great-Grandpa Gravekeeper....
Chapter 812: There’s... Someone There!
Chapter 811: A Pet....
Chapter 810: I'm Going To Miss You All!
Chapter 809: We’re Both Fellow Masters
Chapter 808: If You’ve Got What It Takes, Bring It On!
Chapter 807: Earthly Soul Flame Tribulation
Chapter 806: Shaking The Dukes And Marquises!
Chapter 805: Conjuring Flame In The Hall!
Chapter 804: Ganging Up
Chapter 803: Think You Can Take Me On?
Chapter 802: Summons From The Grand Heavenmaster
Chapter 801: Is This Some Kind Of Joke?
Chapter 800: Master And Apprentice Reunited
Chapter 799: You Tricked Me, Bai Hao!
Chapter 798: I’ll Give You Ten Breaths Of Time!
Chapter 797: Killing And Crushing!
Chapter 796: Fighting Into The Zhou Clan!
Chapter 795: A Clue!
Chapter 794: Even The Heavenly Duke Bites His Tongue!
Chapter 793: Heavenly Duke Clan
Chapter 792: The Talk Of The Town
Chapter 791: This Bai Hao Is A Madman
Chapter 790: Universal Grace Begins!
Chapter 789: Silver-Armored Corpse Trooper
Chapter 788: Proclamation of Universal Grace!
Chapter 787: Vicious Plan Of The Bastards!
Chapter 786: Grand Heavenmaster, Your Humble Servant Has A Plan!
Chapter 785: Warmth From The Giant Ghost King
Chapter 784: Raging Murderous Aura
Chapter 783: Dramatic Events!
Chapter 782: Conjuring Eighteen-Colored Flame
Chapter 781: Dark Undercurrents Appear
Chapter 780: Shakedown Addiction
Chapter 779: Poor Child
Chapter 778: Seizing Every Opportunity
Chapter 777: The Formula For Eighteen-Colored Flame!
Chapter 776: You’re Screwed....
Chapter 775: This Bai Hao Is A Good-For-Nothing Wretch....
Chapter 774: Your Majesty, I Snatched A Deva Soul!
Chapter 773: The Reigning Arch-Emperor
Chapter 772: If You’ve Got What It Takes, Fight!
Chapter 771: Ancestral Sacrifices
Chapter 770: Your Humble Servant Has A Plan
Chapter 769: I Dare You To Try That Again, Heavenly Duke Chen
Chapter 768: Pit Of 10,000!
Chapter 767: Do You Know Who My Uncle Is?!?!
Chapter 766: A Howl From The Rear Courtyard
Chapter 765: I Very, Very, Very, Very Much Like To Grow Flowers
Chapter 764: Fighting In The Li Clan!
Chapter 763: Do You Admit To Your Crimes?
Chapter 762: I Heard You’re Good At Shakedowns!
Chapter 761: Recognize Me?
Chapter 760: The Powers Of The Inspections Commissioner!
Chapter 759: We're All On The Same Team
Chapter 758: Don’t Tell Me This Place Is Haunted?!
Chapter 757: Do You Or Do You Not Dare?!
Chapter 756: I'm... The Inspections Commissioner?
Chapter 755: I'm Not Bai Hao....
Chapter 754: Deva Shapes Heavenly Will
Chapter 753: The Wildlands Beat Me!
Chapter 752: Deva-Level Fist Strike!!
Chapter 751: Imperial Clan Secret Spell Formation
Chapter 750: Ninth Stratum!
Chapter 749: Like A Hot Knife Through Butter!
Chapter 748: Xiaochun Gets Pissed Off!
Chapter 747: Get Rid Of The Evil Scourge!
Chapter 746: Who’s Blackie?
Chapter 745: Back Again....
Chapter 744: Grandmaster Bai!
Chapter 743: Shaking The Whole City!
Chapter 742: Breaking New Ground
Chapter 741: Flame Harmony!
Chapter 740: Evenly Matched
Chapter 739: A Wager!
Chapter 738: I Challenge You To A Duel!
Chapter 737: Good People Go The Extra Mile
Chapter 736: Controlling The Rhythm Of Things
Chapter 735: Stop, All Of You!
Chapter 734: Keep Your Voice Down!
Chapter 733: Poison....
Chapter 732: Nothing But Business Warfare
Chapter 731: Stuck In The Middle
Chapter 730: The Princes Make A Move
Chapter 729: Can’t Get You To Submit?
Chapter 728: Who Gives A Crap About Heavenly Dukes?!
Chapter 727: I Absolutely Detest Cheaters
Chapter 726: Calculating The Bill Wrong
Chapter 725: Get Him The Hell Out Of Arch-Emperor City
Chapter 724: The Tree Might Long For Peace, But The Wind Will Never Cease
Chapter 723: Bring In A Shill...?
Chapter 722: Sticking Together To Survive
Chapter 721: A Spirit Enhancement Shop
Chapter 720: Hell-Emperor’s Fist
Chapter 719: Master, Look Up There....
Chapter 718: Don’t Do Something You’ll Regret
Chapter 717: Master Has A Lot Of Experience?
Chapter 716: A Wise Man Knows To Back Down When The Odds Are Against Him
Chapter 715: I'm Your Fiance....
Chapter 714: Red Dust Blows Upon My Face As I Walk The Road To The Capital
Chapter 713: Arch-Emperor City!
Chapter 712: Huh? What’s The Rush...?
Chapter 711: Xiaochun Erupts....
Chapter 710: Playing Dumb
Chapter 709: Master’s Name
Chapter 708: I'm Your Master!
Chapter 707: Destiny Brought Us Together....
Chapter 706: Stupefied Giant Ghost King
Chapter 705: What Exactly Did You Do...?
Chapter 704: I'm Back!
Chapter 703: RUN!
Chapter 702: Dropped Onto The Ground....
Chapter 701: Putting A Half-Deva In His Place!
Chapter 700: I Can Still Break Through!
Chapter 699: Who’s The Grindstone!?
Chapter 698: Secret Magic Of The Imperial Clan
Chapter 697: Get Back Here, Bai Hao
Chapter 696: Undying Emperor's Fist!
Chapter 695: Crushing Everyone!
Chapter 694: A Soul!
Chapter 693: An Eagle Catching Baby Chickens....
Chapter 692: You Screw Me, I Screw You!
Chapter 691: No, I Want Revenge!
Chapter 690: King Giant Ghost, You Fudge-Licking Prick!
Chapter 689: They Want To Kill Me?!
Chapter 688: An Old Friend
Chapter 687: Don’t Worry, Your Highness!
Chapter 686: He Wants To See Me Again?
Chapter 685: The Ghost King Orchid Blooms
Chapter 684: More Power
Chapter 683: Are You Stupid, Bai Hao!?
Chapter 682: Changes
Chapter 681: Kill Them!
Chapter 680: Humiliation
Chapter 679: This Is Outright Robbery!
Chapter 678: Smuggling Is Useless
Chapter 677: Study Away, Majordomo Bai...
Chapter 676: Shakedown
Chapter 675: The Old Pervert!
Chapter 674: A Huge Sensation
Chapter 673: Crazed By A Rise In The Rankings.
Chapter 672: The Hell-Emperor Stele Shakes All Creation!
Chapter 671: Cooking Oneself
Chapter 670: Invincible To Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul!
Chapter 669: Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul!
Chapter 668: Goal: Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul!
Chapter 667: Majordomo Bai
Chapter 666: Bring Me The Rebels!
Chapter 665: Many Pretenses Can Be Seen Through, But Not Flattery
Chapter 664: Game Over
Chapter 663: Scared But Not Terrified!
Chapter 662: I’m Only Doing This To Save You, Old Pal
Chapter 661: Escaping Giant Ghost City!
Chapter 660: Ghost King's Soul Blood!
Chapter 659: Extravagantly Wasteful Battle
Chapter 658: Blood, Sweat And Tears
Chapter 657: Ninety-Nine Times!
Chapter 656: A Lot!
Chapter 655: Myriad Children Blood Banner
Chapter 654: What A Malicious Restrictive Spell!
Chapter 653: This Guy’s Crazy!
Chapter 652: Demigod Soul Detonation!
Chapter 651: How Brilliant, Patriarch
Chapter 650: Miserable Giant Ghost King
Chapter 649: Human Shield
Chapter 648: How Exciting....
Chapter 647: Clean Him Out!
Chapter 646: The Giant Ghost King's Game!
Chapter 645: Rebellion!
Chapter 644: A Secret!
Chapter 643: Powerful Lu Shiyou
Chapter 642: Decree From The Heavenly King!
Chapter 641: Smells Like Treasure
Chapter 640: The Confident Giant Ghost King!
Chapter 639: Just Kill You?
Chapter 638: Cai Clan Elder
Chapter 637: Fully Equipped With Treasures
Chapter 636: Fourteen-Colored Flame: Success!
Chapter 635: How Do You Deal With Me?
Chapter 634: Recognizing Me Won’t Do You Any Good!
Chapter 633: Two Birds, One Stone
Chapter 632: Once The Heavens Change
Chapter 631: Too Domineering
Chapter 630: Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 629: Dominating Cellblock D
Chapter 628: Splitting The Loot....
Chapter 627: Promoted To Inquisitor...
Chapter 626: I Hope You'll Break The Record
Chapter 625: Pure Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 624: Captain, What Exactly Are They Going Off To Do?
Chapter 623: Facing The Facts
Chapter 622: Devil Penitentiary
Chapter 621: Fly Off Into The Sunset....
Chapter 620: Giant Ghost City
Chapter 619: Decree From The Heavenly King
Chapter 618: Another Battle With A Deva!
Chapter 617: The Patriarch Arrives
Chapter 616: I Want Him Alive
Chapter 615: Captured Alive!
Chapter 614: Father Bai Flabbergasted
Chapter 613: Heavens!
Chapter 612: Crushing Father Bai
Chapter 611: Time To Die, Unfilial Bastard
Chapter 610: Fleeing The Bai Clan
Chapter 609: The Patriarch Makes A Move
Chapter 608: Let The Show Begin
Chapter 607: Conjuring Flame For An Audience
Chapter 606: Collecting The Deva Soul
Chapter 605: Felled By A Palm
Chapter 604: If You Kill Me, You're A Traitor!
Chapter 603: Damn You, Bai Hao!
Chapter 602: Take What I Want
Chapter 601: Take Your Pick, Fifth Young Lady
Chapter 600: Deva Soul
Chapter 599: The Ancestral Land Opens
Chapter 598: Preaching Ignorantly Of The Dao
Chapter 597: Condemned By Law!
Chapter 596: Bai Xiaochun's Answer!
Chapter 595: Bite My Tongue
Chapter 594: Assessment During The Ceremony
Chapter 593: Cold Father Bai!
Chapter 592: I Don’t Understand!
Chapter 591: Magical Rain Of Fire
Chapter 590: Endless Rain Of Fire
Chapter 589: Placing Hope In The Ancestral Land
Chapter 588: Exposing The Malefactor!
Chapter 587: How Very Disappointing Of You
Chapter 586: I Want Him Dead!
Chapter 585: Peerless Talent!
Chapter 584: A Clue!
Chapter 583: Bai Hao, Bastard Son
Chapter 582: Bai Clan, East Outskirts
Chapter 581: Trump Card
Chapter 580: Demigod Soul!
Chapter 579: Rebranding The Mask!
Chapter 578: Terrestrial Necromancer!
Chapter 577: Bullying....
Chapter 576: I'm Looking At You!
Chapter 575: Spirit Enhanced Nascent Soul!
Chapter 574: Successor Of The Hell-Emperor
Chapter 573: Help Me, Fellow Daoist Bai!
Chapter 572: I Refuse To Believe!
Chapter 571: Just Who Exactly Are You!?
Chapter 570: Flame Conjuring Techniques
Chapter 569: Make It Stop!
Chapter 568: Bring It On! Let’s See Who’s Scared Of Whom!
Chapter 567: I Hate People Named Bai!
Chapter 566: Necromancy and Spirit Enhancement Are The Same!
Chapter 565: Necromancers!
Chapter 564: A Fated Pair....

Book 6: The Strongest Deva

Chapter 1028: Heavens Destroyed, Earth Decimated!
Chapter 1027: Tenth Daogate
Chapter 1026: Peerless Daoist Magic!
Chapter 1025: Live Forever Lamp!
Chapter 1024: One Glance Abyss Crystallization
Chapter 1023: Heavenspan Daogates
Chapter 1022: Four Beasts!
Chapter 1021: Crocodilian Head!
Chapter 1020: About To Begin!
Chapter 1019: The Aura Of The Arch-Ancestor!
Chapter 1018: The Despair Of Arch-Emperor City
Chapter 1017: I Still Hate You!
Chapter 1016: There Was Never A Worldgate!
Chapter 1015: Eternal Turtle
Chapter 1014: Just A Bit
Chapter 1013: Three Kowtows Of Gratitude
Chapter 1012: Blood Ancestor, Resurrected!
Chapter 1011: Raging Blood Qi
Chapter 1010: Fiery Apocalypse
Chapter 1009: Twenty-Two-Colored Flame!
Chapter 1008: How Could You Be So Selfish?
Chapter 1007: A Teardrop
Chapter 1006: Reasons
Chapter 1005: A Second Chance
Chapter 1004: Your Destiny!
Chapter 1003: Another Showdown!
Chapter 1002: The Hand Of The Celestial
Chapter 1001: Truce. No fighting.
Chapter 1000: Heaven-Defying Regeneration!
Chapter 999: Fighting A Demigod!
Chapter 998: I Will... Make You Stop!
Chapter 997: I'm Back
Chapter 996: Arriving At Giant Ghost City!
Chapter 995: The Most Powerful Of All Devas
Chapter 994: I Can Definitely Stop This....
Chapter 993: Anxious!!
Chapter 992: Returning To The Ice Plains
Chapter 991: Demigod Fleshly Body!
Chapter 990: Hang In There....
Chapter 989: Grim Circumstances
Chapter 988: The Great Circle!
Chapter 987: The War Escalates
Chapter 986: Dead?
Chapter 985: Thrashing The Old Ghost....
Chapter 984: Crazed Ghost
Chapter 983: It’s Not Fair!
Chapter 982: Come And Fight, You Spineless Ghost!
Chapter 981: A Bit Of Energy Left
Chapter 980: Everyone's A Liar
Chapter 979: I’m Gonna Skin You Alive!
Chapter 978: Shattered Mirror!
Chapter 977: All Mine!
Chapter 976: Father And Daughter
Chapter 975: He's Already Here
Chapter 974: Drastic Occurrences
Chapter 973: An Answer
Chapter 972: Deja Vu
Chapter 971: Thrown Out
Chapter 970: Xiaochun Overturns The Heavens!
Chapter 969: I've Had Enough Of You People!
Chapter 968: Detonation!
Chapter 967: The Lightning Order, Astonished
Chapter 966: Why Are Young People Nowadays So Reckless?
Chapter 965: Stop Annoying Me
Chapter 964: I Have A Divine Ability, Old Pal!
Chapter 963: What?! Aaaiiiieee!
Chapter 962: Locked Up!
Chapter 961: Voracious Moonflower
Chapter 960: I Can Still Plant Flowers
Chapter 959: Four-Point Covenant
Chapter 958: I’ll Sell Medicine!
Chapter 957: The Celestial’s Apprentice!
Chapter 956: Three-Point Covenant
Chapter 955: Menacing And Overbearing
Chapter 954: The Hostile Northerners
Chapter 953: She Awakens!
Chapter 952: The Bone Galleon Sets Sail!
Chapter 951: Bai Xiaochun’s Oath
Chapter 950: One Divine Ability After Another!
Chapter 949: As Arrogant As Him!
Chapter 948: The Deadmire
Chapter 947: Reasons
Chapter 946: You’re Not Hou Xiaomei!
Chapter 945: First Time Here?
Chapter 944: I Took A Wrong Turn...
Chapter 943: A Copper Coin!!
Chapter 942: Frustrated Master Cloud Lightning
Chapter 941: That Form Of Address....
Chapter 940: Not Meant For Each Other....
Chapter 939: Split Them Up!
Chapter 938: Moonflower
Chapter 937: He’s Still A Child
Chapter 936: Terror-Stricken By The News
Chapter 935: Godkiller
Chapter 934: What Divine Ability Is That?!
Chapter 933: You’re Doing This On Purpose
Chapter 932: Are You Egging Me On?
Chapter 931: He Couldn’t Be The Celestial, Could He?
Chapter 930: Hi There, Little Fei
Chapter 929: What’s The Big Deal?
Chapter 928: Bullying Me?!
Chapter 927: Evil Intentions
Chapter 926: Land Of Dangers!
Chapter 925: Let The Trial By Fire Begin!
Chapter 924: A Lock Of Father-In-Law’s Hair
Chapter 923: Just Like Old Times
Chapter 922: Who Is Du Lingfei?!
Chapter 921: The Noble Du Lingfei!
Chapter 920: Longing For Defeat
Chapter 919: What Trouble Is He Here To Stir Up?
Chapter 918: A Different Type Of Deva
Chapter 917: Different Means To The Same End
Chapter 916: Big Fatty Zhang’s Dream
Chapter 915: Setting Sail
Chapter 914: The Unpredictable Human Heart
Chapter 913: The Demigod Returns
Chapter 912: Everyone Moves
Chapter 911: Doubts!
Chapter 910: Must Concoct Antidote!
Chapter 909: Breakup Pill....
Chapter 908: He Left?
Chapter 907: Like A Fish Back In Water
Chapter 906: Sun-Moon Vast-Sky Incantation
Chapter 905: Stop Joking Around, Xiaochun
Chapter 904: You Dropped Something, Fellow Daoist Bai
Chapter 903: It’s A Misunderstanding....
Chapter 902: It Wasn’t Me! It Wasn’t!!!
Chapter 901: Chen Hetian
Chapter 900: Take It Out On Chen Hetian!
Chapter 899: Returning To The Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect
Chapter 898: Keep Her Safe....
Chapter 897: Hold My Breath Today, Awaken Tomorrow
Chapter 896: Undying Blood!
Chapter 895: Breaking The Shackle
Chapter 894: Deva Pill!
Chapter 893: Demigod Dharmic Decree!
Chapter 892: The Shock Of The Hall of Steel Veins
Chapter 891: Quintuple Power Undying Fist!
Chapter 890: Valiant!
Chapter 889: Not As Fast As Me!
Chapter 888: Think You Can Leave?
Chapter 887: Deva!
Chapter 886: Heavenly Twenty-One-Colored Flame
Chapter 885: Throw Them Outside!
Chapter 884: Black Clouds Gather!
Chapter 883: The Hall of Steel Veins Mobilizes!
Chapter 882: The Fury of Devas
Chapter 881: This Is My First Time!
Chapter 880: See What This Is, Xiaochun?
Chapter 879: Que'er! What Are You Doing Here?
Chapter 878: Eternity
Chapter 877: Things Change, People Stay The Same
Chapter 876: Back Home
Chapter 875: A Heavy Load And A Long Road
Chapter 874: Shake Down A Sect?
Chapter 873: Xiaochun?
Chapter 872: Eruption
Chapter 871: Uneasy!
Chapter 870: Let The Battle Resume!
Chapter 869: Incomparably Mighty!
Chapter 868: To Battle!
Chapter 867: Fleshly Body Destruction!
Chapter 866: It’s Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 865: How Dare You People!
Chapter 864: Won’t Count For Crap!
Chapter 863: Give It Back
Chapter 862: Dangerously Unstable
Chapter 861: A Woman Combing Her Hair
Chapter 860: A Ghost!
Chapter 859: Mural. Live Forever.
Chapter 858: The Bizarre Bone Galleon
Chapter 857: River-Defying Sect In Peril
Chapter 856: Singing From The Bone Galleon
Chapter 855: Journey Of Three

Book 7: The Eternal Immortal Domains

Chapter 1314: His Choice
Chapter 1313: An Oil Lamp And An Ancient Temple
Chapter 1312: The Left Side
Chapter 1311: A Will Eternal
Chapter 1310: With A Stir Of Will, Tribulation Appears
Chapter 1309: Seeing God
Chapter 1308: Guidance. Beginning.
Chapter 1307: Starting Point
Chapter 1306: Merciless Allheaven
Chapter 1305: The Mortal Renegade Perishes
Chapter 1304: Finger Of Allheaven!
Chapter 1303: Bitter And Desperate
Chapter 1302: Essence of the Eternal
Chapter 1301: That’s It?
Chapter 1300: Never-Ending Turtle
Chapter 1299: Restoring Allheaven
Chapter 1298: Battle of Time
Chapter 1297: Battle Of Space
Chapter 1296: The Starry Sky Is The Furnace
Chapter 1295: Hourglass Precious Treasure
Chapter 1294: Fighting The Mortal Renegade
Chapter 1293: Eyes Open!
Chapter 1292: Dao Clones
Chapter 1291: The Mortal Renegade Awakens!
Chapter 1290: Was It Worth It?
Chapter 1289: A Bitter Fight
Chapter 1288: Eternal Eye
Chapter 1287: Ambitious And Ruthless
Chapter 1286: Song Que!
Chapter 1285: The Saint-Emperor Emerges
Chapter 1284: Single Sparks
Chapter 1283: Bai Xiaochun’s Dao
Chapter 1282: A Legendary Life
Chapter 1281: The Past
Chapter 1280: One Bite....
Chapter 1279: Apprentice Of The Mortal Renegade
Chapter 1278: Another Encounter With Heavenspan
Chapter 1277: The Opposite Can Too!
Chapter 1276: Wake Up!
Chapter 1275: Archaean Fleshly Body!
Chapter 1274: The Bell Tolls For The Eternal
Chapter 1273: The Far Ends Of The Eternal River
Chapter 1272: Searching For The Eternal Mother
Chapter 1271: Something Is Wrong
Chapter 1270: Family
Chapter 1269: Go Home
Chapter 1268: What A Drag
Chapter 1267: Meteorites Bind The World
Chapter 1266: Dantian Region
Chapter 1265: Sovereign
Chapter 1264: Defeating The Ancestor!
Chapter 1263: Sixth Volume!
Chapter 1262: Honey Trapping
Chapter 1261: The Ancestor
Chapter 1260: Repairing The Seal
Chapter 1259: One Thing After Another!
Chapter 1258: Perishing
Chapter 1257: Are You Really Cursing Me?
Chapter 1256: Trident of Emperors
Chapter 1255: Archaean Battle
Chapter 1254: You Wanna See?
Chapter 1253: The Return!
Chapter 1252: Resurrecting Bai Hao!
Chapter 1251: Thirty-Colored Flame!
Chapter 1250: Domineering
Chapter 1249: All For My Apprentice!
Chapter 1248: Handling The Immortal Imperatrix
Chapter 1247: Overacting
Chapter 1246: Be Good Now, Xiao Chi
Chapter 1245: A Ship. A Corpse.
Chapter 1244: The Worldly Daoist’s Tenacious Focus
Chapter 1243: Becoming An Archaean!
Chapter 1242: Eternal Spirit
Chapter 1241: The Mortal Renegade
Chapter 1240: Valley Of Black Clouds
Chapter 1239: That Year
Chapter 1238: Absorbing Memories
Chapter 1237: To Die With Regrets
Chapter 1236: Burial Rain
Chapter 1235: Immortal Imperatrix
Chapter 1234: Fourth Divine Ability
Chapter 1233: Sovereign Of Antiquity
Chapter 1232: Gravitational Enlightenment
Chapter 1231: World Of Hourglasses
Chapter 1230: Hourglass Precious Treasures
Chapter 1229: Old Paper Woman
Chapter 1228: Paper World!
Chapter 1227: White Lamp
Chapter 1226: A Journey Through The Void!
Chapter 1225: Thank You, Sweetie
Chapter 1224: Don’t Be Scared, Daddy
Chapter 1223: Frustrated Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1222: Steadily Stronger
Chapter 1221: Sutra of Future Paramita
Chapter 1220: What About This Name?
Chapter 1219: Dragon And Phoenix; Auspicious Fortune
Chapter 1218: A Child Is Born!
Chapter 1217: Joy Turns To Sorrow
Chapter 1216: Strong Blood
Chapter 1215: Aggrieved Master God-Diviner
Chapter 1214: Uncle Li Gave It To Me
Chapter 1213: Back To The Beginning!
Chapter 1212: A Bug
Chapter 1211: Scare You Into Submission!
Chapter 1210: Help Me, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 1209: Reunions
Chapter 1208: Shaking All Creation
Chapter 1207: I'm Really Out
Chapter 1206: Archaean Luminescence
Chapter 1205: Shaking The Vile-Emperor!!
Chapter 1204: I Hereby Challenge You To A Duel!
Chapter 1203: This Immortal Domain Is Mine!
Chapter 1202: Crushing!
Chapter 1201: The Return!
Chapter 1200: Curious Bai Xiaochi
Chapter 1199: Vile-Emperor? Hah!
Chapter 1198: Archaean Slaves
Chapter 1197: Sovereign Precious Treasure!
Chapter 1196: The Other Half Of The Fan
Chapter 1195: Late Celestial Realm
Chapter 1194: Achieving Desires
Chapter 1193: Defending Against The Vile-Emperor!
Chapter 1192: Executing The Vile-Prince!
Chapter 1191: Finally... Outdo You....
Chapter 1190: Get In My Way? Die!
Chapter 1189: Furiously Charging Into Battle
Chapter 1188: More Fury!
Chapter 1187: Slaughtering A Celestial!
Chapter 1186: Fury!
Chapter 1185: Plundering
Chapter 1184: Tell me! What's Your Name!?
Chapter 1183: I Passed?
Chapter 1182: Are You Ready?!
Chapter 1181: Swear You Won’t Change My Surname!
Chapter 1180: The Spirit Automaton Makes His Move
Chapter 1179: A Reunion Before The Storm
Chapter 1178: Twenty-Two-Colored Flame
Chapter 1177: A Severed Arm In The Void
Chapter 1176: Succession
Chapter 1175: He Smiled
Chapter 1174: Hidden Killing Intent
Chapter 1173: Returning From A Rewarding Journey
Chapter 1172: Windfall
Chapter 1171: A Free Dog
Chapter 1170: Please Behave Yourself, Vile-Prince!
Chapter 1169: The Vile-Prince Throws A Banquet
Chapter 1168: A Big Secret!
Chapter 1167: A Reunion
Chapter 1166: Battle Level
Chapter 1165: Who’s Afraid Of Who?
Chapter 1164: Ambassador Of The Saint-Emperor Dynasty
Chapter 1163: I Ate It!
Chapter 1162: What About The Tail?
Chapter 1161: How Dare You Mess With My Good Friend!
Chapter 1160: Charge!
Chapter 1159: Shhh
Chapter 1158: Want To Fight Me, Little Spirit Automaton?
Chapter 1157: Him! It’s Definitely Him!
Chapter 1156: Gone!?
Chapter 1155: Got It
Chapter 1154: The Perfect Opportunity!
Chapter 1153: Breaking The Formation
Chapter 1152: Fighting
Chapter 1151: Celestial Pill
Chapter 1150: Fighting Daoist Heavenspan
Chapter 1149: Feeding The Egg Sac
Chapter 1148: Drastic Upheaval
Chapter 1147: Despicable, Shameless, Incorrigible
Chapter 1146: Kill You? Exactly!
Chapter 1145: Difficult To Deal With
Chapter 1144: How Dare You Extort Me!
Chapter 1143: Sutra of Present Life and Death
Chapter 1142: Present Will
Chapter 1141: Mid Celestial Realm
Chapter 1140: The Destruction Of Murknine County!
Chapter 1139: Fatty Bai....
Chapter 1138: Are You Crazy, Bai Xiaochun!?
Chapter 1137: Intense Fighting
Chapter 1136: Massive Crater
Chapter 1135: Murknine County
Chapter 1134: Creepy Village
Chapter 1133: The Crisis Of Murknine
Chapter 1132: An Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 1131: Succubus Queen
Chapter 1130: Get Away, Vixens!
Chapter 1129: Come Home
Chapter 1128: Startled
Chapter 1127: Grandmaster Zhou?
Chapter 1126: Hit The Nail On The Head....
Chapter 1125: Archaean Soul
Chapter 1124: Just Go, Sir
Chapter 1123: What Sin Did We Commit?
Chapter 1122: Next Up...!
Chapter 1121: Xiaochun Makes A Move!
Chapter 1120: Who’s Patriarch Mystery Pill?
Chapter 1119: The Dark Concocters
Chapter 1118: Autonomous Mistysea Prefecture
Chapter 1117: I’ll Definitely Destroy You, I Swear It
Chapter 1116: Dao Essence Of Life And Death
Chapter 1115: An Open Door
Chapter 1114: Very Strange....
Chapter 1113: Lord Of The North
Chapter 1112: What Do You Want?
Chapter 1111: The Grand Heavenmaster’s Three Strategies
Chapter 1110: Reuniting With The Grand Heavenmaster
Chapter 1109: Confrontation And Compromise
Chapter 1108: Forced Defamation
Chapter 1107: Xiaochun Makes A Scene
Chapter 1106: Crazed
Chapter 1105: Agree? Or Not?
Chapter 1104: Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 1103: Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 1102: He's Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1101: Bullying Me?!
Chapter 1100: I Must Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 1099: A Key
Chapter 1098: Twelve Celestials
Chapter 1097: It Was Definitely You, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1096: The Return of Virupaksa
Chapter 1095: I’d Rather Die
Chapter 1094: You Tricked Me?
Chapter 1093: An Invitation
Chapter 1092: Too Kindhearted
Chapter 1091: I’ll Add Some More!
Chapter 1090: Taken Advantage Of
Chapter 1089: The Despair of Celestial Virupaksa
Chapter 1088: So, I'm The Guardian
Chapter 1087: Force My Way In....
Chapter 1086: Enhance The Fan?
Chapter 1085: I Hate Cheaters!
Chapter 1084: Legacy Destiny!
Chapter 1083: Sovereign Energy
Chapter 1082: Come On, Hit Me!
Chapter 1081: Ready To Set Out
Chapter 1080: Arriving At The Damaged Fan
Chapter 1079: I'm A Bit Under The Weather, Saint-Emperor....
Chapter 1078: The Damaged Fan Hits!
Chapter 1077: Time Immemorial Codex!
Chapter 1076: Forging A Personal Dao!
Chapter 1075: Daoseed
Chapter 1074: All Creation Notified Of A Celestial!
Chapter 1073: Celestial Tribulation!
Chapter 1072: The Lotus Flower Wilts....
Chapter 1071: There Are Still Lotus Roots....
Chapter 1070: Bai Xiaochun Made Me Do It!
Chapter 1069: The Turtle’s Spoils
Chapter 1068: Keep Your Voice Down!
Chapter 1067: Good Stuff
Chapter 1066: Lotus Banquets
Chapter 1065: Parole Captain
Chapter 1064: You’re Gonna Regret This....
Chapter 1063: Your Fish, Your Majesty....
Chapter 1062: Something Big
Chapter 1061: Come With Me, Heavenly Dragonfish
Chapter 1060: Crazed Dragonfish
Chapter 1059: Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 1058: You Ate It!?
Chapter 1057: Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!
Chapter 1056: A Duke
Chapter 1055: A Grand Spectacle
Chapter 1054: Saint-Emperor City
Chapter 1053: Please, Come In!
Chapter 1052: Ill Intentions
Chapter 1051: Will
Chapter 1050: That Crappy Dad Of Yours....
Chapter 1049: Reconstructing The Dao Heart!
Chapter 1048: Sweetie
Chapter 1047: Awaken!
Chapter 1046: Sealing Mark
Chapter 1045: Miserable Ghost Face
Chapter 1044: Do Something Momentous!!
Chapter 1043: Stupefying Battleship
Chapter 1042: Fierce Battle With Ghostmother
Chapter 1041: Another Encounter With Ghostmother!
Chapter 1040: Did Locusts Sweep Through?
Chapter 1039: Killing A Preceptor!
Chapter 1038: A Sword To Shake Seventeen Prefectures
Chapter 1037: Hope Arises
Chapter 1036: The Ruling Ghostmother
Chapter 1035: Decree From The Vile-Emperor
Chapter 1034: Congratulations, Father-In-Law
Chapter 1033: An Old Friend. The First.
Chapter 1032: Robbing Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 1031: A Bit Of Warmth
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Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Author:Ordinary Magician (平凡魔术师)

Introduction:Introduction: Is he the reincarnation of a Pill God? Or is h...