Chapter 112

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Bai Jing threaded his way through the zombies at high speeds. Even using his teleportation skills, he cut a bit of a sorry figure. Now that they were short a dozen or so of their main fighting force, there were too many zombies for him to deal with. Relying on him to act as bait and draw them away wasn’t the solution to the problem.

Watching his teammates getting injured one by one, Bai Jing grew anxious. These teammates were the reserve forces that he had accepted into his team. If they were really harmed here, he would be the first to feel distressed.

Silver lights flashed, and a blade cut across the sky!

Bai Jing constantly sent out attacks, but the wheels in his brain were turning quickly. It was impossible for them to go on like this. Although he had diverted the zombies’ attention away from his teammates, there were just too many zombies. Without his space shield, the most he could do was distract the zombies but not kill them. If it went on like this, their losses would outweigh their gains.

“Don’t follow me.” Looking behind him, Bai Jing called out for his teammates to retreat. He thought for a moment then carefully recalled how it felt when he had torn apart the fabric of space with his abilities. His eyes flashed with a cold glint as the silver light around him expanded gradually with him at the eye of the storm. Then, the silver light distorted all of a sudden and turned into countless sharp edges.

“Wu–” Following the zombies’ roar, all the zombies that had been covered by the silver glow became enraged. They soon zeroed in on their target, gnashed their teeth, and rushed towards Bai Jing.

Sparks flew everywhere. Bai Jing teleported, and materialized nearby. Not only was he trying to avoid zombie attacks, he was also trying to keep the zombies away from their target. Silver light flashed again, and after several consecutive attacks, Bai Jing’s body was drenched in cold sweat. This was the first time he had ever used a group attack skill, and although it wasn’t lethal, it had consumed a lot of power.

However, Bai Jing still managed to become the focus of attack for a large number of zombies. The rest of the team who were still fighting relaxed a little, but they were still worried in their hearts. Although they knew that Young Master Jing was very capable of dodging and escaping, there were still too many zombies, and they trembled from fright just seeing the scene from afar. If Bai Jing encountered any unexpected misfortune, how would they be able to explain it to Xiao Sa?

By now, Bai Jing’s face had already turned pale, and he was followed by at least a few thousand corpses. He was teleporting almost non-stop, and he didn’t dare pause for even a second. He knew he had bitten off a bit too much this time. He gritted his teeth anxiously, holding his breath as he sped away.

It was not until he was at least five hundred meters away from the area where the vehicles were parked that he finally teleported back to his original spot within the team, falling to the ground on his buttocks, paralyzed as he gasped desperately for breath. He hadn’t expected that acting as bait for a few zombies would be so tiring.

“Young Master Jing, are you okay?”

Given that Bai Jing had suddenly appeared amongst them and was panting desperately, the team immediately became concerned. Although they were somewhat puzzled and didn’t understand what Young Master Jing was trying to do, given Young Master Jing’s strength and the fact that he had recently saved many of them, they naturally couldn’t help but worry. Even so, despite the fact that the zombies had been drawn away, they were separated by only a few hundred meters and could turn around and rush back at them at any time.

Bai Jing shook his head and took out a bottle of spring water from his space, lifting his head up to pour it down his throat. He had miscalculated the use of his powers and was now exhausted.

When everyone saw that Bai Jing was alright, they felt much more relieved and continued to fight, maintaining their positions. Although Young Master Jing’s actions in pulling the zombies away had greatly eased the pressure on them, they couldn’t relax and let down their guard until the crisis had been thoroughly dealt with.

Everyone’s heart weighed heavily. The zombies in the distance that had been led away by Bai Jing had lost their target and instantly fell into chaos. Angry roars filled the night sky.

The roars from the densely packed zombies swept over the sky in an overwhelming tide, and the earth seemed to tremble from their heavy footsteps.

Everyone’s faces turned pale as they forced themselves to remain calm. They were obviously frightened half to death but still managed to tightly guard the front lines!

“Don’t worry.” After Bai Jing finished drinking the spring water, he recovered a little and noticed that everyone’s expressions were tense. He unconsciously curved his lips, and a shallow smile appeared as he counted down in his heart. 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1….


A huge explosion rang out. Everyone’s ears were buzzing from the noise, and red light burst out in the distance in circular flares. The entire night sky was lit up like it had suddenly turned to morning, and the dust roiled as waves of heat swept over.

At that moment, rocks and sparks flew everywhere, and the impact from the explosion set off a raging fire in its vicinity. A fireball exploded like a meteor hitting the earth, and debris from the explosion was thrown everywhere.

“I’m not dreaming, right!” Everyone stood there in a daze, their mouths dropping open.

“Quick, slap me.”

“You’ve lost it, haven’t you?”

“Young Master Jing, tell us honestly. Did you rob an arsenal?”

Ever since they joined the team, they’ve found that Bai Jing and Xiao Sa forced them to change their understanding of the world time and time again. If one day, the two of them ended up completely wiping out the zombies, they felt that they would no longer find it surprising.

Bai Jing was too lazy to answer this question. He rolled his eyes at everyone and said, “Go. You guys split up into two groups. Half of you stay behind, while the other half should go over and collect crystal nuclei. I’ll take care of the wounded.”

Nobody had any objections to this. When they heard about the collection of crystal nuclei, everyone’s gazes brightened, and they became excited.

As for the remaining zombies, there were still a lot of them. However, compared to the thousands that had previously overwhelmed them, spread out like a vast stretch of mountains and sea, now, everyone was very calm when faced with the remaining zombies.

Most of the level two zombies had been drawn away by Bai Jing, and most of the ones left were ordinary zombies. Grenades could be used to deal with them, and without the threat of being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of ordinary zombies, it would definitely not be a problem for them to maintain their positions. After all, they could now cooperate well together, and they had enough weaponry on hand.

“The zomb… zombies aren’t all dead…” Wang Wei gaped and stammered as he pointed to an area some distance away where the fires were still burning.

Bai Jing frowned as he noticed the shadows emerging from the fire. At first glance, they looked like ghosts from hell as they climbed forth step by step.

“Tsk. You’re such a child. You really gave Lao Tzu a scare.” Chen Meng patted Wang Wei forcefully, looking both fierce and angry as he waved his large hand and picked up a submachine gun along with several grenades. “Who’s willing to come with me and collect the crystal nuclei?”

“I’ll go.”

“I’ll go too.”

People were soon divided into teams. Fifteen people went to collect the nuclei while the remainder stayed behind. The zombies in front of them were no longer as densely packed, and their attacks were no longer as ferocious. Now that most of the level two zombies were gone, the rest of the zombies acted entirely on instinct. Even while the team was discussing things, the number of zombies had already decreased a lot, and no one felt any satisfaction from dealing with these stragglers.

As for the level two zombies that were now blackened and charred, smoke coming out of their heads as they stood up shakily on their feet, Chen Meng brought a group of people with him and shot them down with several shots, aiming for their heads. The level two zombies staggered a few times, then fell to the ground. It seemed that the explosion just now had been very powerful.

Qin Lie stayed where he was. Using his level two abilities coupled with everyone’s cooperative shooting and grenade throwing, the situation soon stabilized.

When Bai Jing saw that everyone was in a good position, he no longer paid any attention to the battle. He brought spring water out from his space and fed it to the injured one by one. He also took out some antibiotics and bandages from his space and started to tend to their wounds.

Time passed by quickly. When Xiao Sa opened his eyes, he discovered that the number of zombies had been reduced by more than half. The team was well organized, and smoke blew everywhere. As for the zombies, it could be said that there were zombie corpses littered all over the field.

Feeling that his powers had recovered and even grown slightly, Xiao Sa jumped off the roof of the car and raised his hand, sending metal flying knives into the air. They disappeared only to reappear embedded in the zombies’ brains, having moved at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

Qin Lie, who was fighting, only noticed a gold light flash in front of his eyes. Before he could figure out what it was, the zombie he was facing had already toppled over.

Needless to say, other than Xiao Sa, there was nobody else who had this kind of ability. Everyone knew who it was all at once.

Although everyone’s expressions showed their joy at seeing Xiao Sa’s grand re-entry into the battlefield, nobody dared to come forward and speak up. Even so, all of them were relieved, and only now did they finally allow themselves to breathe out a sigh of relief.

Xiao Sa was not only their backbone, but also everyone’s reassurance. It seemed that as long as he was there, none of the difficulties they faced would be a problem. Xiao Sa did not let everyone down; only a moment had passed, but the remaining twenty odd level two zombies were all eliminated in the twinkling of an eye. This was an absolute gap in power.

Xiao Sa’s abilities were like Bai Jing’s; they had mutated powers that had been upgraded by the spring water and were invincible amongst others of the same rank. Dealing with level two zombies required almost no effort.

A lot of people felt both happy and sad when they saw this scene. To sum it up, their moods were complex. They couldn’t help but wonder if less people would’ve been injured if Xiao Sa had rejoined the fight earlier…

Yet, they also knew better. Xiao Sa had used such a huge move earlier, then sat down cross-legged on the roof of the car. If he really had the strength, how could he not participate in the battle? However, all of this was based on nothing but assumptions. Seeing Xiao Sa’s power, they could only yearn for more, yearning for the time when they could also become stronger!

Now that Xiao Sa had joined in, clearing up the remaining zombies went much more smoothly. Very soon, Yang Lin and others woke up from absorbing the energy in the crystal nuclei, and all of them acted as though they had been injected with chicken blood. The smiles on their faces couldn’t be hidden, and they stopped just short of cheering loudly. Their abilities had ranked up!

The number of zombies was steadily decreasing, and everyone became excited. They had wiped out all the zombies and done so as a team! This was something that none of them had dared to imagine before, but this time they had done it! Even though the greatest contributions to the fight had been Xiao Sa’s nail-and-pellet attack that flew all over the sky as well as Bai Jing’s giant explosion, no matter what, they had still managed to wipe out such a large number of zombies. When they thought about it, they could feel the blood in their bodies boiling with adrenaline.

Only Bai Jing kept frowning. He looked coolly at the zombies that were falling one by one and watched the zombies get blown apart into broken bits without saying a word.

The crowd wasn’t happy for long, and Bai Jing also didn’t have to worry for long.

Soon, a call of “Wu—” sounded from the distance.

Bai Jing finally felt relieved. It was finally here. All of his worries and anxiety had all been for one thing: he had been waiting for the emergence of the high level zombies.

At this moment, although everyone was exhausted, they weren’t overly anxious. After exterminating so many zombies, everyone’s morale was high. Not to mention, there were those amongst them who had just improved their powers, and they really felt like they hadn’t killed enough!

But their assumptions had all been wrong. While the cries in the distance did not stop, no high levelled zombies appeared. In contrast, while they continued their massacre, the remaining ordinary and level-one zombies quickly retreated like the tide drawing back.

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