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Chapter 1206: For Her (6)

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He didn’t know what came over him, either. He just felt like helping her.

The process wasn’t important, so long as the end result fulfilled her wishes.

When he had achieved his objective and saw the delight and schadenfreude in her expression, he felt that doing good deeds once in a while was interesting.

“Could it be that you know…” Nimo’s expression was odd as he left his sentence hanging. He actually wanted to observe Chris’ expression to see if he knew Mu Xiaoxiao’s real identity.

Upon seeing that Chris didn’t reply, and still had the same look in his eyes, Nimo changed his tone. “Hey! Are you having ideas about Mu Xiaoxiao? You can’t do that. You know that she’s already engaged to Yin Shaojie. You can’t destroy their engagement.”

If their engagement could be destroyed he would be the first to court her.

It was only because she was the wife of his good buddy that he curbed his urges.

She was the heiress of the mysterious Muirs!

Those who knew Nimo knew that he was an impulsive person. He would rather die than be asked to wait.

Thus, he felt sad that he had to give Mu Xiaoxiao up because of his good buddy, Yin Shaojie.

“Ideas?” Chris narrowed his eyes, looking as if he were pondering this question.

An ominous feeling came over Nimo. Had he just planted a seed in the prince’s mind?

He said hastily, “You can’t have any ideas!”

Please, if he couldn’t have any ideas about her, how could Chris have any right to?

Also, Mu Xiaoxiao and Yin Shaojie’s relationship was really good and it would be hard to tear them apart.

Chris lifted his gaze and swept a glance at Nimo. His voice was cold as he said, “Is that a command?”

Nimo said, “… I wouldn’t dare.”

It was Chris’ birthright to become King. Growing up at the top meant that he was the only one who could command others.

Nimo coughed into a fist and changed the subject. “Oh yeah, are you going to give your little princess away to that Ye Sijue now?

If he knew anything of Chris’ personality, he wouldn’t just let Annie run to another man while he watched unless he had agreed to it.

“I did want to still marry Annie at first. Even though she’s childlike and unsuitable as a Queen, it was alright. I’d promised her when we were young that I would protect her her whole life. Grandma wished for me to marry Annie as well, so…” Chris said.

“Wait.” Nimo interrupted him and went straight to the point, “You haven’t mentioned whether you like Annie at all.”

“I like her. Of course I like her,” Chris said.

“No.” Nimo shook his head and said gravely, “I’m not referring to that kind of like. You only like her as a brother likes his sister, right? I’m talking about love. Romantic love.”

“Romantic love?” Chris frowned.

Nimo snapped his fingers. “I’ll rephrase. Does Annie make you want to make out with her and bed her?”

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