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Chapter 2755: Banquet of Heroes(5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Gu Xin Yan’s heart shook as she stood there stiffly.

She had thought of escaping, she tried, she tried running away. In the Upper Realm, a place where Gold Spirits were aplenty, she was too weak. There was not a semblance of humanity and respect in this place. The beautiful young woman had become a prey to everyone. If she was caught, it was as good as being dead.

Gu Xin Yan did not want to admit that she was a cowardly person as she was afraid that her last trace of dignity would be stripped off as well.

“Why is your face so pale?” Gu Ying’s voice suddenly rang in Gu Xin Yan’s ears.

Suddenly, Gu Xin an raised her head, widened her eyes and looked at Gu Ying’s shadow. She did not know when she had appeared. Her whole blood seemed to be frozen at this moment, and her fingers were cold.

Gu Ying narrowed his eyes and raised her hand to hold Gu Xin Yan’s chin. Those smiling eyes swept past Gu Xin Yan’s rigid face.

“Don’t be afraid, as long as I’m here, no one can hurt you.” He was laughing. His soft and gentle words passed into Gu Xin Yan’s ears..

“Be obedient and go. You haven’t seen the great mountains ever since you came to the Upper Realm. This time, just go and play, just hope that…” Gu Ying’s lips rose slightly, “The cruelty of the Upper Realm doesn’t scare you. ”

Soon after saying that, Gu Ying let go of his hand, turned around and sat back down. He looked at Gu Xin Yan with a smile, wondering what she was thinking.

Gu Xin Yan was so cold that she could only leave stiffly.

After Gu Xin Yan had left, the shadow of Gu Ying’s eyes disappeared without a trace.

“Why does My Lord keep such a woman by your side? It is too dangerous, I hope….” A dark guard who had been hiding in the dark stepped out and looked at Gu Ying with a puzzled expression.

Gu Xin Yan had always been very repulsive towards Gu Ying. And her gaze was always deep and intent and although the glint of hatred was shallow, it had never disappeared.

She didn’t even realize that the slightest bit of hatred could deepen and seemed like it had penetrated deep into her bone marrow.

By keeping such a person beside him, all the dark guard saw was that Gu Ying was raising an enemy of his own, and he may be bitten at any time.

Gu Ying looked up. He looked at the totem sketched on the top of the hall. His voice became vague.

“Did you know? A dog that everyone mistreats, even if it hates everyone, it won’t bite the person who treats it well.”

The dark guard was slightly stunned.

“So, she’s safe, and you …” Gu Ying’s eyes flashed slightly, a scream suddenly echoed into the empty hall. The dark guard who just asked, fell into a pool of blood. His beating heart was now firmly held in the hands of Gu Ying.

The sticky blood dripped down Gu Ying’s long and beautiful fingers on the ground next to his feet. The blood dripped at his feet had formed a beautiful crimson flower.

“Being too curious is simply seeking death.” Gu Ying smiled and looked at the dark guard in the pool of blood. He held the heart with his five fingers and tightened his grip. The heart was pinched in his hands!

“It feels …”

“Good.” Gu Ying whispered as a smile emerged and that laughter echoed in the blood-filled hall, making everyone feel creepy.

Sounds of mourning seemed to come from hell.

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