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Chapter 861: A collision of Rule Force

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At the research base, Su Hao was put on an operating table. Of course, his appearance had been changed, and he now has a common face that is unrecognizable in a crowd. Zhang Shanfeng was holding a scalpel, preparing to perform surgery on Su Hao, which was the plan Su Hao mentioned to him.

Zhang Shanfeng’s hands trembled for a bit.

Outside the door, the sound of footsteps could be clearly heard as Zhang Wuze slowly came in.

Zhang Shanfeng’s forehead was sweating heavily because he remembered what Su Hao warned him, “Remember, no matter what happens in a while, don’t be surprised!”

“Today, you’re Zhang Wuze’s man!”

“Just listen to his orders, and you will be fine. Even if he asks you to perform surgery, don’t be afraid! Just do it on my body, and leave everything else to me.”

No matter what happens…

What was Su Hao trying to do?

Zhang Shanfeng was somewhat worried.

Because, based on Su Hao’s expression, it won’t be as simple as just evading Zhang Wuze. What exactly was he planning to do? Assassinate Zhang Wuze? This can’t be some joke, that’s a world esper! Not to forget, that’s an older generation world esper. You can’t even stand against him, let alone beat him!

Su Hao’s last few words made him startled even more.

What did he mean to listen to Zhang Wuze’s commands?

What did he mean by performing surgery on his body?

Could it be that he didn’t know what kind of surgery is performed here? Doing so is simply courting death! The dismemberment and fusion of humans and beasts, there has never been a survivor from this experiment!

When he thought of it, his forehead was sweating heavily again.

His shoulder got patted, causing Zhang Shanfeng to be surprised.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhang Wuze glanced at him, “How can you be absent-minded while doing an experiment?”

“Perhaps I have performed too many times today.” Zhang Shanfeng squeezed out a smile, “Oh, you’re finally back.”

“En, how’s the success rate of recent experiments?” Zhang Wuze asked.

“30% success rate, but the survival rate is only 10%, and the longest of those in this percentile can only live for three days, which is far from the final completion.” Zhang Shanfeng replied.

“Three days, that’s quite long.” Zhang Wuze continued his casual tone, “When we started, it was a 100% death rate. Even when it was successful for the first time, it died one second later. Three days, this number will keep increasing until it reaches the final form, eternal life!”

“The fusion of human and beast…” Zhang Wuze indulged, “It’s indeed a perfect subject.”

Zhang Shanfeng had cold sweat.

Success rate… Survival rate… Survival time…

Those were just terms, but he knew that each probability came from living beings! The success rate of 30% meant that 70% of them directly failed the experiment and died! A survival rate of 10% meant that one-tenth of those 30% survived!

In other words…

Only 3% of the subjects who participated in this experiment survived!

And the 3% of those who survived the experiment didn’t mean that they were alive. At least so far, all the subjects had died!

Thus, excluding those terms, the mortality rate for all subjects is 100%!

No one was alive!

Zhang Shanfeng was a bit scared but became furious upon remembering that his sister might be included. Wasn’t he here to obtain the news of his sister?


When Zhang Shanfeng was about to open his mouth, the operating platform suddenly shook violently.



Su Hao’s bindings were suddenly undone. Su Hao, who had been “unconscious,” suddenly charged forward and blasted Zhang Shanfeng with his palm, “You animals!”


Zhang Shanfeng was blasted away with a single palm.

With a blood trail forming in the air, he landed heavily against the laboratory wall.

Su Hao sneered and then changed his target toward Zhang Wuze, “You damn maggots who deserve death! I will make you pay the consequences today!”

Su Hao shouted loudly like an envoy of revenge.

“Mountain Breaker!”


The land suddenly quaked, causing a scene!

Su Hao’s horrific power erupted, it was world-shaking.

Zhang Wuze just looked coldly.

He is a world esper. In his eyes, any battle below the world realm is a joke which can also be described as ridiculous. However, this guy’s strength still surprised him. Peak domain realm? To be able to reach such a stage signified that this guy is quite capable. Too bad…

“Rule: Seal!”

Zhang Wuze casually held out his hand.

A hint of Rule Force was condensed within his hand, and Su Hao’s horrific charge stopped strangely as he was lightly touched by Zhang Wuze.


Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Su Hao flew back!

Just one hit!

“This is the gap between domain and world realm.”

Zhang Wuze gave a contemptuous smile and then shook his hand gently. Su Hao was then thrown back to the operating table while covered in blood, “It’s a pity to die. Such a young domain esper is definitely an excellent specimen.”

“Xiao Feng, come here for the surgery.” Zhang Wuze coldly said.


Zhang Shanfeng got up in a struggle. He only received a light injury.

His brain was totally blank.

Especially when Su Hao got hit by Rule Force earlier, his stomach rolled in a bad way. That was Rule Force! Is Su Hao about to die? Is he dead? What was he trying to achieve? To have the guts to challenge Zhang Wuze! Zhang Shanfeng couldn’t understand, but when Zhang Wuze asked him to perform the operation, a flash of lightning came through his mind.


“Today, you’re Zhang Wuze’s assistant!”

“Whatever he asks you to do, do it. That’s the plan!”

Su Hao’s previous explanation rang in his ears. When Zhang Shanfeng thought of it, wasn’t it… could it be that this scene was already within his expectation?

Su Hao had already thought of this?

Provoking a world esper?

This lunatic! What is he trying to do?

“Why aren’t you here yet!” Zhang Wuze grumped coldly.

Zhang Shanfeng took a deep breath. No matter what Su Hao meant, now he could only proceed according to the instructions and obey the order to perform surgery.

“I’m coming!”

Zhang Shanfeng adjusted his mindset and went to the test bench again.

“Put the tiger beast on him.” Zhang Wuze’s eyes flashed with interest, “I want to see if the combination of tiger beast and human is able to falsify the beast in the human body?”

“Yes.” Zhang Shanfeng bit his teeth and agreed.

The experiment began!

On the operating table, he could clearly feel Su Hao’s weak heartbeats. Obviously, if he had no choice but to be merciful while conducting the experiment; otherwise, he would instantly kill Su Hao. Now, what does Su Hao want to do in this state?

Zhang Shanfeng sweated heavily.

It was just that he didn’t know that Su Hao’s injury was far less severe than what he thought.

Before Zhang Wuze attacked, he was already ready for everything, putting Shadowless God Needle in place! He was just waiting for the moment to be attacked.

The result was it worked!

When Zhang Wuze attacked, powerful seal force came down. This wasn’t like those impure versions of the past, but a pure Rule Force! When that terrifying force came down, Su Hao could only use Shadowless God Needle to negate part of it, and another part was transferred into Circular World.

As for the rest…

He could only use his body to bear with it!

He wasn’t afraid of his body collapsing and dying under the seal force. This was because his physical body was already powerful to begin with. Another fact was he believed that Zhang Wuze won’t kill him! Aren’t they after geniuses? Today’s young Su Hao, a young peak domain esper, isn’t that what they want?

Su Hao was unconscious.

When the seal force entered his body, the power accumulated in the body since a long time ago finally rioted!

In the ancient mansion, the curse force gained from Green Leaf Organization. In the polar region, the hurricane force taken from Little Bear. Xiao Die, who was now in Kingdom of Heaven with unlimited Telekinesis! And now, the seal force from Zhang Wuze! Finally, the formula derived had all the conditions fulfilled.


His inner body was in a spectacular mess.

Four completely different forces were responding to each other.

At this time, the internal force within Su Hao’s body was guided, reacting like a catalyst for acceleration. Several powerful forces in Su Hao’s body began to explode at this moment.

The curse force and hurricane force were the first to combine!

Those two powers rotated closely to each other like a twine akin to a double helix structure!

As they approached, Telekinesis was introduced just at the right moment. Next, seal force came! It encapsulated this structure completely!

In the end, only one force remained.

After numerous reactions and fusions, the Rule Force within Su Hao’s body finally began to increase at this moment! His pitiful Rule Force, which was originally one unit, finally began to gradually increase under this endless fusion.

Two units…

Three units…

Four units…

Soon, the curse force was exhausted first, followed by the seal force! The absorption of these two forces was limited. When Su Hao’s strength had just climbed to twenty units, it stopped abruptly. Su Hao gradually calmed down his body as the new Rule Force became stable.

A total of twenty units!

However, was this the end?

It was far from that!


His body began to evolve again.

This time it wasn’t the fusion of powerful Rule Forces, but Su Hao using his realization instead. At this moment, he began to condense a boundary spirit! Condensing any boundary spirit requires inspiration, time, and deduction. Thus, Su Hao didn’t consider anything and used all his Rule Force to condense Shadowless God Needle!

One, two, three…

No one knew what was happening in Su Hao’s body.

No one knew that for Su Hao, the process of creating a boundary spirit, which requires a lot of time to condense, is merely a process of realization.


As soon as Zhang Shanfeng prepared the beast, and was about to dismantle Su Hao’s body to fuse them together, Su Hao, who was on the operating table, suddenly sobered up with his eyes lit up.


Zhang Shanfeng was startled.

“A useless final struggle!” Zhang Wuze sneered and shot out his Rule Force again. This time, he didn’t hesitate to subdue Su Hao. In order to avoid killing him, he only gathered a small amount of force. However, unexpectedly, this time, Su Hao also lifted his hand at the same time, and a sudden cold flash appeared.


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