Chapter 911 I Can Wait!

“I understand.” Luo Chao nodded to show that she understood, but she didn’t leave. Instead, she walked towards the control panel of the healing pod and opened the healing pod. Ling Lan had bandages all over her as she laid within the healing pod.

Her entire head was bandaged up too so no one could see her features except for her eyes. She looked like a mummy now.

Luo Chao signalled to Li Shiyu and asked him to inject the agent to wake Ling Lan up. Li Shiyu looked at Li Lanfeng and shrugged. Then, he went forward and injected the agent. In the end, he didn’t chase Luo Chao away.

Ling Lan opened her eyes slowly. She saw Luo Chao, Li Shiyu, and Li Lanfeng looking at her nervously. Then, she nodded to express that she was fine.

“Boss, Leader Li has something to discuss with your privately.” Luo Chao used her eyes to tell Ling Lan that if it wasn’t safe, she wouldn’t leave.

Ling Lan was speechless. She nodded at Luo Chao and looked at the door, asking Luo Chao to go out.

Luo Chao finally was willing to leave. Before she turned around to leave, she glared at Li Shiyu and Li Lanfeng fiercely.

Li Shiyu was stunned. ‘When did Luo Chao become so fierce?’ That expression was only supposed to appear on Han Xuya’s face.

Li Lanfeng started frowning again. After the battle ended, he noticed that Luo Chao’s attitude towards Ling Lan had changed dramatically. ‘What has happened?’

Li Lanfeng threw his weird thoughts aside. He mustn’t disturb Ling Lan for too long. If not, it might worsen her injuries.

He went straight into the topic. “Shiyu feels that the Nuwa agent inhibits the effect of the other recovery agents from the Federation.”

Ling Lan wasn’t surprised. When she used the Nuwa agent, she had expected this side effect, so she just nodded and signalled Li Lanfeng to continue.

“If we want to heal you completely, we need to make more Nuwa agent. That means that we need to go to Planet Juhao again. How about we contact General Ling Xiao to ask him to make the necessary arrangements.” Li Lanfeng told Ling Lan his idea. With General Ling Xiao helping them, they would be able to enter Planet Juhao easily.

Ling Lan closed her eyes and thought about it carefully. Then, she slowly shook her head.

“Why not? Without the Nuwa agent, you’ll have to lie in the healing pod for the rest of your life,” Li Lanfeng shouted angrily. He lost his cool when he saw Ling Lan rejecting his idea.

“It’s not appropriate.” Ling Lan squeezed out the words forcefully. Her voice was hoarse. The strong backlash had damaged her throat too, so this short sentence already caused her throat to burn.

Ling Lan quickly used the Qi exercises to heal her throat. She felt a little better after that.

She continued, “Everyone in the military has their eyes on Planet Juhao, as that planet affects the benefits of many people. The higher authorities are also watching my father closely. Those plants seem useless now but if a general purposely arrange for someone to pick it, everyone will think that something is amiss. Once someone finds that Shiyu is able to make the Nuwa agent, Shiyu will get forcefully controlled by the military. I don’t want Shiyu to lose his freedom.”

Li Shiyu was touched. He didn’t expect Ling Lan to give up this plan just because of him. He hurriedly said, “I’m fine. Anything is fine as long as you’re fine.”

Something flashed passed Li Lanfeng’s eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and remained silent for a few seconds. When he looked at Ling Lan again, his gaze had turned cold. “Your injuries are the most important thing now.”

Between his brother and his friend, he chose his friend. He was indeed a selfish person.

Ling Lan’s gaze turned sharp when she heard Li Lanfeng’s reply. She looked at Li Lanfeng intently. She hoped that Li Lanfeng would remain calm.

Please go and support our new domain

“Without the Nuwa agent, I can recover using my own method too.” Ling Lan felt that her Qi exercises had allowed her body’s condition to become much better. The effect was minimal so the medical equipment couldn’t detect the change. This was why Li Shiyu thought that the agents didn’t have any effects on her.

Ling Lan’s gaze was like a bucket of cold water. It poured on Li Lanfeng and woke him up. He calmed down a little.

Li Shiyu’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “What method are you talking about?”

“The secret arts of the Ling family.” Ling Lan gave Li Shiyu a simple answer.

Li Lanfeng stepped away from the healing pod and mouthed ‘Qi exercises’ to ask if she was referring to this. Ling Lan nodded to show that he was right.

Li Shiyu frowned when he heard the words ‘secret arts’. Severe consequences usually come after using secret arts. He felt that it was inappropriate, as his Nuwa agent was much safer. “Boss, I think that it’s better to make more Nuwa agents. I don’t really mind. Even if I’m caught, it will be just like changing my work environment. It’s nothing compared to your health.”

Ling Lan shook his head. “You don’t mind but I mind.” It took her a lot of effort to get a military doctor. She would be stupid to send such a good military doctor back to the Federation.

Li Shiyu had tears in his eyes when he heard this. He finally understood why his eldest cousin brother told him that he was willing to die for a comrade. With a friend like Ling Lan, he was willing to follow him all the way too.

“It’s fine. Shiyu, you have to believe in our regiment commander.” Li Lanfeng understood the benefits of the Qi exercises so he knew that Ling Lan was not saying that to console them. She was saying the truth. He also didn’t want his younger brother to lose his freedom so he persuaded Li Shiyu too.

“I know.” In front of his respectable eldest cousin brother and his invincible Boss, Li Shiyu couldn’t reject them. He listened to them obediently.

“Plus, by right, those plants should be regarded as useless by the military so it would be put on auction soon. We can make use of that chance to acquire them.” Ling Lan didn’t plan to give up on those plants at all. She wanted to have more Nuwa agents.

The Li brother’s eyes lit up. Even the Qi exercises were useless, this could be their Plan B. They just didn’t know when the Federation was going to host an auction for the resources on Planet Juhao.

“Don’t worry. I can wait.” Ling Lan closed her eyes after she finished this sentence. Her spiritual power now could only keep her awake for a short period of time. This was a side effect of controlling the god-class mecha. Compared to her body, she was more worried about her spiritual power.

Li Lanfeng looked at Ling Lan intently when she closed her eyes. He closed the healing pod and watched as Ling Lan get submerged in a bath of agents again.

“Shiyu, experiment with all of the agents and then announce that they were useless.” Li Lanfeng’s gaze turned sharp.

“Huh?” Li Shiyu looked up in confusion. ‘Why is Li Lanfeng asking me to do such an unnecessary thing.’

“The battle to protect our boss is just starting,” Li Lanfeng said coldly.

24 minutes was too long for an imperial operator to control a god-class mecha. It was long enough for the military to be interested in Ling Lan. General Ling Xiao might not be able to protect Ling Lan alone. From the moment Ling Lan operated the god-class mecha, Li Lanfeng had predicted an invisible war was going to occur.

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