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Chapter 912 Family Trait!

Qi Yaoyang always wanted to meet Ling Lan. He wanted to see how this person, whom Ling Xiao was so proud of and his son was so willing to follow, would be like. However, he didn’t expect their first meeting in the real world to be like this.

Qi Yaoyang came with his adjutant under the guidance of the military doctor, Li Shiyu. They walked into a well-protected room. The moment they entered, Qi Yaoyang saw his son inside talking to a beautiful and charismatic female first lieutenant.

Qi Long heard someone entering so he turned towards the door. His jaw dropped wide open when he saw his father’s poker face.

‘Damn it, didn’t they say that he was busy organizing the plan of retaliation of the Federation army? So, why does he have the time to come here?’

Qi Yaoyang disregarded Qi Long’s dumbfounded face and went to look at Ling Lan. He turned and asked Li Shiyu, “I’ve received a report that Lieutenant Colonel Ling’s injury can’t be healed using any recovery agents. Can you explain the details to me?” If anything happened to Ling Lan under his watch, he wouldn’t have the face to go back to look for Ling Xiao anymore.

Li Shiyu immediately turned serious and started explaining Ling Lan’s condition.

“He is unable to stay awake for long periods of time. His body is on the verge of breaking down. No agent is able to help the condition…” Qi Yaoyang understood that Ling Lan’s spiritual power and body must have received a huge backlash from controlling the god-class mecha, causing him to be on the verge of collapsing

Thinking about this, Qi Yaoyang was confused. ‘Jumping level to control a god-class mecha has serious implications, so why did Ling Xiao allow his son to use his god-class mecha?’

Of course, he knew that if Ling Lan didn’t control the god-class mecha for the precious 20 minutes, Base 013 would have fallen. Not only that, the fate of the reinforcements would be unclear too.

For people who were not familiar with Ling Xiao’s personality, they might think that Ling Xiao would be happy as long as his son was still alive. However, Qi Yaoyang knew Ling Xiao very well. He wouldn’t let Ling Lan control the god-class mecha without making the necessary arrangements. He must have prepared something beforehand.

Qi Yaoyang thought of something and quickly spoke to his adjutant. The adjutant nodded and hurried out of the room.

Qi Yaoyang turned to look at Qi Long. He glared at him and said with contempt, “Brat, I’ve been in for so long. Are you not going to prepare a chair or me?” “This unfilial child!’

Qi Long’s lips twitched. He walked to the side and found an arm-chair. While his father was not looking, he gave Li Shiyu a sad look. He was unhappy that Li Shiyu invited this big boss today without informing him. If he knew his father was coming, he would have ran far away.

Li Shiyu shrugged helplessly. He didn’t know that this big boss would come today. Was he supposed to stop him from coming in?

“Stop doing all those sneaky actions. Hurry up and come over!” How could those sneaky actions between Qi Long and Li Shiyu escape Qi Yaoyang’s eyes? He glared at Qi Long again so Qi Long had no choice but to walk over obediently while carrying the arm-chair.

“Father, have a seat.” Qi Long patted the chair as though he was dusting it and spoke nicely to his father.

Han Xuya widened her eyes in shock. She finally understood where Qi Long learned all those ass-kissing actions from.

“Hmph, brat. Now you’re calling me father.” If he didn’t remind him, this brat might not have greeted him.

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“You’ve always been busy. I just didn’t want to disturb you.” Qi Long appeared humble and sincere as though he was speaking the truth.

However, Qi Yaoyang was not fooled by this face, as he knew his youngest son very well. He looked humble but he was a truly shrewd person inside. Qi Long didn’t come to find him because he didn’t want to be reprimanded.

“What’s your plan now?” Qi Yaoyang sighed as he asked. Even if his youngest son didn’t like him, what could he do? Children were here to claim debt from them. But… that didn’t seem right too. His oldest and second oldest son were both obedient and could take care of themselves. Only his youngest son was naughty and hard to handle. If he didn’t look like him, he would have suspected that they carried the wrong child back from the hospital.

Qi Long didn’t know that his father almost thought he wasn’t a child of the Qi family. His face turned dark when he heard the question. “Our main aim is to protect our Boss now. If he doesn’t get better, we won’t have the spirit to fight.”

Qi Yaoyang didn’t know if he should praise his son for being a loyal friend on should he blame him for being emotional and disregarding the big picture. He turned and looked at Ling Lan who was in the healing pod. “What did your boss say?”

Suddenly, he realized what he had said and slapped Qi Long’s forehead. He scolded, “Stupid brat. How can you call your commanding officer Boss in the army? Who taught you how to disobey the rules? Why are you disobeying the rules?”

“Father, I was wrong. Stop hitting me!” Qi Long hugged his head and ran around the room as he pleaded for mercy. He felt frustrated. ‘Damn it, didn’t father called Ling Lan ‘Boss’ too? He should hit himself too.’

The two people in the room, Li Shiyu and Han Xuya, were bewildered from the moment the conversation between the Qi Yaoyang and Qi Long started. Their mouths never closed since the beginning of the conversation. They seemed to understand why Qi long liked to fight. It must be a family trait.

The two guards beside Qi Yaoyang seemed indifferent to the situation in front of them. They seemed to be very used to it already. Every time the father and son met, this would always happen. If they decided to speak nicely with each other for once, then that would be truly horrifying.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps was heard outside. Qi Yaoyang quickly stopped what he was doing and resumed his stern expression and excellent posture.

Very soon, a few people walked in. Besides Qi Yaoyang’s adjutant, there were a few old soldiers walking with him.

One of the old soldiers was so agitated that his eyes were blood-red. He nodded at Qi Yaoyang and then walked quickly towards Ling Lan’s healing pod. When he saw the heavily injured Ling Lan with bandages all over her and lying unconsciously in the healing pod, he cried. “Young Master!”

He controlled his emotions quickly and spoke to the only person wearing a white gown in the room. “Can you help me wake up my young master for a few minutes?”

Li Shiyu looked at Qi Yaoyang. Qi Yaoyang introduced the old man, “This is the Chamberlain of the Ling family, Ling Qin. General Ling asked him to come over.”

Li Shiyu immediately nodded at Han Xuya. Han Xuya quickly prepared the agent while Li Shiyu opened the healing pod. They woke Ling Lan up with the agent.

Ling Lan opened her eyes and saw someone she was surprised to see among the crowd. “Grandpa Chamberlain…”

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