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Chapter 60: Biased

After class Qin Xu no longer had to hold back. He looked at Jiang Yang pitifully and complained unhappily that he was not loyal for laughing at his misfortune.

Jiang Yang looked at his pair of watery eyes and then at his clean and pale handsome face and felt that he could understand why so many girls like him

But in fact, Qin Xu would only reveal such an amiable and lovable appearance to him. When he’s with other people, his attitude is completely different.

Jiang Yang continued to snicker.

Qin Xu glared: “Don’t laugh.”

Those two words were spoken without anger. Instead, it sounded more like he was spoiling him, and a deep smile was evident in his eyes. Qin Xu really liked how things are right now.

Relaxed. Comfortable.

After that was another class. The class drained a lot of their energy such that then it was time for a break in between class, they couldn’t help but sprawl over the table to catch up on sleep.

Jiang Yang crossed his arms and laid on the table with half his face buried in his arms.

Xie Zhe ran over to find Qin Xu to hang out with him and sat on the seat in front of him. With his arms resting on the back of the chair he teased: “Your wife is sleeping.”

This was linked back to when they had the school sports festival and the group of boys hid out in the classroom to play games. At that time, in order to complete the task in the game, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu got married. The other boys cheered and hollered and immediately started humming the wedding march as they wished them many years of happiness.

Qin Xu heard this and looked over at Xie Zhe as a matter of factly. He lifted his chin and said: “If you know then be quiet.”

Xie Zhe laughed. He even cooperatively lowered his voice and looped his arm around Xiao Yuxin’s shoulder to bring him to another place to play.

At this moment, Jiang Yang opened his eyes. He had actually not completely fallen asleep and had overheard everything. With a small kick he threatened him: “What nonsense are you saying?”

Qin Xu didn’t care. Seeing that he’s awake, his mood improved, and he also didn’t feel guilty. He even very naturally raised his hand and reached over to pinch Jiang Yang’s face with a smile.

Jiang Yang retreated backwards vigilantly to avoid that action of his.

“Your drooling.” Qin Xu grinned.

Jiang Yang subconsciously reached over to rub his mouth and found that it wasn’t the case. Realising that he was being played, he angrily glared at him, “Crazy bastard.”

Qin Xu then said: “There’s a sleeping mark too. There.” He pointed to the place that he had just pinched.

Jiang Yang was suspicious.

Qin Xu emphasised, “I’m not lying this time.”

Jiang Yang was still a little dubious but, knowing that sleep marks were something that he couldn’t get rid of instantly, he acted as if nothing had happened and just looked away. With a look of calmness, he pulled out a textbook and pretended to prepare for the next class.

Qin Xu watched him and didn’t move his line of sight. He just continued to watch him.

Jiang Yang: “………” This guy really needs a beating.

At noon the students all rushed to the cafeteria. Jiang Yang and his group of friends as usual sat together to eat.

Qin Xu very naturally occupied the seat opposite Jiang Yang. It had been like this for a while and the others had already grown accustomed seeing them together.

Today, Qin Xu had ordered chicken wings. He handed one over to Jiang Yang and did this with a handsome and charming smile.

Huang Shao started howling: “Xu brother this isn’t right. How can you be so biased?”

Then his eyes brightened, like a lightbulb, as he looked forward to Qin Xu handing a chicken wing over to him.

However, Qin Xu didn’t do this. Instead he stretched his chopsticks out and moved a chicken wing from Huang Shao’s plate and placed it into Tang Ling Ling’s place.”

In an instant, the whole world went quiet.

Huang Shao’s mouth opened and closed but didn’t say anything. It had already reached Tang Ling Ling’s plate, so he naturally couldn’t go and snatch it back.

In the afternoon, Qin Xu was suddenly called out halfway through class by a girl from another class. When he came back, he appeared to be in a bad mood and had a stiff expression. He moved over to Jiang Yang’s side and sat down. He then spoke up, as if he was reporting to him: “I rejected her.”

Huang Shao loved gossip and he obviously knew what happened outside. He chuckled and said: “Xu brother. Even if you reject her, you shouldn’t be so fierce. The other party almost cried.”

Qin Xu said: “It ‘s better to be straightforward so that there aren’t any misunderstandings.”

“Then you can say it a bit more gently. Girls are fragile. Wasn’t there the saying that women are made out of water?”

Qin Xu didn’t care, “That’s her business. She’s not my type so I don’t want to give the other person hope.”

At this moment he thought internally that fortunately she wasn’t looking for Jiang Yang. But even if she was looking for him, he would ensure that she would not be able to convey her feelings and directly send that person away.

“Your type? Xu brother, you have a type that you like?” Huang Shao was even more curious. Qin Xu generally didn’t talk about things like this with them and acted like he wasn’t interested in girls. Otherwise, Xie Zhe wouldn’t have asked him teasingly last time whether or not he didn’t like girls.

Huang Shao originally thought that Qin Xu wouldn’t respond and just ignore his comment, but he was surprised to find that Qin Xu actually replied. He even answered very specifically.

“Tall, pale, slightly bad temper, too stubborn to admit it when they’re scared, very proud personality.”

Huang Shao was stunned. What is this strange ideal type?

He turned around and asked Jiang Yang enthusiastically, “Xiao Yang Yang, what type of girls do you like?”

But before Jiang Yang could respond, he added, “Oh right. You like Wu Tong so I guess you like the gentle and considerate beauties? Ah…..that’s not right. Xu brother also liked…..”

As he said this, Huang Shao subconsciously raised his head and looked over. He suddenly saw that Qin Xu’s expression wasn’t quite right and instantly shut his mouth and zipped it up. He even quickly tried to think of an escape route and leaned slightly forward as he prepared to run off at any moment.

During the next class, the class teacher swept his eyes over the class and noticed that a seat was empty. He asked: “Where did Huang Shao go? Does anyone know?”

Everyone was a little confused. They subconsciously looked over at Huang Shao’s seat.

The class teacher asked again: “Jiang Yang, do you know?”

Jiang Yang shook his head.

The class teacher bowed his head down and marked down Huang Shao’s name, “When you see him tell him to find me at the office to explain what’s so important to make him skip class.”

And then class resumed as usual. Until the end of class, Huang Shao didn’t return.

At this moment, an unknown tall male student went over to their class. With an unpleasant expression he called out with a rough voice: “Is there someone called Huang Shao in your class? Tell him to come out. That bastard, if he dares to do it, he should take responsibility.”

The classmates in the classroom looked at him for a moment and someone whispered, “That person is in third year, right? What happened between him and Huang Shao?”

That tall and muscular male student had a particularly fierce looking face which scared the students in the class. This was particularly the case for the girls who couldn’t help but quake in fear. But the moment they heard the other person call Huang Shao bastard, they couldn’t help but laugh.

The boy swept his eyes around the room a few times. After not finding the person he was looking for, he could only turnaround to leave in a huff.

Jiang Yang just happened to need to go to the toilet. While he was wondering what had happened, he and Qin Xu entered the bathroom and coincidentally ran into that male student. His whole-body emitting rebelliousness, he kicked several of the stall doors with his foot while his hands were in his pockets. Seeing that they were all occupied, he was angered to the point of no return, “Can’t you all hurry up and shit? Fuck. So annoying.”

With no empty stalls, the boy gritted his teeth and turned to leave. As he passed through the door, his eyes met with Jiang Yang and Qin Xu’s.

Jiang Yang and Qin Xu shrugged. They walked over to the wall, pulled down their pants and let out the water accumulated inside them. After refreshingly releasing it all out, they walked over to the sink to wash their hands.

At this moment, Jiang Yang felt someone pat his shoulder from behind. The touch was so cold that he was scared and almost exploded on the spot.

With fiery gaze and an angry expressly he turned around and only saw Huang Shao who was acting very sneaky.

Jiang Yang: “……….”

Huang Shao held onto his shoulder and leaned out the door to check outside before breathing a sigh of relief, “Phew, he finally left. When he kicked the door earlier I was almost scared to death.”

Jiang Yang was speechless, “Did you skip class to hide here and eat shit?”

“Yes, in order to hide…..” Huang Shao nodded subconsciously. He then realised, “What? No! Of course not!”

Qin Xu stood on the side heartlessly laughing.

After a while, Huang Shao managed to explain everything that had happened. In fact, it wasn’t very complicated, but it was very dog blood.

Huang Shao, as a guy who would fall in love 800 times a day, suddenly got to know a girl. It just happened that she was the girlfriend of that person in third year. He hadn’t spoken much to the girl, but he was misunderstood to be a young man who is trying to step into their relationship. Because of this, he is now targeted by that third-year senior who wants to make him pay.

Seeing Huang Shao’s ability to create trouble, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu were speechless. But as a friend, despite ridiculing him verbally, their actions demonstrated unconditional support. It was as if they were saying; if you dare touch even a hair of my brother, I will beat you to death.

At night at the dormitory room.

Jiang Yang and the others’ dormitory room isn’t very big and there wasn’t much space. With so many boys in it, it was definitely quite crowded.

The amiable Xiao Yuxin was dragged to the back of the crowd by Xie Zhe and could only watch on with anxiousness. He had not seen such a scene before. Both parties were imposing and deadly and looked like they would strike out at the other person any minute.

Qin Xu saw a familiar figure on the opposite side, Xu Jun. He couldn’t help but give him a look that asked him what he was doing here. Xu Jun coldly shrugged to say that he also didn’t know why. He was just dragged over by his club’s senior brother.

The leader had a clear purpose. It was to give Huang Shao a lesson. He had already determined that Huang Shao had deliberately come over to steal his woman and didn’t give him any opportunity to explain.

The atmosphere at this moment was tense, as if a battle was about to start.

Suddenly, the dormitory door opened. Director Wang and the dormitory caretaker walked into the room together. Seeing so many students here and also from different years, Wang director immediately creased his brows. He had come without any warning in order to catch the students with their prohibited goods but what he didn’t expect was that he actually came upon a scene where they were about to start a group fight!

The director opened his mouth about to say something.

Qin Xu’s mind worked quickly and he suddenly started to sing a birthday song, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……..”

The dormitory room was silent. Several boys from third year looked over at Qin Xu and a hint of understanding flashed through their eyes. They immediately opened their mouths and started to sing along. The originally passionate and bloody battlefield scene had instantly turned into a birthday party.

That’s right. We are here only so that we can celebrate someone’s birthday. Definitely not doing anything bad.

However, director Wang wasn’t someone who could be fooled so easily. He squinted his eyes suspiciously: “Whose birthday?”

Before everyone could panic and point out random people, Qin Xu beat them by quickly poking Jiang Yang and then looping his hand around his shoulders. He smiled and said: “His.”

It wasn’t just that. He even picked up a banana next to him and aggressively peeled it. He pushed it over to Jiang Yang’s mouth, “Birthday star, here’s your birthday present.”

Jiang Yang had a dark expression but under the burning gaze from director Wang, he stubbornly took a bite. Qin Xu then relaxedly turned his hand around and then stuffed the banana into his own mouth to eat. He even enthusiastically pulled off two more from the bundle, “Dorm manager, teacher, do you want it?

Director Wang: “………….”

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