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Chapter 45: Romantic Arena

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The moment Bayan saw Seth, he showed a strange expression and laughed. \"Seth, I did not think you would be back so soon! These few days, we felt less fun without you!\"

Didi and Dardaniel also looked at Rody and their expressions were unnatural.

Seth and Bayan both had a high noble status and had always been the leaders among the noble children. Although Seth was a playboy, he was ambitious and arrogant and never had a good opinion of Bayan. Although the two people knew each other, their feelings of grudge were stronger than friendship.

On the other hand, Didi and Dardaniel had always been Seth\'s henchman. To Seth, such willing idiots who allowed him to play tricks on, he would not refuse. Moreover, Seth was a playboy and was not particularly a good person. The three of them also shared the same lustful interests and were birds of the same feather.

However, after Seth left the Academy for a while, Didi and Dardaniel who were left without a leader were soon won over by Bayan and became his henchmen. Although these nobles were not adults yet, their conversations often involved deep politics. Friendly relationships between young people meant future alliances. That was why Bayan who was ambitious, was paying attention to identify and become close with young nobles that may enter the core of nobility. This is all to enhance his future strength.

Naturally, this was not something Rody could expect. All he knew was that Didi and Dardaniel were showing some unnatural expressions. However, he does not know anything more detailed than that.

Bayan seemed more interested in Rody and therefore no longer bothered with Star. He merely spared Star a glance and said, \"Star, originally, with your status, you are not qualified to speak to me. I believe you know the reason why I came to find you today! You better not act rashly and be well behaved during Master Glenn\'s disciple selection next month! You can forget about the quota!\"

Rody immediately understood these words.

Come to think of it, next month is when the old guy Glenn picked his disciples. Every two years, elderly Glenn would choose his disciples among a group of students and personally teach them magic. Under normal circumstances, commoners are forbidden from entering the White Tower. That would mean that their only chance to enter the White Tower was to be selected as Master Glenn\'s disciple once every two years. However, nobles with a strong background can directly enter Glenn\'s class. For example, today Rody who just arrived, obtained a special arrangement by the principal of the academy to learn from Master Glenn. With Rody\'s current status, Glenn had no choice. However, common nobles would still need to go through the selection process because Elder Glenn only selects a limited number of people.

Right now, Star appears to be the most likely candidate to be selected. Rody believed this because when he was still in the academy, Rody was regarded as a genius in swordsmanship while Star was regarded by the teachers as a genius in magic.

With this thought, Rody frowned. For Bayan, His Majesty\'s nephew and part of the dignified royal family, he should be able to bypass the selection process. So why is he fighting against Star for the quota?

However, Bayan\'s following words made Rody understood.

\"Star, I clearly tell you. This position belongs to Didi! So you better know where you stand!\" After finishing what he had to say, Bayan removed his threatening expression. Although Star was angry, he could not say anything. After all, he was just a commoner.

Even if he was recognized as a good student and liked by many teachers, he cannot afford to offend the Royal Family.

Bayan seemed to be diligent in winning the allegiance of the people around him. Although Didi was the son of an Empire\'s minister, it was not enough to get him inside the White Tower. The elderly Glenn\'s temper was well known and everybody must give him due respect as they dared not offend him. This fact was obvious by how he even dared to chase out Rody in public.

Rody felt really angry when he saw someone humiliate his best friend in front of him. He was about to speak when Andy\'s voice sounded out.

\"Idiot! Do not say anything! If you say the wrong thing, you will risk revealing your true identity! With your current position, you can only help him secretly.\"

This sentence was like a bucket of cold water being poured over Rody\'s angry heart. Rody thought for a while and did not say anything.

The moment Bayan stopped talking, he no longer looked at Star. Star\'s face was ghastly pale. He could only glare at Bayan and Rody, before leaving angrily with Arche.

\"Seth, why are you still sitting there? If you have nothing to do, let us find someplace to have some fun. It is too hot staying out here in broad daylight. Bayan looked at Rody and smiled. He secretly paid attention, hoping to obtain the favour of the Tulip family\'s heir. Even if the other party was too influential and cannot become one of his men, there would be no harm in building a good relationship.

When Didi and Dardaniel saw Seth, they initially felt ashamed but the moment they saw Bayan trying to be friendly, they immediately started to smile. \"That\'s right Seth. We have not met for a long time. Today, we must definitely go out and have fun. We have not gone out together for a long time.\"

Dardaniel also patted his chest. \"Let us not say anymore. Today is my treat. Let us go to that old place.\"

Didi plotted stealthily and smiled. \"Dardaniel, it is best if you keep your mouth shut. With Young Master Bayan here, how could it be your turn to treat?\"

They pulled Rody to the entrance of the academy without giving any explanations. Rody was determined to refuse but he did not know how to. He also did not dare to ask where was the \'old place\' and could only let them pull him.

There was a carriage that was already parked at the entrance of the Academy. It did not have any decorations in peculiar places or any gorgeous modifications. However, the golden flower and thorns design on the carriage shows it\'s owner\'s noble identity. It was the crest of the Empire\'s Royal Family!

The moment they entered the carriage, Bayan immediately took out a few bottles of wine from a secret compartment under the seat. He handed Rody the first bottle and smiled. \"This is His Majesty\'s tribute from the South. Go ahead and try it.\"

Dardaniel immediately cheered and started drinking one bottle. Rody neither laughed nor cried. He merely coped with the people and the wine. The surroundings began to become warm. They engaged in idle talk and talks about women. There were also stories that made Rody feel embarrassed. Most of the stories about women had something to do with Seth. Rody could only vaguely cope looking at the three faces that were giving him smiles that were unlike smiles. He feared that if he said something wrong, he would make them suspicious.

The carriage moved quickly on the road. Although the streets were crowded with pedestrians and other carriages, they gave way the moment they saw the crest on the carriage.

After crossing a few main streets, with an increasing number of pedestrians, the carriage finally stopped at an intersection. Immediately, the three young masters with overbearing attitudes showed a careful expression. Didi opened the curtains and looked outside for a moment. He then opened the door and jumped out the carriage. He was followed by Dardaniel and Bayan. Rody had no choice but to follow them.

Bayan waved and gave a signal. The driver immediately understood and left together with the carriage. Bayan then led the way. Rody and the other two followed him to another street.

Rody was following at the back with a mind full of questions. He finally asked lightly. \"What do we need to be so careful for?\"

After asking, Rody regretted because the guys already made it clear that they were going to the \'old place\'. There must be a reason for them to be so careful. He could have accidentally revealed his true identity by asking that question.

Bayan merely turned around and smiled. Fortunately, he did not suspect anything but lightly said. \"Seth, you are really audacious and unafraid of anything. You truly exceeded your reputation as a playboy. However, I am different. I am someone from the Royal Family. I must naturally be careful when I come to this kind of place.\"

Careful? This place?

Rody felt that things are becoming bad. This was especially true when he saw the beautifully decorated building and became stupefied.

Once the huge red door was opened, a long red carpet could be seen from the entrance all the way inside. There were already a lot of carriages stopped in front of the entrance and there were men looking in and refusing to leave.

Several women in exposing outfits were standing near the entrance, giving the young men charming eyes, from time to time. There were also a number of ferocious-looking men standing at both sides of the door. Inside the building was filled with a lot of noise and laughter.

At the moment, even if Rody was a fool, he should already know what kind of place this was.


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