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Chapter 89: Skeleton of the Night

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Muse was shocked when she saw that Rody was short of breath. She walked towards Rody’s bed and held his face. A drop of tear fell onto Rody’s face.

The figure behind her groaned in boredom and seemed to say to himself, “I really do not understand human emotions…” However, Muse was too agitated to hear him.

Muse sighed. Then, she slowly turned and asked, “What happened to him?”

“Actually, he harmed himself… Frankly speaking, this is also partly your fault.” The figure sighed and whispered, “In fact, with his current strength, he would have been killed by your 200 Roland Knights. However, he had a way to enhance his own strength by several times for a short period of time. After that, he met you and you cast that ‘God’s Lightning Axe’ spell. It was too powerful. He was already so weak that you could easily kill him without effort. Although he used a secret technique to increase his strength by several times, he was still no match for a Black Veil Saint like you… The spell that you used is supposed be a forbidden spell am I right? Even if he had increased his strength by several times and obtained the ‘Holy Light’ energy, he still would not be able to withstand it. Your one spell had destroyed his ‘Holy Light’ energy. The golden fighting energy he had just learned was also destroyed by you. He is only a warrior but he was luckier than others. He could skip learning how to use fighting energy and immediately start practicing golden fighting energy. As it is a shortcut, it is also more dangerous. He would have been able to recover if he had about half a month to slowly recuperate. However, he had been on the run. He also had to fight on a few occasions and even got himself injured. At first… Sigh, there is no point telling you so much… I will just say this, he was like a half-constructed building smashed by you to the point that it was about to fall apart. Before it could be repaired, a few more people went up the damaged building and destroyed it further. Now… the body has no more problems. However, when he recovers it will be just like this. Whether it is fighting energy or golden fighting energy, it will forever just be a dream from now on...”

When Muse heard this, she was sad and sighed. “How do you know such details? How do you know all of our actions? There was nobody else besides us…”

The figure simply replied, “I just know. Right now, do you want him to stay as a Grade 2 swordsman for the rest of his life?”

Muse frowned. “I do not understand. How can I help?”

The figure spread out his hands and said, “I definitely cannot save him on my own. Although I am considered his friend, I will lose my soul if I save him. I am not that kind. You are the Black Veil Saint. If I am not wrong, you are only one step away from learning ‘Domain Force’. You can already be considered to be at the peak of sorcery. If I don\'t ask you, then who else can I ask for help?”

Muse shook her head, “I am now…”

“Red dragon blood. Am I right?” The figure laughed. “Although I have not seen a dragon, I believe that the people of Roland Continent including the bravest person in the Temple would never dare provoke a dragon. What dragon blood? Do you think they are brave enough to kill a dragon and take its blood? I believe the red dragon is not really a dragon but just a kind of magic beast.”

Muse nodded. “Correct. We call it red dragon blood but it is actually the blood of a red crawling magic beast which looks like a dragon.”

“That magic beast was not a particularly fearsome creature. However, its blood was terrified sorcerers. If a sorcerer even drank a bit of the blood, he or she would lose his or her magic. However, there was also a cure. If the sorcerer could find and kill a red dragon and obtain its magic stone, the sorcerer could be cured.”

“Magic stones?” The figure laughed again. “I have a lot of them but I do not know if there is a red dragon magic stone here.” He stretched out his hands and like magic, revealed some bright multicolored crystals in his hands.

Muse glanced at them and her facial expression changed. She was a senior sorceress and naturally knew about such things. The figure had taken out magic stones of various magic beasts. On top of that, most of the magic stones were from high-level magic beasts. Muse knew that killing a low-level magic beast itself was no easy task. As for high-level magic beasts, a senior sorcerer or knight would most likely die trying to kill it. At most, they would only have a chance of escaping. However, the person before her could immediately produce so many magic stones of high-level magic beasts in his hand, as though they were ordinary stones.

“Where did you find so many of these?”

“Hmm… Those days, my master liked to collect strange things. He took people with him and sneaked into the Roland Continent. These were part of his collection. Take a look and see if there is a red dragon magic stone in here. If it is not here, I still have more magic stones that I have not taken out. I did not take all of them out because I have too many and it would not be nice to do so.”

After hearing his words, Muse’s jaw almost dropped all the way to the ground and she thought to herself about how strange the figure was.

Magic stone collection? Does he not know that you can even sell magic stones from low-level magic beasts for hundreds of gold coins? For sorcerers, these magic stones are treasured objects that can enhance their power! They are much more expensive than magic crystals. If it is a magic stone from a high-level magic beast, it could easily cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of gold coins!

In the Roland Continent, there were many small mercenary groups which specialized in hunting magic beasts. They sold their magic stones for a living. However, most of them were only brave enough to hunt the low-level beasts.

The figure noticed that Muse did not move and thought that there were no red dragon magic stones there. So, he threw the stones to the ground. He then produced more stones out of thin air.

Muse started to feel dizzy with confusion. Although she grew up in the Roland Continent, she had never seen that many magic stones in front of her. With a glance, she saw that most of his collection were magic stones from high-level magic beasts which were usually stored in the Temple.

Muse took a deep breath to calm herself. She then slowly picked up two crimson colored crystals and sighed. “These are the ones. But, they are extremely valuable… I think it is better if you keep them.”

The figure laughed and said, “This kind of thing may be precious to sorcerers but it is merely a beautiful gem to the rest of us. Having said that, this is something Master had left behind. I cannot just give them all to you.” The man then waved his hands and all of the other magic stones disappeared.

Muse looked at the red dragon magic stone in excitement. She was originally very arrogant but in the past few days, she had experienced extreme inconvenience because she had lost her magic. Now, the object to restore her magic was in her hands. How could she not be excited?

The figure saw her in a daze and said, “You better act quickly. It is getting late. I will no longer be able to handle this when the sky brightens.”

Muse looked at him and asked, “You want to save him. So, why are you acting so secretive?”

The figure shook his head and replied, “Meet others? When people see me, it will be strange if they are not frightened to death.” He then looked at Muse and became impatient. “Little girl, you speak too much! Act quickly! How do you use this magic stone? Do you eat it?”

Muse glared back at him fiercely and unhappily said, “Have you seen people eating stones?” After that, she looked at the figure again. Gritting her teeth, she pricked her finger with a sharp edge of the magic stone until blood flowed. She then carefully dripped a drop of her blood to spread on the magic stone. After that, she closed her eyes.

The figure looked at Muse curiously. Muse suddenly opened her eyes and said, “You better think of something. There will be a lot of light when I use sorcery and people might probably see it.”

The man folded his arms and lightly replied, “Don’t worry. I have already prepared countermeasures! Nobody outside will be able to see the light from in here!”

Muse nodded and immediately closed her eyes. Suddenly, the magic stone in her hand gave out a faint red light. The light was not strong but under the light, the red magic stone slowly changed color as if sunlight was shining on melting ice. The rock hard magic stone slowly changed into a ball of red light. After that, the ball of light which was on Muse’s palm, bit by bit entered Muse\'s body through her skin. Muse’s expression became more serious as she creased her eyebrows. One of her palms had completely turned red. Then, the red light moved towards the rest of her body. Gradually her entire body was covered in red light.

Muse suddenly opened her eyes and took a deep breath. A red fog spiraled down from her head. It eventually wrapped around her whole body. The red fog became more and more concentrated before it finally disappeared.

Although Muse was still standing there, she now exuded a different aura. She felt like the Black Veil Saint who fought with Rody earlier on. Her eyes shone like she was holy and sacred. Smiling, she gently waved her left hand and the grassland clothing transformed into her black robes. Her appearance was once again that of the fearsome Black Veil Saint.

The person next to her laughed loudly and clapped his hands. “Beautiful! Beautiful! How fascinating! Now you have the presence of a sorcerer! The colorful display was even more fascinating than fireworks.”

Muse took a deep breath. With a wave of her hands, a ball of light appeared. It was evident that her magic had recovered. She was excited and she ignored the figure’s nonsensical chatter.

Looking back at the figure, Muse sighed. “Whatever happens, I would like to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would have had to wait until I got back to the Roland Continent before I could recover my magic.”

The figure then waved his hands and replied, “Since I have helped you to recover your magic, now is your turn to save him.”

Muse thought to herself and said, “The ultimate healing spell ‘Reshape Origin’ will be able to save him. However, this spell is also one of the greatest forbidden spells. I have never used it before.” She paused for a moment and looked back at the figure before saying, “You look like a high-level mage. You should be as powerful as I am. I heard that the Radiant Empire also has an ultimate healing spell. Why do you not save him yourself? You should be more experienced than me.”

The figure shook his head and replied, “I know the spell but I cannot use it. If I try to use it, I will be finished before I get to save him.”

Muse frowned and asked, “Why?”

The figure laughed and replied, “Let me tell you, magicians and sorcerers are different. Magicians train using their own power. Depending on how much they cultivate, they can only use that amount of power. Once they finished using their spiritual power, they can continue to cultivate themselves and store more power in their body. However, I am different from the other magicians. Although I have more spiritual power than the other magicians, I cannot cultivate. The more magic I use, the less spiritual power I will have left but I will be unable to replenish my spiritual power. This is because… because I have no mortal body!”

“No mortal body?” Muse was shocked.

“That\'s enough. Now that you have magic, just use the see-through spell to look at me. You can see through the armor. But, I might as well just show you…\" The moment he finished talking, the figure took off his helmet.

Muse looked at the person who removed his helmet, to find a skull. As the lower jaw of the skull moved, a human voice could be heard. “Do you see this?”

There was silence for about three seconds and then Muse screamed, “Aaaaah!”

The skeleton quietly looked at Muse and patiently waited for her to finish. She screamed for a while before she finally stopped. Then, she stepped back. She opened her hands and fireballs appeared in front of both her hands. She then vigilantly looked at the skeleton.

The skeleton’s jaw moved again as it laughed and said, “Do not be afraid. Your reaction is not much different from that guy when he first met me...”

Although Muse was powerful, she was still frightened. In the Roland Continent, she had seen skeleton soldiers summoned by the sorcerers. However, this particular skeleton could talk, laugh, walk and also use magic. She had never seen anything like him before.

Resisting the impulse to shoot the fireballs from her hands, Muse took a deep breath and asked, “What kind of… thing are you?”

The skeleton laughed. “I am a skeleton. Strictly speaking, I am not a thing… I am a life! A life that my Master created! A great magical life! My name is Andy!”

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