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Chapter 128: Dragon Converter

Translator: Zenobys Editor:

Wuya’s white linen robe was tattered and his hands were bloody as he tightly gripped his longsword.

Despite slashing at Sphinx many tens of times, he was still unable to cut through Sphinx’s curtain of light. After all, the lion was Protoss’ mythological beast. Although its curtain of light was becoming dimmer, it still unwaveringly blocked the way. Wuya felt anxious with the thought that the Duke of the Tulip Family had already gone in for half a day. However, Wuya knew that if he were to force his way in, there could only be two outcomes. The first would be Sphinx becoming exhausted and then Wuya could finally break through the boundary. The second would be that Wuya collapsed out of exhaustion.

At present, the chances of Wuya collapsing first were much higher.

However, Wuya would never give up. He had spent so much time and energy. He was finally so close to reviving His Majesty, the Mystic Dragon. How could he give up now?

Wuya gasped for breath. He only had single intention on his mind. That was the intention to fight.

This time, Wuya no longer rushed forward like the previous times. He held the Dragon’s Fang longsword with two hands and glared at Sphinx as he slowly stepped forward.

Before Wuya could make that last strike, there was a loud trembling noise coming from the gate. The giant tree started to shake. Sphinx shouted, “Bastard! He is fighting again! That bastard human!”

Wuya did not understand what Sphinx was talking about but he had already turned stiff with attention. It was because he also heard the roar that came from the gate… That was His Majesty, the Mystic Dragon.

Has His Majesty awakened?

Rody felt like he was suffocating. He could not help but push away the stones on his chest. Rody then shook his head and opened his eyes. He found himself buried under a messy pile of stones. He was unable to move his right hand. His right arm was most likely injured by the falling rocks. Sh*t! don\'t tell me, it\'s broken.

Rody secretly cursed and pushed away the stones on his body with his left hand. Fortunately, the stones were small. Otherwise, without the fighting energy to protect him when he had fainted, the stones could have crushed him to death if they had been slightly larger.

Rody staggered as he struggled to get up and found that his injuries were much more serious than he had imagined. He felt dizzy the moment he stood up, and it was as if his bones were not able to support his body. His legs weakened and he almost fell forward. His forehead was wet as blood continued to drip down his face. There were also numerous wounds on his body, especially his left leg that refused to move as commanded.

Rody gritted his teeth as he endured the pain. His right hand could not move, so he used his left hand to hold the rubble and supported himself. At that moment, the gems in the cavern had already been scattered everywhere. Some of the gems had also already turned to powder.

The Mystic Dragon was weak and collapsed in front. It was whimpering and seemed to be on the verge of dying. Blood flowed out of the cracked dragon scales. The dragon whimpered in a low moan and no longer looked angry. Its original fiery eyes had grown weak and had closed.

Rody looked around, but he could not find Sky.

He sighed as he had not expected the place to collapse due to the battle. The stone bells that were hanging on the ceiling had also fallen. The wall and the ceiling were filled with terrible cracks. With just the slightest movement, fragments of stones would crumble from above and this made those who saw it feel uneasy.

Rody carefully walked towards the Mystic Dragon. The Mystic Dragon suddenly opened its eyes and roared at Rody. Its roar was filled with deterrence and vigilance. However, its roar was very weak and could only intimidate. Rody sighed as he himself was on the verge of dying.

Rody looked carefully and saw that the Mystic Dragon was severely injured. It had numerous wounds and cracked dragon scales on its body. One of its tremendous wings was also bleeding and there was a hole in it. The dragon was unable to stand up and could only lie down quietly while it bled.

“Will it die?” Rody could not help but ask.

“Die?” Andy’s voice sounded out in his head. “You must be kidding. This is the Mystic Dragon. If it could die that easily, do you think it would be sealed here? It is one of the most powerful life created by God and is immortal. Right now, it is seriously injured and exhausted. However, once it has regained a bit of strength, it would immediately move around actively…”

Rody then remembered the scene of the Mystic Dragon jumping out of the magma. He then gave a bitter laugh and said, “Well, I guess I should just hope that it does not recover. Otherwise, I would be dead.”

Andy suddenly laughed, “Boy! This time you are truly fortunate!”


“Dragon’s blood!” Andy’s voice was as excited as a cat that had seen fish. “Dragon’s blood is an extremely good thing! If you smear it on your body, you would be invulnerable! According to the legends, the Sacred Swordsman and Holy Knights of the Roland Continent liked to smear dragon blood on their weapons and shield as it was more effective than any other enhancement. Those weapons and shield would then be able to repel both physical and magical attacks.

Rody glanced at the distant Mystic Dragon and smiled, “Do you mean that if I were to smear the dragon’s blood all over my body, the Mystic Dragon would not be able to kill me when it recovers?”

That being said, Rody walked up to the Mystic Dragon and said in a low voice, “Hey, Mystic Dragon, since you are not going to die and yet you are bleeding so much, then lend me some of your blood.”

The Mystic Dragon raised its head and roared. Rody was frightened and immediately retreated a few steps. After the dragon had finished its roar, it lowered its head. It no longer roared and could only snort through its nose, giving out a little bit of heat.

Rody no longer hesitated and walked towards the Mystic Dragon. He took off his shirt and smeared the Mystic Dragon’s blood all over his body. He could not reach his back, so he rubbed his back against the Mystic Dragon’s wounds.

The Mystic Dragon suddenly struggled a little and raised its head. It turned its head to Rody and roared loudly with its mouth wide opened.

Rody was immediately alarmed and thought that he was doomed. This is Andy’s fault! It is going to use its dragon’s breath, and my bones would turn into ashes.

Just when Rody was deep in his thoughts, the Mystic Dragon suddenly groaned painfully. It opened its big mouth to spurt out blood, instead of the scary dragon’s breath.

Rody felt as if a bucket of water was poured over him. He no longer needed to smear the dragon’s blood over his body as he was completely soaked in the blood.

The Mystic Dragon once again felt weak and lowered its head. However, its eyes were open as it unwilling looked at Rody.

The dragon’s blood that thoroughly soaked Rody’s body had a nauseating stench. However, before Rody could vomit, he felt his wounds begin to itch. He looked down and saw that his injuries were starting to heal. The injuries all started to close up extremely quickly. In a short while, they were completely healed.

“This is amazing!” Rody’s eyes were wide open. “This is even more effective than holy water!”

“Of course! Boy, according to the legend, holy water is just magical water used as an offering to the Gods. However, this is the blood of the dragon that challenged the Gods!”

Rody closed his eyes. He started to feel warm and more comfortable as well as an itchy sensation all over his body. He could feel that he was regaining his strength. The pain in his chest had also gradually disappeared. He no longer felt like fainting from the pain when he breathed.

“How is it? Isn’t dragon’s blood good?” Andy slowly spoke, “There is something even better. Do you want it?”


Andy spoke with a strange interest, “Look at the Mystic Dragon. Its whole body is a precious treasure! Its scales can be used to make armor. When an armor made of the dragon\'s scales is compared to an armor enchanted by the greatest magician in the Empire, the enchanted armor can only be considered as garbage! Besides that, there are also its fangs! You have already seen the sword made out of a dragon’s fang used by Wuya. In the whole continent, you could not find a more powerful sword than that. In addition, there is… the horn on its head... a bit weird… it is some kind of element that absorbs energy. It is definitely something good!”

As Andy spoke, his voice became odder. It was as if Andy was treating the Mystic Dragon as a lamb to be slaughtered.

Andy paused for a moment and then he whispered to Rody, “However, the biggest treasure is the Mystic Dragon itself.”

“What do you mean?”

“Boy...” Andy’s voice became serious. “Do you remember your lightsaber?”


Of course, Rody could remember it. The sword itself was very fragile, but when fighting energy was injected into it, the sword became an extremely sharp magic weapon.

Rody remembered what Andy had said and what was written in Dandong’s notes. The lightsaber relied on a strange gem on its hilt. The gem was something that could convert energy. Energy would pass through the gem, and the fragile sword would instantly become extremely sharp.

“What do you mean?” Rody’s mind stirred.

“Boy, right now, you are like that fragile lightsaber. If you want to become very sharp… this dragon is the best energy converting gem. You just need to get this dragon into your body...”

“What? Put this dragon into my body?” Rody suddenly jumped. “Are you asking me to eat it? It… It is too big!”

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