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Chapter 139: Mad Genius (2)

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The black-clothed man sighed. “Fatty, what kind of person are you? I have probed for a long time, and yet I still cannot tell when in the mainland was there a guy like you... Are you someone from Protoss?”

Sky spat hatefully and cursed, “You are the one from the Protoss! Even if the Pope stands in front of me, I will ignore him! Speak less nonsense and come down here! I will wring off your head and go back to sleep!”

“Hahahaha...” The black-clothed man laughed, and then he showed a strange expression. “Are you crazy? Wring off my noble head... This is truly an amusing joke.” His eyes then glowed red as his low voice shrouded the earth. “Show me your skill!”

The man then stretched his body and took a moment to grow a pair of black wings. He then soared into the air and opened up his arms as if he wanted to embrace the earth.

“Fatty, you should be honored... You are the third human who is qualified to have me taste your blood...” With a long string of shrewd laughter, that man in mid-air flew down at a high speed towards Sky like a large bat. Just like light, he moved so quickly that he immediately appeared in front of Sky.

Sky sighed and did not even attempt to dodge. Sky merely yawned and did not seem to be doing anything. Suddenly, there was a miserable scream. That guy from the Blood Clan boomeranged and flew out like a bird that broke its wings. He severely crashed into a tree. After that, the man fell head first and sprawled on the ground...

“Poor little bat, do you believe me now?” Sky laughed. “Your Blood Clan’s ancient technique, the \'Blood Escape\', is like a gateway. If you had just fled, I probably would not be able to catch you. However, you actually dared try to attack me. You are just courting death.”

Sky suddenly flashed. His posture did not change but he had reappeared in front of the vampire. He then stretched out his big fat hands, grabbed the vampire by his neck and lifted his whole body.

“Follow me back. I am catching you because you are still useful to me... If more than a dozen of the subordinates of the young Duke are really dead, he will definitely find fault with me.” Sky paused for a moment and then he continued in a soft voice, “I am not afraid of him, but the damn ‘Mystic Dragon Purge\' is really not fun.”

As he carried the vampire in his hands, Sky shot out like an arrow and headed back in the direction they came from.

“Hey, boy. I do not know if you’ll be happy or angry when you suddenly obtain a dozen vampire subordinates. This is certainly very interesting. Hahahaha.” The more Sky thought, the happier he was. His laughter filled the air as he floated under the night sky.

Rody had only taken two steps when the captain of the bodyguard and the old man, Allier, rushed over to him. One went to the left and the other to the right side of Rody and supported him.

“Do you two want to go together?” Rody sighed.

The captain spoke bravely, “Your Excellency the Duke, the Wolf Fang Army does not have any soldiers who are afraid to die!” He then looked at Allier and whispered, “You do not need to follow us and court death. You are no longer in the army and this does not have anything to do with you. You have already put in a lot of effort tonight. It would be best if you find a place to hide.”

Allier jumped and shouted angrily, “If you are not afraid of death, how could a old man like me be afraid of death? If you were to say this again, I will first teach you a bitter lesson!” Aller then looked at Rody and said, “I used to work for the late Duke. How can people who fight under the Tulip Family’s banner shame the name of the Tulip Family! Today, I may be old, but I will still sacrifice my life to fight as well!”

Rody shook his head. He was going to say something but decided against it when he saw their determined expressions.

The three of them journeyed back for a little while when they heard the sound of the wind in the sky. They looked up and saw a huge black figure flying over. A pair of black wings were flapping in the night sky like a legendary demon.

The man in the sky saw Rody and the other two men. He suddenly shouted, and then he retractedhis wings as he slowly descended.

When the black figure approached them, Rody noticed that the figure was carrying a person. The person’s eyes were closed and looked extremely pale. He seemed to have fainted. He was dressed in gray clothes and carried a longbow. The unconscious man was Dark.

The black-clothed figure finally touched the ground. He then gently tossed Dark aside as he looked at the three people with his red eyes. After that, that man chuckled and said, “Good! I have finally found you. The boy in the middle; you must be the Duke of the Tulip Family. If I were to kill you, Master Simao will be very happy.”

The man then stretched out his black claws as he moved towards Rody. The man’s legs did not move. They seemed stuck to the ground as he gently floated towards them.

Rody looked at the man bitterly as he struggled to raise his sword. However, before Rody could react, the captain had already roared loudly and rushed forward.

The captain had already dropped his scimitar much earlier. He was currently using a normal sword that he had hastily grabbed during his escape. However, he was still the captain of the Duke’s bodyguards and was carefully picked out of Sieg’s twenty thousand Wolf Fang warriors. His strength had already reached the level of a Grade 3 swordsman. At that desperate moment, he slashed wildly and the sword created a wind filled with its energy.

The black-clothed vampire gave a cold smile and stretched out his claw to catch the sword. However, the moment he touched the blade of the sword, he felt a burning pain in his hand. He immediately withdrew his hand and involuntarily retreated back a few steps. Looking down he saw a small wound on his hand.

The vampire became furious. “Bastard! Tonight, you are the second person to injure my noble body!”

The captain of the bodyguards did not want to compromise. He took a deep breath and rushed forward unyieldingly. As he anxiously fought, he actually exceeded the strength of his level. Every slash came with a loud roar and spirited energy. He seemed to be at the point of almost achieving the critical level of fighting energy.

Allier, who was at the side, had also quietly grabbed his scimitar and moved up. He took advantage of an opening and attacked the vampire. This caused the vampire to jump angrily.

When the vampire fought with Dark earlier that night, he initially did not know that Dark was an exorcist. As a result, he was injured. Although the vampire finally won, he was already weakened. However, the vampire was arrogant. He believed that these were only a few mere humans and they could not defeat him. Thinking of earning merits, he had searched for Rody alone after defeating Dark.

The vampire screamed. Allier occasionally slashed at him and even if Allier actually cut him, he absolutely could not be mortally harmed. However, how could he allow a human withan his ordinary sword to harm his noble body? It would be a great shame, even if it was just his gorgeous cloak that was torn.

Finally, in his rage, he quickly stepped back. After that, the red color of his eyes became denser. He opened his mouth and, suddenly burst out a sharp whistle.

The whistling sound was so sharp it felt like the eardrums were being fiercely pierced by numerous needles. Those who heard the whistling sound felt like their heads were about to crack. The pain in the heads seemed to drain out all the energy in their bodies. The captain and Allier staggered. Allier staggered and fell to the ground.

The black clothed vampire then rushed forward and kicked the captain away. He then grabbed Allier’s neck and made up his mind to wring off that unworthy old man\'s neck.

Suddenly a strong breeze blew and a bright light shot to his front. The vampire stretched out one of his claws to block. Kacha1! His hand was actually pierced through by a sword.

The vampire screamed but only saw the Duke of the Tulip Family looking at him. The sword was presumably thrown by the Duke. He had never expected a human to have so much energy.

In his heart, the vampire thought that he had cultivated his body hundreds of years. Due to a sneak attack by the exorcist, he had gotten angry and had revealed his true body. Ordinary human swords could no longer hurt him. Even a Grade 3 swordsman, like the captain of the bodyguards, who was considered a skilled fighter by the ordinary people, was powerless against him. However, that sword casually thrown by the young Duke of the Tulip Family could actually pierce through his true body, which he had cultivated for hundreds of years.

The vampire screamed and pulled out the sword that had pierced through his hand. In a rage and disregarding his pain, he charged at Rody. Rody gritted his teeth, as he knew that he was weak at the moment and was almost a disabled person. However, the only part that had power was his left hand and the power was way above his expectations.

Seeing that the other party had stretched his claws in front of him, Rody opened the palm of his right hand to protect his face. The vampire sneered, “Can you really block by using your hands? My claws can even penetrate a thick metal shield.”

However, the vampire was shocked when he tried to grab Rody’s arm and body with his claw. He felt a violent pain in his arm. It was like he had grabbed something that was solid iron. When he exerted force, he felt like his fingers were about to break.

A thought flashed in Rody\'s mind. So that is how it is!

Rody knew that he had covered himself with the Mystic Dragon’s blood. At that time, Andy had told him that even the blood of an ordinary dragon was already enough to make a human body so powerful that it could not be harmed by an ordinary sword. What more, if the blood was from the world’s most powerful \'Mystic Dragon\'...

Sky had also told him that when he was unconscious, Diane could not even harm him nor even leave a mark with the Dragon Fang sword. Rody would not believe that this person’s claws were more powerful than the Dragon Fang sword.

It was just a pity that he could not take the Dragon Fang sword with him to the Imperial Capital as he was too weak to hold it. When the black clothed vampire used his pair of claws to fight with the captain, the ordinary weapon used was unable to hurt the vampire. However, the Dragon Fang sword might be able to.

The vampire\'s claws grabbed Rody’s arm, but he only managed to tear Rody’s clothes. When he almost broke his five fingers, Rody had already clenched the fist of his left hand and severely punched the vampire.

The black clothed vampire was thrown back, flung into the sky. In the sky, he turned around to change direction, but he fell and crashed into a few big trees.

Rody showed a tragic smile. Suddenly, he opened his mouth, spat out a mouthful of blood and breathed heavily.

In the distance, the black shadow below the big tree trembled and slowly stood up.

“You… You bastard! That was painful!” The vampire wiped his mouth and then he jumped. “You actually made me spit out blood! Damn bastard! I will drink your blood dry! I will crush your body!”

After finishing what he had to say, he immediately rushed towards Rody.

Rody gave a long sigh and looked at his left hand. Even if his left hand had more strength, it would not be of much use against the monster in front of him. He could not gather his own fighting energy, and it looked like he was standing there, waiting to die...

Shit, this is all Andy’s fault. I was fine. Why did I go and ‘transform’ the dragon?

Rody sighed and closed his eyes. He gave a wry smile and said to himself, “Nicole, looks like I cannot keep my promise…”

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