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Chapter 151: Dracula Spear

Translator: GamingLife Editor:

Rody looked at Bayan who was on the ground. He raised his gleaming sword and was about to swing it down. At that moment, something black flew at high speeds from a distance. The bright streaks at the edge of the eastern sky seemingly mingled with it, each enhancing the other\'s beauty. It immediately arrived at the Prince’s palace with a trail of flames behind it.

Rody was about to cut off Bayan’s head when he heard a sharp voice from the sky shouting, \"You cannot kill him!\"

Rody suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the sky. The darkness before the dawn made the sky look gloomy. That person was floating in the air with his long cloak. The slender figure hid behind the cloak and seemed to carry an evil aura.

The floating man then stretched out his hand. There was a flash of light, and after that, a spear had appeared in his hands. The spear was completely black, except for its pointed end which was a blood red. There were also red stains below the spearhead... Rody felt an invisible pressure from the spear in the man’s hands. It was as if the sky has fallen. This made Rody feel somewhat gloomy.

\"This is the … Dracula Spear?\" Rody showed a trace of surprise. He then looked up at the man in the sky and asked loudly. \"Is that the Dracula Spear? Are you a vampire?\"

The slender figure in the air spoke with a low voice, \"I did not think you could recognize Dracula Spear! That’s right. I am a vampire, Prince Simao!\" His aura had spread all over the place. The flowers that were exposed to his dark aura started to slowly wither.

\"Did you kill all these other vampires alone?\" He asked coldly in the air. \"What are you? Are you from the dragon race? Why are you dragons getting in the way of us vampires?\"

Rody laughed bitterly and pointed his sword to the sky. \"I am not from the dragon race. However, since you are a vampire, come down here and die!\"

Simao sneered. His eyes were different from the other vampires. One of Simao’s eyes was red while the other was black. His heterochromatic eyes had an evil glint!

Simao laughed lightly and then spoke from mid-air, \"Good. Let me taste the blood of dragons. I haven’t tasted the blood of dragons for a long time.\"

Before they had even finished talking, they had already started to move.

Rody jumped and shot towards the sky like an arrow. His sword emitted a black aura as if it was a violent black dragon.

The Dracula spear also swung forward at Rody\'s sword as it emitted a shrill sound.

The two black auras clashed and then the sky shook. It was as if all the stars in the sky were about to fall.

The sword in Rody’s hands cried out sorrowfully, and with a \'ting\' sound, the blade broke. The steel sword broke into numerous pieces as if it was made of glass. All that was left in Rody’s hands was the sword hilt.

After breaking Rody’s sword, the spear forcefully stabbed through Rody\'s shoulder with a \'thud\' sound.

After bathing in the dragon’s blood, Rody was no longer vulnerable to common weapons. However, red blood had started to splash out from his body. The point of Dracula’s spear suddenly emitted a black light. Rody grunted from within the black light and then fell down from the sky...

\"Boom!\" Rody crashed into the ground, and a crater that was a few meters wide was formed. He struggled to stand up, his eyes betraying a hint of anger. He looked at the blood flowing from the wound in his shoulder. A black aura appeared to wrap his shoulder injury, healing the wound rapidly.

\"That Dracula Spear is a fine weapon!\" Rody gritted his teeth. \"It really is the legendary demon weapon Dracula had used to injure the Gods.\" Rody suddenly kicked a sword into the air. He transformed that sword into a gleaming light in the dark of the night, and sent it shooting into the air at Simao.

Simao waved his spear and broke the sword. He immediately shattered it into numerous pieces and sneered at Rody on the ground. \"Dragon man! You are a fool! The weapon in my hands is a Vampire treasure, the Dracula Spear. Even God himself cannot withstand it! Do you think you can fight with me using these garbage tools?

Rody frowned in anger and whispered to himself, \"Impossible… Why am I not able to defeat him? Why am I not able to defeat him? He is just a vampire!\"

Rody suddenly roared loudly towards the sky. The black flames around his body erupted, forming a massive ball of raging black fire. Rody’s eyes turned black as he stretched out his palm. The black flames condensed into a black cloud on his palm.

Rody then gave a strange laugh. After that, he suddenly spoke in a strange language, \"#@@#$\"

The black cloud in his hands became more and more dense and turbulent. It rapidly condensed into a black fireball. Black sparks crackled on the surface of the fireball.

When Simao heard Rody speak in the strange language, he immediately jumped as if he had just been slashed. \"You are a dragon! You really are a dragon! You just spoke in the dragon’s language. You … Ahh!\"

In fact, the vampire immediately understood the meaning of Rody’s words. His green face immediately became twisted. Sweat had also started to appear on his forehead. His red and black heterochromatic eyes looked at Rody in surprise and trembled. \"Impossible! Impossible!\"

Rody paid no attention. His body shook gently. His shirt tore open to reveal his steely muscles and the black dragon on his chest that looked like it would soar into the sky anytime.

The muscles in his arms shook violently as a black cloud covered his arm.

Simao who was still in the air could not stop shivering as if he had just seen the most horrifying thing in the world.

Other people may not understand the dragon language but Simao understood it clearly. The words that Rody had just said fell into Simao’s ears like a never-ending nightmare. That was because the words said were:

\'Mystic Dragon Purge.\'

\"Apologies…\" Rody smiled evilly. \"I have not used this technique in a long time and am taking longer than usual.\"

Suddenly, there was an earth shattering dragon roar. The black flames on Rody’s hand became stronger. Finally, with a loud sound, a black fiery dragon flew out from within the flames on his hand. The black fiery dragon opened its mouth and roared. Carrying a long trail of black flames, it shot towards Simao.

The fiery dragon’s body was completely made out of black fire. This fire could burn everything in the world like hell fire. Even the air seemed to burn at the places the black fiery dragon passed by.

Simao exclaimed in fright and quickly covered half his face with his black cloak. He also quickly flung the Dracula’s spear.

The black spear transformed into a huge ferocious bat in the black mist. The dark figure sped towards the black dragon.

On one side, there was an angry, roaring black dragon; on the other side, there was a ferocious looking black bat. The two entities collided in the sky, and a large fireball appeared in that place. Another loud explosion could be heard, and even the the huge rocks that were used to build the castle had started to tremble. The sturdy rock walls trembled and cracked, forming frightening fracture lines. After that, there was another explosion, and half of the palace had started to crash.

The flowers and shrubs in the area instantly turned into ashes and disappeared.

The fort walls of the Prince\'s mansion as well as the surrounding luxurious noble houses within a few hundred meters outside the mansion also came crashing down. The rubble fell everywhere, and countless screams could be heard everywhere in the night.

The explosion in the air had destroyed everything within a radius of several hundred meters.

Everything on the ground had already turned into ruins and exposed the gray soil. Even the green, stone-slabbed street had been torn apart!

The light misty clouds had been blown away by the explosion. The starry sky became extremely clear.

In mid-air, Simao was safely hiding behind a black ball of light. However, the strong force of the clash had still managed to push him a little off-balance.

Rody was on the ground with his hands extended. Any air charging towards him would be immediately deflected out to his sides.

The huge dragon and the large bat clashed and exploded into a thousand blackish lights that dissipated in the air.

\"Thud.\" The black spear fell from the sky and embedded itself into the ground.

Once everything was over, both Rody and Simao opened their eyes wide. They both then shouted at the same time, \"Impossible!\"

Rody shouted, \"Impossible! How did you block that attack!\"

Simao shouted, \"Impossible! How are you able to use that attack!\"

Simao gave out a strange cry as he descended. He then stood on the ground and pulled out the Dracula Spear from the ground. He then held it in his hands and he glared at Rody as if he was looking at his sworn enemy and roared, \"Who are you!\"

Rody looked at Simao. His black cloak top was in tatters. It seemed that he had survived the Mystic Dragon Purge, although it was not an easy feat.

Simao held his spear and said, \"Wasn’t that the Mystic Dragon Purge?\" He then narrowed his eyes and said is a soft voice. \"How unfortunate… Your power is too weak!\" He then pointed his spear at Rody and shouted, \"I do not care how you learned the Mystic Dragon Purge! However, you are a dragon and also know how to use this attack! That means I will have to make sure you die here!\"

\"Die?\" Rody frowned, and then he suddenly laughed coldly. \"Those words sound so unfamiliar to me now…\" His eyes gradually turned cold. \"Don’t think an old vampire like you could kill me! You tried to stop me from killing Bayan but what about now? He was caught in the crossfire in our fight and was mutilated. Now, not a single trace of him remained.\"

Simao gritted his teeth. \"Although you can use the Mystic Dragon Purge, you are too weak! You cannot defeat my Dracula’s Spear! I will kill you and feed your dragon’s blood to my spear!\"

After that, Simao threw the spear with all his might at Rody.

Rody quickly jumped away, and the spear plunged into the ground in a cloud of dust. A hole appeared in the ground where the spear had struck.

He looked at Rody trying to escape and laughed wildly. \"Let’s see how long you can run!\"

Rody suddenly started to run and had already gone more than ten meters away from Simao.

Simao shouted, \"Little dragon, are you trying to run? When did you dragons learn to flee?\"

Rody was depressed. He looked at Simao with a strange glint in his eyes and said, \"Old vampire! I have already killed the person I wanted to kill! Now I want to leave. Can you stop me? Besides that, we have created a huge ruckus in our fight! Those people of God will be here soon! Have you forgotten that this is the Imperial Capital of the Radiant Empire? Can your lousy spear kill all the Elders of God and the Pope?\"

These words cut through Simao’s hearts like a knife. When he heard the word ‘God’, his expression turned fierce and roared, \"First, I will kill you! After that, I will kill the Pope!\"

Rody laughed and said, \"Looks like you are a fool! It seems that Bayan was right! You vampires are all brainless idiots!\"

Rody looked coldly at Simao and then smiled and said, \"Do you think that lousy spear is extraordinary? Look at my dragon tooth!\"

Rody put two fingers in his mouth and put in a lot of energy into his fingers. He furrowed his eyebrows, and his mouth started to bleed. Suddenly, he pulled out a bloody tooth.

Rody then solemnly placed his tooth on his palm and silently cast an incantation... The tooth suddenly transformed into a sharp fang. The fang was covered by a black mist before it suddenly transformed into a large and sharp longsword.

Simao looked at it momentarily and said, \"Dragon Fang sword? It is just a normal weapon! It may be a magical weapon to ordinary humans, but do you really think a sword made from a tooth can match my Dracula Spear?\"

Rody’s mouth still had traces of blood but he still smiled and said, \"A normal Dragon Fang sword would obviously be unable to block your spear. But why would I want to bother blocking?\"

Rody held the Dragon Fang sword in his hands and took a deep breath...

His eyes had a glint of mockery as he whispered, \"I had almost forgotten… Besides those strange things in my mind, as I long as I hold a sword in my hands … I am still a warrior\"

The Dragon Fang sword slowly become transparent before a golden light enveloped the sword.

Simao had doubted his own eyes, but when he looked again, he saw that the light was indeed golden.

A dragon can use a human’s fighting energy?

Shit. That is…the Holy Light!

The Dragon Fang sword in Rody’s hands looked like a flaming, red hot piece of iron burning in a fierce fire. After that, Rody looked at Simao and shouted, \"Die! Vampire!\"

The longsword struck like lightning. A golden light had shot out in the shape of a huge half moon. A shrill sound rang out as the slash came down on Simao.

Simao growled and swung the Dracula’s Spear in a circle. The large blade of light came down at him from above and knocked Simao back with an explosion. Simao’s hands trembled as he gritted his teeth and shouted, \"What kind of technique is this? Is it from the humans?\"

Rody ignored him and smiled coldly. He slashed at Simao like lightning— left, right, and at different angles—and made seven to eight huge slashes using different techniques.

Momentarily, the seven to eight slashes emitted a golden light that turned the darkness before dawn into almost daylight!

Simao hastily defended. He swung the Dracula Spear in circles creating a black aural cloud around himself. However, Simao was still unable to completely protect himself from the multi-directional attacks of the light blade.

A series of explosions continued, causing the dust to cover up Simao’s figure. When the dust settled, Simao’s cloak was extremely worn out and his mouth was full of fresh blood. His eyes were also now similarly red and looked like they were about to bleed.

The black flame around Simao had grown dimmer, and the Dracula Spear was also shaking like a leaf.

Rody laughed gloomily. \"How is that? I had already seen this outcome much earlier. You said that I am too weak and could not kill you with the Mystic Dragon Purge. But what about you? Do you think that you are very strong? You are also unable to properly use the Dracula Spear.\"

As the two of them fought on, rocking the sky, they had not realized that a few figures watching them in the sky from a distance. These people wore either black or white robes. They held staffs in their hands and formed a semicircle as they floated in the air.

Besides these people, there was also a slender figure behind them with white hair fluttering in the wind. This man had his eyes focussed on the two fighters on the ground.

Suddenly, a man with a long wooden staff turned his white-haired head around to the old man behind him. He smiled and said, \"Master Autumn. That man seemed like he had just used your Half Moon Slash!\"

\"Yes… That seems to be the case.\" Master Autumn’s tone was very cold, but he still bowed slightly and said, \"Yes, Your Highness the Pope.\"

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