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Chapter 163: God’s Vanquish Spell

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Master Autumn swung his sword, but he suddenly felt that something fiercely struck his sword. He was startled when he saw Pope Corsica VI, tightly holding his staff and standing in front of Prince Barond. Pope Corsica VI had blocked Master Autumn’s sword with his staff.

\"Your Highness the Pope, have you forgotten your words? Why are you suddenly protecting him?\" Master Autumn’s face sank.

Prince Barond frantically hid behind the Pope. The Bishops positioned themselves around

Master Autumn, surrounding him with a triangular formation.

Corsica VI lightly replied, \"Master Autumn, do you really think I came here today just to watch Her Highness the Empress and Prince Barond compete for the throne?\"

Master Autumn’s expression slightly changed. \"What?\"

Pope Corsica VI smiled. \"If it was just for that, why would I need to bring three Bishop Elders with me?\"

His smile seemed gloomy as he said, \"Master Autumn, my other reason for coming here today is you!\"

After listening to that, Master Autumn narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at the Pope. \"What do you mean?\"

Corsica VI looked from afar at the Empress, who was standing on the steps in front of the hall, and lightly said, \"Didn’t the Empress tell you what I said?\" He then smiled meaningfully and continued, \"Yesterday, during my meeting with the Empress, I mentioned that if anyone wants to disobey God’s will or subvert his divine authority, then the Church would not sit idly by and do nothing!\"

After saying that, his smile gradually faded. He looked at Master Autumn with eyes as sharp as knives. \"Master Autumn, have you forgotten your true identity?\"

Master Autumn’s eyes also turned sharp, and he suddenly laughed. \"Good! You actually know my secret!\" He coldly looked at the Bishop Elders surrounding him and said, \"In other words, you want to take this opportunity to remove me!\"

Corsica VI smiled and replied, \"That’s right!\"

Master Autumn took a deep breath and stepped back a few steps. He steadied his body and sighed. \"I understand!\"

He gave a sarcastic smile and said, \"Now is the best time to get rid of me!\"

He glared and continued, \"You did not find trouble with me before this because of my identity as an Imperial warrior! Besides that, you already knew for a long time that Prince Barond was planning to become Emperor. You relied on me to protect the Emperor and the Empress to preserve the balance between both sides. Am I right?\"

Master Autumn continued to sneer. \"But now, the Emperor is dying. The God’s religion is now ready to interfere with the struggle for the Imperial Power. With your support, Prince Barond is considered to have already failed today! That is why… My existence is no longer necessary…\"

He then laughed and said, \"However, you cannot let Prince Barond die! If Prince Barond is dead, the greatest threat to the Empress would disappear. At that time, the Empress would no longer need the power of the God’s religion. That is why, you can help the Empress to suppress Prince Barond, but you cannot let Prince Barond die! You want Prince Barond to stay alive so that the Empress would always have an enemy within view! That way, the God’s religion can control the Empress!\"

Master Autumn mockingly laughed and said, \"That is the reason why I must die! Once I am dead, there is no more master around the Empress. She then can only rely on the God’s’ religion… Haha haha…\" Master Autumn then laughed wildly. \"Corsica VI! You gave me too much credit! Is my life really that important to you?\"

Corsica VI gave a solemn expression and lightly said, \"Of course, it is important! Your existence is the greatest blasphemy here…\" He then lowered his voice and said, \"You... descendant of the Devil’s clan!\"

Master Autumn trembled. He gazed bitterly and murmured, \"Descendant of the Devil’s clan… Descendant of the Devil’s clan…\" He then slowly started to laugh and said, \"What is a God? What is a Devil? Do you mean that all of Kara’s clan is definitely part of the Devil’s clan in your eyes?\"

He became angry and coldly looked at the surrounding Bishop Elders. He then softly said, \"Corsica VI, do you think that you could kill me with so few of you?\"

A flame suddenly burst out on his sword. Then the whole sword started to burn with a raging fire.

Corsica VI lightly said, \"After we kill you, the last trace of Kara’s blood in the continent would be extinguished! You are not an ordinary human but a descendant of Kara! In the name of God, we absolutely cannot let you live in this world!\"

The Bishop Elders then stepped back at the same time and stood beside the Pope. They raised their staffs, and a white and holy light appeared without any incantations. This white light covered Master Autumn!

The white light seemed to have a special effect on Master Autumn. When the light touched him, his body immediately emitted a white gas. His clothes also started to burn.

Corsica VI coldly said, \"Master Autumn, this is the God’s religion’s special technique, \'Light of the Matrix\' handed down specifically to deal with the people from Kara’s clan!\"

Master Autumn trembled and grimaced in pain. He slowly stepped back as if he was braving the white light. After that, he slowly sat down.

One of the Bishop Elders shouted, \"Master Autumn, surrender quickly! Accept God’s judgment! Even if you are a Sacred Swordsman, you are unable to resist the might of God!\" The other Bishop Elders also berated Master Autumn.

Master Autumn sat on the ground and revealed a strange expression. Suddenly, he placed his sword horizontally over his chest and smiled mockingly. \"Sacred Swordsman? The strongest warrior on the continent and the first Sacred Swordsman in centuries… What a joke!\"

He then lightly swung his sword as if he was swatting flies. The light from the religious people that had enveloped him gradually dissipated wherever it was touched by the flames from his sword.

Master Autumn then slowly stood up. His original gray robes disintegrated and revealed the warrior’s clothing underneath it. He then coldly looked at the Pope and whispered, \"Did you say God’s judgment? In that case, show me the power of your God!\"

Master Autumn\'s aura suddenly burst out. Waves of energy shot out all around from his body like sharp arrows. For some time, the dust at the square flew about, causing the people to cover their eyes. Miss Nicole suddenly felt her body become lighter. Master Autumn’s immobility command was disabled. She immediately opened her mouth to shout but unexpectedly a blast of air blew into her open mouth. In the end, she could not say a single word.

Her Highness the Empress was closely guarded by a few Imperial Guards around her as they retreated into the hall. The surrounding people, originally scattered in the square had also retreated to the hall. Only Master Autumn and the people from God’s religion remained in the middle of the square. Prince Barond was also guarded by a few men, and they hid in a corner.

Nicole breathed and tried to create a curtain of light, but she soon found that she could not use any magic. While she was dumbstruck, a few people from the military pulled her up the stairs and into the hall.

Master Autumn was surrounded by a ball of light. The ball of light grew bigger and gradually, the entire square was covered with it. The square was also filled with Master Autumn’s murderous aura.

Master Autumn then smiled coldly. \"Corsica VI, didn’t you say you want to kill me? Go ahead and try! However, let me tell you. In here, you would not be able to use any spells!\"

The Pope’s eyes glinted as he showed a strange expression. He suddenly sighed and said in a low voice, \"Domain Force! You actually have already achieved Domain Force!\"

Somewhere, far behind the Imperial Palace, Sky was yawning as he sat on the ground. Suddenly, he sensed something, and his expression changed. He suddenly jumped up from the ground. The aura was very powerful. It was filled with an overwhelming killing intent and seemed to have filled from heaven to earth. Sky’s expression turned weird.

\"Domain Force! There are people who have actually obtained Domain Force in the Imperial Capital?\"

Pope Corsica VI looked coldly at Master Autumn, who was standing in front of him. Master Autumn looked majestic like a god holding a sword. His white hair and clothes were fluttering in the wind. He also had an extremely murderous glare that forced people to look down.

\"Domain Force!\" Pope Corsica VI sighed. \"Master Autumn, it looks like I guessed right. You already have obtained a strong Domain Force…\" He spoke calmly and softly, \"However, I still came here knowing that you have obtained Domain Force. This is because, I have a way to make sure you die here, today!\"

Master Autumn was stunned for a moment and then he sneered. \"Kill me here? What a joke! Show me what you can do!\"

Master Autumn slashed the sword in his hand like lightning, displaying his powerful might, like that of the legendary gods.

However, Corsica VI just stood there and closed his eyes. Master Autumn’s sword then suddenly stopped in midair. It was as if there was an invisible wall and the sword could not go any further.

Pope Corsica VI then started to emit a light. This light shrouded him and the several of the surrounding Bishop Elders.

Master Autumn’s expression suddenly changed. \"Impossible! How could you use spells here? Inside my domain, nobody can use spells!\"

The light from the Pope’s body grew stronger and stronger. Several Bishop Elders sat on the ground and tightly held their staffs. Beams of light flowed from the staffs and into the Pope’s body. Corsica Vi’s body then became brighter. Finally, his whole body turned into a dazzling transparent light shadow.

Corsica VI then spoke. His voice sounded as if it came from heaven.

\"True, inside your domain, ordinary people would not be able to resist your prohibition. This is because, in your domain, all the rules of the space are created by you. However, you must not forget! This world is created by God! People cannot break your domain, but God can!\"

His voice then turned solemn as if he was very dignified and said, \"God gave me strength, so I can break your rules!\"

Master Autumn gritted his teeth and said, \"I do not believe! What God? Show me the power of God!\"

He then slashed a blade of light at Pope Corsica VI. However, when the blade of light reached the front of the Pope, it disintegrated like ice under the sun, melting very quickly.

The few Bishops beside him continued to send their spiritual power into Pope Corsica VI. Pope Corsica VI finally raised the staff in his hands and pointed it to the sky as he chanted…

All the clouds in the sky instantly disappeared. The dazzling sun shone directly onto the earth. A roar could be heard coming from the sky. This roar had an invisible pressure, causing Master Autumn’s expression to turn strange, and his body trembled.

Master Autumn’s eyes glinted and suddenly the Domain Force light above the square became dazzlingly bright.

\"It is no use!\" Corsica VI coldly said, \"People are just people. They cannot match the power of God. Not even with Domain Force!\"

Suddenly, there was a whisper from the sky and a translucent and enormous God appeared in the sky. That God held a huge shining Light-Axe, and then he slashed it down at the palace square.

Honng! There was a huge thunder-like rumble and the entire square vibrated vigorously.

Master Autumn\'s body flashed. A trace of blood could be seen at his mouth. He pointed his longsword to the sky and shouted. \"I don’t believe!\"

The longsword shot through the sky like a burning arrow and smashed into the translucent apparition of God in the sky. That figure then roared and the flaming sword disappeared. He then swung down the Light-Axe again.

The earth quaked. After that, there was a cracking sound as Master Autumn’s Light Domain started to crack. Master Autumn grunted and staggered. He then spat out a mouthful of blood.

He fixed his eyes at Corsica VI in front of him and shouted. \"Impossible! You used the ‘God’s Vanquish’ spell! How is this possible! God has not appeared in this world for ‘more than a thousand years! Could it be…\" His eyes grew wide in surprise. He then pointed at the Pope and said, \"Could it be that God returned to the world? Could it be that God’s religion received God’s will?\"

Corsica VI nodded and solemnly said, \"That’s right. After God has been forgotten for thousands of years, he has finally opened his arms to embrace his believers! My ‘God’s Vanquish’ spell is a legendary spell that has not been used for thousands of years. It is the ultimate spell, using the power of God!\"

Master Autumn loudly shouted \"I don’t believe! So, what if it is God! This is my Domain Force! Inside my domain, I am the God!\"

He had a determined expression. After that, his body rose from the ground. He then transformed himself into a huge lightsaber and forcefully slashed towards the God apparition in the sky.

What does it look like when the sun falls from the sky? If it could be described, that was what happened. A dazzling light flashed across the sky. Those who looked at it would feel their eyes hurt. Their vision would involuntarily turn black, and they would feel compelled to sit down on the ground.

After that, the dazzling brightness seemed to burn the entire sky.

The huge God suddenly roared loudly. First, the Light-Axe in his hand suddenly broke, turning into fragments and drift away. After that, the arm… body… head…

Finally, the rest of his huge body also dispersed like countless meteors.

Master Autumn’s body was like a huge fireball as he fell from the sky. He had an extremely proud expression. His eyes were burning like a flame. He was transformed into a sword that radiated a murderous aura.

However, on closer look, Master Autumn’s eyes, mouth, nose, and ears had started to bleed. His clothes had also torn into numerous pieces. After that, his body also started to crack into numerous small wounds and blood started to flow out of his injuries.

After falling to the ground, he shook gently and looked at the Pope. He then said imposingly, \"Hmph, didn’t you say it was God’s power? What about it now?\"

Master Autumn walked slowly towards the Pope as he grimaced in pain. With every step, several wounds from his body gapped bigger and covered his body in blood.

Corsica VI sighed as he looked at Master Autumn. He shook his head and said, \"Master Autumn, why are you so persistent? How can an ordinary human resist the power of God? You forcefully fought against God, and now your body is already broken. You strenuously try and support yourself, but your body would soon break down totally. You might as well just give up.\"

Master Autumn had grief in his eyes. He suddenly shouted, \"Even if I die, I will take you with me!\"

His body suddenly swelled up and bloody fog formed around him. His body then violently exploded into numerous fragments. A small and transparent light figure in the shape of a man— a light body— flew out from his mortal body. The light body was very bright but after leaving the mortal body, it immediately dimmed down.

\"Soul!\" The Pope’s expression changed. \"Legend said that those with a powerful domain can release their souls. Looks like it was true!\"

The light body shot towards the Pope. Wherever the light went, sparks appeared.

The Pope’s eyes flashed as he shouted, \"Master Autumn, do you still do not want to give up?\"

Corsica VI then stretched out his palm. A black light appeared and shot towards the soul like a black lightning.

The light body and the black lightning clashed. The light body then shook and fell to the ground. At the chest of the body was a black spear.

The face of the light body faintly looked like Master Autumn. However, the light grew dimmer. On the other hand, the black spear emitted a black energy as if it voraciously consumed the light body.

Master Autumn finally looked at the Pope and whispered, \"Dracula Spear… You actually used a demon weapon to deal with me… Can you still consider yourselves servants of Protoss?\"

Finally, the light body dissipated and vanished, leaving behind a spear lodged into the ground.

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