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Chapter 194: Too Smart for Your Own Good

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Despite feeling skeptical, Rody still walked to the front of Nicole. Applying the noble etiquette that he had learned, Rody stretched out his hand and extended a standard invitation.

A magnificent symphony then started...

He gently embraced Nicole\'s slender waist as the two of them happily and gracefully danced along with the light music. In accordance with the usual practice, the first dance was meant for His Majesty the Emperor to enjoy on his own. Naturally, the others could only just stand and watch from the side.

However, that kind of honor was not something an ordinary person can enjoy.

After dancing for a short while with Nicole, Rody started to feel uncomfortable. Countless eyes glared at Rody. Those glares were filled with envy, surprise, doubt, disdain, jealousy, and anger. Of course, most of them were still guessing Rody\'s identity.

All kinds of complex glares were directed at Rody, making him a bit nervous. He felt extremely uncomfortable and his hands that were holding Nicole also turned stiff.

\"Relax…\" Nicole was aware of Rody\'s nervousness. She quickly and softly whispered into his ears, \"Do not worry about their gaze.\"

After she finished speaking, Nicole snuggled into Rody\'s embrace. She was completely relaxed and allowed Rody to spin her around in the dance. As she had followed a noble\'s education since childhood, she had much more experience on such occasions. Although that was a grand occasion and it was the first time she danced in front of such a large crowd, she was much less nervous than Rody.

Rody could feel Nicole\'s soft body in his arms and he could smell her familiar delicate fragrance. He could not help but relax. His original stiff movements also became smoother.

The man was tall and stood straight as an arrow. The woman was beautiful and peerlessly enchanting. Everybody in the hall focussed on them especially since Rody had a mysterious identity.

Andy maintained his majestic expression as he sat on the throne. However, he was actually laughing out loud in his heart.

\"Old skeleton, what are you so proud of?\" When he heard Sky’s voice, Andy knew that Sky was using a special method to talk to him.

\"Damn Fatty, are you using a mind reading spell?\" Andy secretly frowned. \"Do you think you are so great for having a powerful \'Domain Force\'? How dare you use the mind-reading spell on an old man like me? Are you not afraid that I would use magic to counter you?\"

Sky laughed arrogantly but did not say anything. Andy also showed a cunning expression. \"When did an old man like me ever learn how to dance? It is too difficult for me! Might as well just let this kid dance…\"

Sky sighed and replied, \"You are too mischievous... After your show tonight, people would be guessing what is the relationship between His Majesty the Emperor and this boy.\"

Andy laughed helplessly. \"Me? I did not say anything. I only told him \'I am proud of him\' and that\'s all.\"

At that moment, the audience applauded as the first dance ended. The dancing couple made a courteous gesture as expected with the noble etiquette and then walked off the dance floor.

The rest of the night was more relaxed. As it was a celebration banquet, there were not many rules. However, Rody had already been surrounded by all kinds of people.

It was a fact that one must be smart enough to get elevated to a high noble position in the first place. But they were still unable to find out the relationship between that young man and His Majesty the Emperor. His Majesty the Emperor\'s intimate attitude towards him was obvious. Moreover, His Majesty took him alone to the back, just now. Although they did not know what His Majesty the Emperor had said to him, Rody had even changed his clothes when he came out. Isn\'t this enough evidence?

The Imperial Palace was not Rody\'s changing room!

Although that boy was currently just a viscount and just a small officer, so what? As long as he had received His Majesty the Emperor\'s favor, there would be no doubting his future status and wealth.

Rody was wondering why suddenly so many people were interested in him. Based on norms, Milo should have the leading role tonight! Since the Duke of the Tulip Family was not present, then Milo, who came from an influential family and at the same time he was also a great hero of the war, should have been the most outstanding person tonight!

Rody felt irritated when he looked around and saw that almost everybody wanted to start a conversation with him. What he wanted to do the most at that point in time was to be by Nicole\'s side. The dance the two enjoyed earlier filled Rody\'s youthful heart with a tender feeling. Everybody would definitely have a bit of romance in the heart. On top of that, they seldom had the chance to be together in normal days and that was the first time they had danced together so intimately in front of others.

What made Rody unhappy was, as soon as the dance ended, Nicole was once again surrounded by pesky suitors. Rody knew some of them. Most of them were young heirs of certain families. He looked at how they eyed Nicole. If it was not because the surrounding Lightning God\'s Whip guarded Nicole, they would have already swallowed her up.

Right now, the Tulip Family was thriving. As long as they could build a relationship with the Tulip Family, then their status and future would be assured.

Honestly, Rody missed being the Duke of the Tulip Family. At that point in time, he would always be followed by several members of the Wolf Fang. They would be able to protect him and chase away the disgusting suitors.

This guy in front of me has a malicious smile. He probably just thinks of me as a treasure. On his left is another guy that looked as if he had already seen through me. I hope he does not have that kind of preference. This guy is even more outrageous. Why is he staring at my face?

Finally, somebody saved him...

\"Viscount Rody.\" An old voice spoke out. Rody looked and his feelings of joy immediately sank. The person that had called out to him was Marquis Garoline.

Garoline laughed as craftily as a fox. He squinted his eyes and glared sharply. Those in front of him immediately gave way.

The old Marquis then walked up to Rody and smiled, \"Viscount, you have contributed greatly to the Empire at such a tender age. You will definitely have a bright future!\" After that, he affectionately patted Rody’s shoulder.

Rody did not dare to give him the cold shoulder. Although he disliked that guy, he still maintained a gentle smile and saluted in the manner of a noble. After that, he smiled at Milo who was standing beside Marquis Garoline. \"His Excellency Milo has been bestowed as an Earl. He is even more admirable.\"

As the three of them chatted, Milo gave a meaningful glance to his men and the officers from the Northern Legion immediately occupied a few spots surrounding them. They discretely edged out the other nobles, who were originally surrounding the three of them.

They made it clear that they wanted to dominate contact with that mysterious star.

As the Lionheart Family was in the limelight now, naturally nobody would want to find fault with the old Marquis.

Marquis Garoline spoke in circles in an attempt to find out more about Rody and his background. Rody had already prepared the answers to these questions. In fact, before he started using his own original appearance, he had already discussed with Andy about the various possible problems that might arise.

Marquis Garoline took quite a while before he realized that Rody was not willing to reveal his identity. Rody responded with some perfunctory replies. The longer the conversation got, the more amazed Marquis Garoline was of that young man in front of him. That young man\'s speech and manner had an unruffled calmness. Although his tone was quite gentle, his occasional gaze surprised the old Marquis. That was the habitual gaze of someone with a high position, someone with control of everything.

As the two continued to talk, Rody had the attitude of a subordinate who was respectful to a superior. However, he had a faint imposing manner that seemed to be on par with the crafty old man that had been in power for many years. When the Marquis and the Viscount stood beside each other, one of them was the Military Minister of the Empire while the other was just a middle-ranked officer. However, the feeling of Marquis Garoline was: this guy seems to carry a dignified manner. Garoline knew that that was not something that could be faked so easily. It was something that you acquire by cultivating for a long time, and practice until it became a habit.

In the end, who is this young man?

That was a question that Garoline would always ask. He felt more and more sure of his guess. He must be someone close to His Majesty the Emperor. This guy was young. His speech and deportment seemed to indicate that he could not care less about others. The way he talked and his spirit was not something that can be learned. As far as he can remember, only an Imperial kinsman had this kind of disposition.

The current Emperor, Prince Barond, and also even Bayan, before he died, occasionally revealed this kind of disposition. However, they were not as natural or as refined as this young man...

Marquis Garoline became more and more surprised. He was unaware that he was more and more careful and gentle as he conversed with Rody. In the end, it was no longer like a superior warmly encouraging a subordinate. Instead, it was like two important people of the same rank casually chatting.

Towards the end of their conversation, Marquis Garoline unintentionally mentioned that in two days\' time, Pope Corsica VI of the Empire would be in the Imperial Capital to interview the triumphant heroes. The heroes would also be awarded a medal from the Church. When Rody heard Marquis Garoline\'s words, his face revealed a disapproving expression. Marquis Garoline and a few others immediately noticed that Rody\'s expression had changed. He then smiled and asked, \"Viscount, is it because of the interview of His Majesty the Pope…\"

Before Marquis Garoline could finish, Rody glanced at him and calmly said, \"I am a disciple of Master Autumn.\" Although his voice was calm, it was filled with respect.

Master Autumn’s disciple?

Marquis Garoline’s expression became disturbed. He then thought of the significance of Rody’s words.

That day, Master Autumn had died in the hands of the Pope. The Emperor did not pursue the matter. Whether who was right and who was wrong, nobody spoke of that incident ever again. It did not matter if Master Autumn was a different race. After all, he was our court warrior, in fact, a Chief Warrior. However, the Pope had described Master Autumn as a different race, one of the Kara clan. In such a case, it was not necessary for the Empire to turn hostile with the Church just because of Master Autumn, a court warrior. Although the relationship between the two was no longer as close as before, the war had reunited the Church and the Empire together.

However, Marquis Garoline was thinking of something even deeper.

Master Autumn’s disciple? Master Autumn was a ‘court warrior’! If he was Master Autumn’s disciple, then where did Master Autumn teach him swordsmanship? It could only be in the Palace! What kind of talent was eligible and qualified to be Master Autumn’s disciple?

Marquis Garoline knew that a court warrior was an Imperial Family\'s warrior. Not just anybody would be qualified to receive his teachings. Besides that, to become his apprentice, they must also have the approval of the Imperial Family.

Marquis Garoline then allowed his fantasy to run wild. A prince who had not come of age could only be taught swordsmanship by the court warriors.

He is from the Imperial Family! He is definitely from the Imperial Family! Marquis Garoline’s eye muscles trembled. His face was still smiling but his heart was unable to stay calm. Perhaps, he was too clever for his own good. The more Marquis Garoline thought, the more complicated and abstruse it became. Finally, he could not help but discreetly look at the Emperor.

His Majesty the Emperor had not chosen a Crown Prince. This young man had an extraordinary disposition and was also Master Autumn\'s disciple. Did that mean he had always been living in the Palace? There must be a profound significance when His Majesty the Emperor pushed this person forward during the war after having completely removed Prince Barond\'s influence.

Marquis Garoline changed his view on the situation. Rody had gradually lost his patience. He looked at the few annoying \'pests\' gathering around Nicole. Sh*t. The gaze from one of them was becoming more and more wretched. Rody softly asked to be pardoned from the old Marquis and he then stepped away.

As Marquis Garoline was engrossed in his own thoughts, Milo who was beside him frowned. \"Uncle, why does this Rody interest you so much?\"

Marquis Garoline shook his head and looked at his nephew. He then replied, \"Milo, you are the hope of our family’s future. However, you are still a poor judge of character. You must pay more attention in the future!\"


The old Marquis nodded and slowly said, \"Milo, I can tell you… we have found a treasure!\" He then looked at Rody’s back and continued with a soft but excited voice. \"That boy is the treasure! I know you have an arrogant temper, but you must pay attention to him in the army and forge a good relationship with him! Remember that!\"

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