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Chapter 202: Nicole’s Tender Love

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The cold morning wind blew in through the window — they had forgotten to close it the previous night. Although the morning wind was not strong, it still slowly blew up the curtains in front of the window sill. The early morning light shone into the room through the narrow gap between the two big curtains.

Rody felt the cool wind, rubbed his eyes and exhaled.

At that moment he had a strange feeling in his heart. It happened?

The room was dim and there was an untidy mess of clothes on the floor. The dress that was torn... looked like the luxurious red evening dress that Nicole wore the previous night... At that moment, it had been crumpled and randomly thrown on the floor.

Half the soft bed sheet was on the floor... Rody was leaning against the bedhead on the left side of the bed. Nicole was still sleeping. She was hugging Rody’s waist and arms with her soft, snow white body. Her head was on Rody’s chest. She was like a kitten, partially lying on him. Her golden hair was gently scattered on the pillow, exposing only her sharp chin and delicate ears. She had a peaceful smile on her face and the corners of her mouth turned up.

Rody sentimentally looked at the figure in his arm. The confusion in his mind gradually cleared up and was replaced with a joyful and tender feeling.

He gently pulled out his arm that was held by Nicole. He then stretched out his hand to stroke her back. Nicole lay down sideways, snuggled up on his chest. Her smooth back and waist were curled up, forming a captivating curve. Parts of her buttocks and waist were exposed while the rest were covered in white sheets. The whole scene was very alluring.

Rody took two deep breaths and he finally became fully awake. It really happened last night.

Both of them were drunk when Rody carried Nicole back to her room. All along the way, when the servants saw the young rising star of the empire carry their Miss back, they gave way. Those servants of the aristocratic families were trained and they knew when it was appropriate to stay away.

After placing Nicole on her bed, Rody saw Nicole breathing heavily. Her red face and seductive eyes made Rody feel like he was firmly nailed to the floor and could not even move a single step. Although his heart told him that it was time to leave many times, under such circumstances, which men could walk away?

Fortunately, he soon did not need to make a decision. Nicole suddenly turned around and sat up on the bed. She hugged Rody\'s neck with both her hands and pulled him down. The two of them then rolled in the bed.

Rody could clearly remember then that Nicole was trembling. She was trembling not just because of nervousness and excitement, but also because it was an instinctive fear of a girl in anticipation of what was about to come next. Based on that, at least it could be confirmed that Nicole was sober.

Rody could not control himself as the intense passionate emotion flared in his heart. He tore off Nicole\'s dress. The excited couple was then entangled together in their embrace.

When the wonderful moment arrived, Rody could clearly feel Nicole trembling violently. He could also hear her soft shrieks. In the dark, Rody immediately stopped and held Nicole’s face. His palm was damp. Nicole wept in the dark and placed her head in Rody’s arms. She gritted her teeth and said, \"It hurts!\"

It was dawn and Rody was still recalling that moment. He felt a strange sense of satisfaction. He looked at the sleeping Nicole beside him and finally understood the feeling in his heart. She is my woman.

Nicole\'s behavior was very strange the previous night. She seemed to be violently impulsive. Although in the beginning, she cried for a long time because of the pain, after that she was a little crazy. It was as if an invisible wave of passion rolled the two of them together; tossing them up, down and then up again...

Finally, Nicole fiercely bit Rody\'s arm. It was definitely not the action of a lover during the passion of s*x. Rody could clearly feel Nicole\'s bitterness and hatred along with the excitement and love in that bite.

Rody was not a fool. He remembered telling Nicole about Myka and the ring that afternoon. After that, Nicole unexpectedly gave herself to him that night. Rody understood the reason for her action.

He lifted his arm and saw the small circular teeth marks on his arm. Rody could not help but smile. It was no longer painful but the marks had a profound meaning.

When Rody lifted his arm, his actions had also aroused Nicole. Nicole groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She stared at Rody with her blue eyes which were hidden behind her hair.

Rody’s heart stirred. He smiled gently and whispered, \"You are awake?\"

Nicole smiled sweetly. She did not say anything but rubbed her head in Rody\'s arms. After a while, Nicole\'s vague voice came from within his arms, \"Now, you are my man.\"

Rody was moved. He felt as if he was being wrapped by a tender feeling and something in his heart was slowly melting. He instinctively held Nicole with his two hands and kissed her on her head.

The two of them lay down on the bed, quietly. In their hearts, they felt the tender sentiments in the air that filled every corner the room. The cool air blew in through the window and it seemed a little cold. Rody sighed. He then slowly let go of Nicole, stood up and walked towards the window. He closed the windows and after that drew open the curtains.

The sunlight had completely shined into the room. The morning light that was slightly golden shined on Rody’s robust body, making him look like a legendary figure from ancient times. Nicole was stunned as she looked at Rody indulgingly. She then smiled and softly said, \"Has the sun already risen?\"

Rody walked over and completely wrapped up Nicole with the bed sheets. He then hugged her whole body in his arms. His big hand gently touched Nicole’s hair. Rody also looked infatuated as he ran his fingers down her curly hair.

\"What are you thinking of?\" Nicole immediately noticed that Rody was distracted.

Rody laughed and softly replied, \"I just remembered that more than a year ago... I was still a pitiful boy whose only desires were to have enough money to pay my tuition fees and after that, find a woman I love.\"

Nicole’s face was red. She smiled and said, \"Well, now your dream has come true.\"

Rody’s arms tightened a little bit and firmly said, \"Nicole, do you know? On that night I first went to your house, in the stables I saw…\"

Nicole blushed again. She spat and then smilingly said, \"That night, you were…\"

Rody laughed when he also recalled taking advantage of Nicole, that night when she was unconscious. He shook his head and continued, \"Ah… That night, I saw you crying in the stables and felt sorry for you. I did not know what to say or how to express myself, but I think it was at that time that I fell in love with you. Those few days when I followed you, I always thought, even if you had wanted me to die, I would be willing to.\"

Nicole frowned and gently covered his mouth. She bit her lips and whispered, \"Nonsense, I will not ask you to die.\"

Rody silently smiled at her words.

Although Rody was just casually leaning against the bedhead, he looked somewhat different. If Rody was just a big boy the previous night, then today, he had already matured into a man. In the world, a woman would always be able to make a man mature.

After embracing each other for a long time, Nicole finally sighed. \"Well, it is getting late. It is time to get up… There are still much that needs to be done today.\"

Rody also sighed. At that moment, he had a beauty in his arms as his hands were gently wrapped around her waist. He sniffed the petal like fragrance on Nicole’s body and was reluctant to leave. It was at that moment when he finally understood why people said that the \"gentle and soft fragrance is a hero’s grave\". With such tenderness, it was really possible to whittle away a man’s spirit.

However, Nicol\'s next move surprised Rody.

Nicole stretched out one of her hands to pull a rope at the bedhead. There was the jingling sound of a small bell and within a moment the door to the room was pushed open.

Four to five servants dressed as maids slowly walked in. All of them were carrying various things in their hands. There were clothes, a silver basin filled with water, clean snow white scarf and even a set of soft underwears.

Rody seemed so shocked he shrank into a ball. At that moment, he was not wearing anything. He definitely did not feel natural to be naked in front of a group of women.

Nicole laughed when she saw Rody looking helpless and embarrassed. After that, her face also turned red. She waved her hand and whispered, \"Alright, all of you, put down those things and go out...\"

Those few maids had a placid look. Their eyes always looked straight ahead and absolutely did not drift all over the place.

After all of them had left the room and closed the door, Rody then gave a long sigh and whispered, \"They… Have they been waiting outside this whole time? The others… The others all know that I am here. They know that last night, we…\"

Nicole replied with a red face, \"You fool, do you think nobody saw you carrying me to my room last night? They are all my personal maids. Naturally, they would wait outside to serve me every morning.\"

Rody froze for a moment. Finally, he sighed and smiled. \"Looks like our relationship can be considered already public.\"

Nicole smiled sweetly. She got out of Rody’s arms. She was still wrapped in the white bed sheet as she struggled to stand on the floor. However, her movement was not very natural. She wrinkled her brows with every movement she made as if her body was having some pain.

Rody felt guilty. He hugged her as he sat by the bedside and asked, \"Is it still painful?\"

That question made Nicole’s face immediately turn red. She glared at Rody and replied, \"Do you still need to ask?\"

Rody was in a daze. Nicole shyly unwrapped the bed sheet off her body. She stood in front of Rody, totally naked. Her seductive and snow white body was exquisite and nimble. She placed one hand to cover her chest and the other hand gently caressed her lower abdomen.

Nicole angrily said to Rody who was gaping blankly, \"You… Don’t look!\" She then threw the bed sheet on Rody\'s head...

The moment she had raised her hands to throw the bed sheet, Rody had a good glimpse of her naked voluptuous chest and the two pink dots...Then everything turned black as the bed sheet covered his head.

By the time Rody had scrambled to remove the bed sheet from his head, Nicole had already hurriedly put on her white silk robe. The soft silk robe hid her seductive body inside. However, she wore a short skirt over her long and slender legs. It would be hard for people to resist not to imagine what captivating scene would be under the skirt...

Nicole looked at Rody’s infatuated expression. She blushed. She felt happy. She gently picked up the clothes that were just delivered by her maids. After that, she pulled Rody up and helped him with the clothes. Her movements were very gentle like that of a gentle wife. Rody laughed and asked, \"What are you doing?\"

Nicole did not stop as she replied, \"Helping you to wear your clothes. You are now my man. Is it wrong for me to do so?\"

She moved her gentle fingertips across Rody’s chest. Rody could smell her body fragrance and could feel a strong emotion in his heart. His satiated desires started to rise again. Nicole, who was helping him to wear his clothes, immediately noticed that. She shyly bit her lips and whispered, \"You better not have any bad thoughts! You don’t sympathize with me at all.\"

Nicole then dipped the cloth in the clear water and carefully wiped Rody’s face. She gently wiped every corner of Rody’s face. She then took a thin string to tie up Rody’s long blue hair.

Rody simply stood there. He had never been served so meticulously before. Even previously when he was in the mansion of the Duke of the Tulip Family in the Imperial Capital, he had refused the beautiful maid to help him to wear his clothes and wash his face. He had always been wearing his own clothes and washing his own face.

After a passionate night, Nicole felt weak and was breathing rapidly. There were a few beads of sweat on her smooth forehead. However, she meticulously helped Rody to dress neatly, including helping him to wear his shoes.

After looking at Rody’s new appearance, Nicole finally showed a satisfied smile. She noticed that Rody’s gaze was strange. She then followed the direction of his gaze and realized that her previous actions had opened up her loose silk robe. She exclaimed as she held onto her clothes and ran a few steps to the back of the screen in the room.

Looking at the blurred silhouette behind the screen and listening to the sound of clothes being changed, Rody also did not know why but he suddenly felt touched. When a man finally obtained the woman he loved, that kind of feeling need not be taught. It would naturally emerge from the bottom of his heart.

When the two of them came out of the room, the maids were already waiting on both sides of the corridor. Rody looked somewhat embarrassed and Nicole also had an unnatural expression. She held on to Rody’s arm, but as she walked she felt awkward.

In the Duke\'s mansion, almost all the people they met along the way, gave them respectful smiles. Rody\'s embarrassment gradually subsided as he slowly grew accustomed to the stares of others.

They had a simple light breakfast. That was the first time Rody ate breakfast together with Nicole, ever since he reassumed his own identity.

After that, Rody had an important matter to attend to — that was to ‘visit the sick Duke of the Tulip Family\'.

That was the act he must put on every day. In the courtyard of the Duke’s mansion in West Hill, not far from the small building that Nicole was staying, there was a small two-storey building. That was the place where the seriously sick Duke of the Tulip Family was living in.

Surrounding the small building was a dozen of the Duke’s loyal bodyguards. Those people are Rody’s trusted subordinates and they were warriors who had transformed into vampires.

Those newly transformed vampires did not have any complicated thoughts and merely followed orders from their master. Just like what Sky had said, those people were the most loyal subordinates. There was also no fear that they would reveal secrets. The newly transformed vampires would need at least ten years before they have their own personal thoughts.

Right now, they were just like newborn animals that listen to their owner’s commands.

The fact was, in the minds of those vampire warriors, there was no concept of a real or fake Duke. They only performed the most simple, basic orders in their heads. The order was that besides Nicole and their own master, Rody, no one else was allowed to enter.

What the public saw was that after a brief visit to see the sick Duke in the small building, Nicole, the Duke’s sister, and Rody, her lover who was also captain of the bodyguards, left together.

From that day onwards, the news of Rody, Viscount of the Empire, Officer of the Imperial Guard and Court Warrior winning the heart of Miss Nicole, the Duke’s sister, was finally announced to the public.

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