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Chapter 210: Taming

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The three hunters were hiding on the tree quietly watching the approaching monster, not daring to breathe heavily.

Its body was close to the ground with its back bent in an arch. Rody knew that this was the best posture; whether to attack or to flee, instant action could be taken.

It crept slowly as it warily examined the bleeding horse in front of it. Instead of moving straight to the horse, it carefully walked around the horse as it slowly approached. The two tails behind it continued to sweep its tail along with the sand on the ground, like big brooms.

Finally, the wolf-like creature stopped less than five meters away from the horse. It stood there with its mouth open and bared its pointed fangs as it growled.

That horse was frightened. Its animal instincts made it struggle and neigh sorrowfully again. Its neighs became more and more tragic and more and more piercing.

Finally, the monster moved.

Its arched body straightened up and suddenly dashed out five meters away. It moved like a flash of lightning and in an instant, it reached the front of the horse.

Rody’s first thought was: Very fast!

The three-eyed wolf bit the horse’s neck. Its movement was swift and simple as it hit its target. Only Rody reacted and saw its movements while Darke and Diane were stunned.

However, the more surprising thing happened after then.

When the three-eyed wolf bit the horse’s neck, the horse struggled. However, the strange creature then suddenly swung its head...and it managed to fling out the heavy horse that weighed hundreds of kilograms.

Darke’s eyes grew wide. Is this really a wolf? Even lions do not have that much strength!

The injured horse was flung out by about ten meters before it severely crashed onto the ground. By the time they looked at it, it had completely stopped moving. Obviously, that bite and that fling had broken the horse’s neck!

The three-eyed wolf calmly approached the dead horse. It then stuck out its tongue and gently licked the blood on the horse’s wound. After that, it bit the horse’s neck and dragged the hundreds of kilograms horse towards the road.

It was a very strange scene as the three-eyed wolf-like creature was not bigger than the horse. However, it was scarily strong as it was able to easily drag a few hundred kilograms horse by the neck and was also extremely fast with its action.

Darke had already secretly pulled his bow at that creature from afar, but then he saw Rody give him a signal telling him not to move.

Rody’s face was dour and he had a bad feeling. This three-eyed creature was definitely a Mythical Beast.

Besides that, Rody faintly felt a very strong aura.

Sure enough, he heard a sharp whistle from the distant lake.

That sound was extremely sharp and painful to the ears. It was like their ears were being pricked by needles.

After that, Rody saw a black figure with stretched out wings glide over from the surface of the water. It moved quicker and quicker until its figure could no longer be clearly seen.

The black figure flew closer and landed beside the three-eyed wolf. Its appearance was then clearly visible. It was a night owl.

However, this owl was extremely big and was about as big as the three-eyed wolf. Its body looked long. There seemed to be bright scales at the edge of the wings. It opened its long beak, revealing its slender broken teeth, and gave a threatening screech at the three-eyed wolf.

Rody and the other two finally knew why there were no birds near the lake.

The three-eyed wolf had already let go of the dead horse and lowered its body on the ground. It looked at the night owl and growled. Its hackles were raised.

The two strange creatures faced each other. Finally, the three-eyed wolf suddenly raised its neck and gave out a long howl...

The night owl also flapped its large wings and then started to move!

Its speed was as fast as a shooting arrow. In an instant, it had, like the wind, fluttered to the front of the three-eyed wolf. However, that wolf was very cunning. It lowered its body just in time for the owl to swoop over its head.

Although this attack was fruitless, the owl’s momentum was too great. It flew straight towards the nearby edge of the forest. There was a cracking sound and wherever its wings passed, it sliced off the branches that were as thick as a man’s arm.

The night owl then stretched its neck and once again screeched intimidatingly at the three-eyed wolf. The three-eyed wolf sat there and continued to watch its opponent vigilantly.

Darker gave Rody an eye signal. What should we do?

Rody looked at Diane, who was beside him, and shook his head. He then waved his hand indicating...Let us wait.

After that, an even more shocking thing happened.

That night owl suddenly stood up straight. The wings fiercely flapped twice and shot out two blades of wind at the three-eyed wolf.

Rody’s eyes grew wide...Yes, this is Wind Blade! It is something only high ranked warriors with fighting energy could master!

The three-eyed wolf reacted quickly and immediately jumped to the side like black lightning. However, the horse\'s carcass was hit by the two Wind Blades and was immediately split into three parts.

The wolf seemed to have sensed something, as its third eye on its forehead flashed with a strange light. After that, a faint black aura erupted from the wolf’s body.

With something that looked like a black electric cocoon around its body, the three-eyed wolf suddenly lifted its head and howled. Its body then started to transform.

Its body started to swell and its muscles grew bigger. After that, its body straightened up and its black hair grew longer. Its bones also became thicker. Finally, after another howl, the three-eyed wolf stood in an upright position, like a man.

It was three to four meters tall. Its claws on its front paws were as sharp as knives. It opened its big bloody mouth and howled at the night owl twice then suddenly rushed towards the night owl.

The night owl did not show any signs of evading and shot out another two more Wind Blades. However, the transformed three-eyed wolf was surrounded by a thick layer of black aura. The two Wind Blades smashed onto the aura but only caused a little bit of damage. The two Wind Blades also caused the three-eyed wolf to faintly howl in pain but did not slow it down.

The night owl instantly flapped its wings and charged forward. It opened up its brightly-scaled wings...Earlier, Rody had seen the sharpness of those scales as they could easily cut through thick tree trunks.

Sure enough, after a short while of clashing between the two strange creatures, the sharp wings of the night owl broke through the black aura of the three-eyed wolf. The night owl left a deep gash on the chest of the three-eyed wolf. On the other hand, the claws of the three-eyed wolf also heavily hit the night owl, causing it to screech in pain. The night owl rolled and flew out. Finally, it fell to the ground, then staggered and stood up again.

The three-eyed wolf issued a series of painful howls and bared its sharp fangs inside its big mouth. It then rushed at the night owl again...

Diane was alarmed and Darke also turned pale as they watched the two monsters roll on the ground, attacking and biting each other.

Darke and Diane were strong, but they were weak when compared with Rody’s strength. Both of them hid at the side to watch. The strength of the two strange creatures was far beyond their expectations. If they were to confront one of those monsters alone, they would still have a chance to win. However, if they were to fight both of those creatures together, they would definitely not be able to escape. They knew they would not be able to defend themselves, just by looking at the speed of the creatures’ attacks.

Finally, the two creatures separated again. The two creatures had a lot of wounds, big and small, on their bodies. One of the wings of that night owl had been severely injured. It was dangling there and nearly broken.

On the other hand, the face of the three-eyed wolf had been bitten by the night owl until the wolf had almost become a two-eyed wolf. At present, its wound was still gurgling with blood.

The two creatures panted and angrily looked at each other.

Rody then gave Darke an eye signal. Darke nodded but when he looked at the arrow in his hand and thought to himself for a moment, he believed that one arrow would probably not be enough. Darke slowly took out more arrows until he had four sharp arrows in his hand before he aimed at the two creatures in the distance.

Rody’s braced himself and was ready to jump out the moment Darke fired the arrows. However, at that moment, the situation changed.

A strange sound came from a distance. That sound was ear-piercing, with a metallic tone. It seemed like a strange whistle.

A figure approached from a distance and it looked as if the figure was drifting up and down lightly, like a leaf. It headed towards the beasts, but it was not clear if he was flying or running.

The figure was slender but when Rody saw him, he immediately narrowed his eyes. That person was wearing a black cloak.

It’s a vampire! Rody realized.

Strangely, after hearing the whistle, the two creatures immediately withdrew. The three-eyed wolf immediately lay down on the ground. Its body gradually shrank and the black aura also subsided. It soon returned to its normal size. On the other hand, the night owl wrapped its body with its wings and shrank into a ball, as if it was shivering.

The vampire landed in between the two creatures. He held a uniquely shaped whistle in his mouth. With an angry expression, the vampire first walked over to the three-eyed wolf and kicked it fiercely. The three-eyed wolf did not dare dodge and whined sadly after being kicked. The vampire then ran to the front of the night owl and similarly kicked it. The night owl rolled on the ground after being kicked. After that, it immediately stood up and continued to tremble.

Darke, Rody, and Diane felt surprised. Based on that vampire’s movements, it was clear that the vampire was of the lowest rank as he could not even fly. The three of them knew how strong a low ranked vampire was. Even if three to five of those vampires were to fight against any one of the two creatures, the vampire would die. Yet, the two creatures seemed like they were extremely afraid of that low ranked vampire.

Rody and Diane quickly exchanged glances. That whistle is special!

The vampire cursed angrily, \"Why are you fighting each other? Damn…How did that wolf come to the lake? Its territory is not here!\" The vampire soon found the corpse of the horse that had been split into three pieces. The vampire\'s expression changed as he jumped and shouted, \"What is this?\"

Rody thought quickly and immediately jumped out the tree. He was very fast and instantly dashed to the back of the vampire. The vampire only had time to look back. Before he could shout out, he felt a pain in his throat. Rody had clutched his neck and lifted him up.

The two strange creatures, at the side, were still lying on the ground and did not move. Rody sighed in his heart and said to himself, \"Lucky! Looks like we placed the right bet!\"

Rody guessed that the two creatures did not dare move and attack rashly as they did not hear the whistle. Although Rody was not afraid of the two creatures with his strength, if he were to really fight the creatures, it would be troublesome. That was especially true for the night owl as it would be difficult to catch it when it flew. Although Rody could use a wind technique to fly, it would not match that strange creature that was born with wings.

Rody then grabbed the whistle from the vampire’s mouth. He carefully looked at the whistle. The whistle was black and heavy. Rody did not know what material was used to make the whistle. It looked a little strange and had a circular hook at the mouthpiece.

The two creatures began to stir and growl softly. Rody immediately shouted, \"How do we make them stay down? Say!\"

As Rody roared out the last word, he tightened his grip on the vampire’s neck. The vampire lost all the strength in his body and, completely frightened, he replied, \"Long whistle! Long whistle!\"

Rody felt nauseated but he still put the whistle in his mouth and blew hard.

After a long and mournful whistling sound, the two creatures quieted down. They lay down on the ground and no longer dared to move.

At that moment, Darke and Diane also jumped down from the tree and went to Rody’s side. Diane was still frightened and leaned on Rody as she tightly pulled onto Rody’s clothes. She vigilantly looked the two strange creatures, beside them.

Rody looked at the vampire that he had lifted up into the air and smiled coldly. He said slowly, \"Good, answer my questions if you do not want to die!\"

The vampire fell into despair when he saw Rody\'s cold smile.

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