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Chapter 228: Rupture!

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\"Don’t speak. Can’t you see that the boss is seriously angry?\"

Amu quickly stopped and stood far away as he watched Ni Lin acting violently. The fighting energy was burning with a monstrous flame. Amu sighed and said, \"Ah. Ice, why do you think the boss is always so easily angered?\"

Ice laughed listlessly and whispered, \"Did you forget? Boss’ name is ‘Ni Lin’1!\"

Dragons had inverted scales and would be angered when those scales were touched.

Ni Lin was now furious. He threw his sword aside and opened up both of his hands as he gave a deep shout.

Ice, who stood at the back, changed his expression and said, \"Darn! Is the boss going to change into his complete state?\"

Amu immediately retreated a few steps and was vigilant. \"Don’t even think of making me go there! At this point, I don\'t dare to stop him!\"

\"Get back!\" Ice suddenly shouted. He raised his black robes to cover his body.

Boom! There was a huge explosion. The monstrous blast fell all the trees within ten meters, revealing an empty area.

Ice and Amu had worked together to create a barrier of qi in front of themselves and their troops behind them.

Ni Lin had sprouted long dragon wings behind his back. His body gradually rose up in the sky. The dark red dragon pattern on his chest grew and now covered his entire body. The wyvern pattern roared as if it wanted to fly.

Instead of picking up his sword, he punched with his bare fist, creating an explosion.

Yin Xing’s face grew more and more wretched. The light hexagram around him flashed fiercely a bit before it became dimmer from the earth-shattering blow.

Ni Lin continued to roar. \"A Patron Saint Boundary? Can it stop me?\"

There was fierce shaking. Although Yin Xing and the warrior was protected by the defensive boundary, the entire boundary was trembling. At the same time, the two of them felt as if their bodies were squeezed by a violent pressure from the outside. They both felt as if they had been hit severely, and vomited blood.


\"What happened?\" Rody was startled. He felt as if his body was shaken and was surprised. \"This aura seems powerful!\"

Moses smiled and pointed up.

Rody understood and asked, \"Is something happening outside? Old man Moses, how do I get out?\"

Moses shook his head and pointed on the ground: \"You are possessed!\"

Rody shook his head. \"What do you mean possessed?\" He thought for a while and then said, \"Are you saying that my body is taken over by the Mystic Dragon? If not, why do I not remember killing Amore Hughes? Could it be that I did not kill the Paladin, but it was the Mystic Dragon who borrowed my body to kill him?\"

Moses nodded.

Rody then became impatient and said, \"Enough! Talking to you is so tiring! You can\'t speak up and could only write in circles! It is annoying!\"

He suddenly kicked the sand to mess it up and said, \"No matter what, I am getting out of here! Old man Moses, you only need to tell me how to get out of here!\"

Moses sighed and pointed at Rody’s hand. He hinted for Rody to stretch out his hand.

Both of them stretched out their index fingers and their index fingers came into contact. Rody immediately felt a numbness in his finger, touching an illusory energy instead of a solid entity. It was as if he was in front of a mirror but when he walked up to the mirror, he only saw a virtual image.

While Rody was still surprised, a voice spoke in his head, \"I have offended the Gods and have been imprisoned for a thousand years. If I escape from prison, my mind would be destroyed.\"

Rody opened up his mouth. He could not help but ask, \"Old man Moses! You can speak?\"

Moses shook his head with a serious expression, indicating for Rody not to distract him.

\"Ignorant boy. You actually dared to house a dragon in your body! You did not realize that the Mystic Dragon has a soul created by God. The stronger you become, the stronger the Mystic Dragon would also become! Sooner or later, it will devour your consciousness! At that time, you will be the Mystic Dragon but the Mystic Dragon will not be you! The moment the Mystic Dragon escapes from its shackles, you will be lost forever!\"

Rody was about to speak when he heard Moses’s voice in his mind. \"Shut up! Escaping from this place will cause me to lose my mind! Listen to me carefully!’

\"The so-called Saint Moses, the first Pontiff, is nothing but a joke! In my early years, I served God in exchange for supreme power! God granted the staff and the waves receded. However, it was just God using me to dictate the people! Boy, I really admire the fact that you could see through this ultimate meaning of \'master\'. This dictatorship is simply just an exchange. In the end, the relationship between God and humans is one of master and slave! The laughable Moses is recognized by the world for his great wisdom, but he could not even compare with a boy like you who saw through it! In the early days, I caused two continents to plunge into misery. When I realized my error, God imprisoned me here!\"

As the voice echoed in Rody’s mind, Rody could clearly see Moses’ body gradually grow dimmer. His body gradually turned into dusts of light, starting from his feet.

\"You obtained God’s staff, so I will give you a gift!\" Moses showed a deep smile. \"God created the Mystic Dragon. Inevitably, there are shackles to suppress it. Now, your body is a dragon’s body. I will give you a set of shackles! The dragon has transformed seven times. Your body has now transformed four times. The shackles can still lock up the Mystic Dragon. However, the stronger you become, the stronger the Mystic Dragon would also become. One day, the Mystic Dragon would reach nine transformations. At that time, there is nothing that could lock up the Mystic Dragon. Remember my words. It can be eight. It cannot be nine!\"

As the voice fell, the rest of Moses’ body turned into a white light that gathered on Rody’s finger. As the light scattered, Moses’ body also disappeared, leaving behind a small silver ring on Rody’s index finger.


\"Something is strange!\" Amu looked at Ice. Both of them had a surprised look in their eyes.

The \"Protector God Boundary\" had been deformed after being hit by Ni Lin and dented at the center of it. Suddenly, the Boundary flashed with a white light. It was the power of a pure and holy light. That power spread all over inside the Boundary and gradually strengthened it! The dimmed hexagram started to shine again.

Ni Lin detected this strange situation and shouted, \"As expected of the Great Sorcerer Yin Xing! What else did you bring? What did that old fellow Sith give you?\"

Yin Xing felt the heavy pressure on his body suddenly lifted. He gasped for breath and opened his eyes only to realize that the Patron Saint Boundary had automatically recovered. He also looked surprised.

The Patron Saint Boundary crystal was given to him by Sith. The Boundary was an extremely high ranked defensive spell. It was not a spell that Yin Xing, a Great Sorcerer, could use. That was why Sith had given him this precious crystal to use and save his life in a time of crisis. However, Ni Lin’s burst-out power was astonishing. Even a spell like the defensive Boundary could not stop such a violent power.

However, even though Yin Xing was knowledgeable, he had never heard of the Patron Saint Boundary automatically restoring itself before.

Ni Lin suddenly had a weird expression and shouted, \"Sith! Could it be that you have arrived?\"

There was no reply.

However, Amu and Ice who were behind suddenly cried out, \"Someone’s here!\"

Amu reacted the fastest. His body suddenly rushed to the back and his hand also drew his sword like lightning.

Clang! There was a loud sound as two swords clashed. The body of Amu and the other person shook. Both of them then stepped back.

Ice looked at the newcomer and coldly said, \"So it was you, Paladin Augustine!\"

Augustine took a deep breath and firmly stood as he said, \"It’s me!\" He walked forward with large strides while the Black Veil Saint quietly followed from behind.

Ice and Amu saw the person behind Augustine and were stunned for a moment. They exchanged a glance and said, \"I was wondering who it was. Looks like it is Her Excellency, the Black Veil Saint.\"

The Black Veil Saint did not bother to look at the two. Her gaze fell onto Ni Lin and she said, \"Paladin Ni Lin, please stop!\"

Ni Lin turned his head around and sneered, \"Mouse! What right do you have to give me orders? We are acting according to the orders of the Elders Council!\"

Augustine sneered and said, \"Is that so? But I have also received an order from the Elder! Let me handle this!\"

Nilin then turned around to measure up Augustine as he sneered, \"Augustine, the Elder told you to pacify the Black Veil Saint. Is she now willing to compromise and accept the orders of the Temple?\"

Augustine gloomily replied, \"Yes! The Black Veil Saint has accepted the orders to give me assistance here! Your job here is done. I will accomplish this order and then report back!\"

Augustine fearlessly walked forward and looked at the \"Protector God Boundary\". He coldly said, \"Your Excellency Yin Xing of the Sorcerer’s Association. Is that you in there?\"

Yin Xing had already given up all hope. He really regretted accepting this task. Just Ni Lin alone had almost taken his life. Now, there were four Paladins and also a Saint of the Temple that had cultivated until the level of a Great Practitioner.

\"It is me. Is that you, Your Excellency Augustine?\"

Augustine nodded and replied, \"Yin Xing, please remove the Barrier. I am only ordered by the Temple to kill the heathen. It is best that you do not intervene!\"

Yin Xing coldly replied, \"Augustine, you are too simple! We are on different sides and the situation now is clear! Even if I pull back now, will you all let me leave? I understand the principle of silencing witnesses!\"

Augustine looked at the three Dragon Paladins and said, \"Ni Lin, the Temple has ordered us to kill the envoy of the Radiant Empire. I believe it did not mention anything about killing anyone from the Sorcerer’s Association?\"

The three Dragon Paladins looked at each other. Ni Lin then coldly said, \"Fine! I will not kill Yin Xing. However, he must follow us back to the Temple! He can go only if the Elders Council is willing to release him!\"

Yin Xing started to hesitate. He was originally acting under orders. But now, completing his task would be a joke. Could a sorcerer like him fight against four Paladins and a Saint? It was impossible.

Why bother throwing away his life here?

It was not a big deal to follow them back to the Temple. Besides that, with his reputation, the Temple might also be ill at ease to publicly kill a high ranked sorcerer.

Another way of saying it was although he might die when he goes to the Temple, there was still a glimmer of hope. If he refused now, he would definitely die.

After thinking about this, Yin Xing could not help sighing and saying, \"Alright! I will follow you to the Temple. My old friends at the Elders Council might not want my old life.\"

After that, he took a deep breath and slowly removed the Protector God Boundary around him. He then stood up and gently patted the dust off his robe. He then gave a wry smile and said, \"Alright. Augustine, I hope you do not break your promise.\"

He did not direct his words to the other three Dragons but only to Augustine. This was because Augustine had always been trustworthy.

Rody’s subordinate was still alive. He struggled to climb to Rody’s side and supported Rody. He had a desperate look. Everybody else here had extraordinary strength. As a Grade 3 swordsman, trying to protect his lord was simply hopeless. But the stubborn man continued to hold his sword and viciously look at the powerful enemies surrounding him.

The three Dragon warriors stood together. Ni Lin had also retracted his wings and resumed his normal form.

Augustine looked at the two people on the floor. He then sighed and said, \"Black Veil Saint, you do it! This is an order from the Temple!\"

The Black Veil Saint looked at the warrior who was supporting the envoy. She was hesitant but still waved her sleeve lightly. The warrior felt a huge force pulling him that threw his body to the side.

The Black Veil Saint slowly walked up and carefully looked at the envoy’s appearance.

The man lying on the ground was very young. He had a craggy face and seemed like a resolute man. The Black Veil Saint felt relieved when she saw this unfamiliar face.

\"This Rody is not him.\"

Amu looked at Ice who was beside him. His eyes seemed to ask, \"What do we do?\"

Ice smiled. He looked at his sword and then brandished it to indicate \'Kill\'.

Augustine was looking at the Black Veil Saint and did not see it.

The Black Veil Saint bent over and placed her palm over Rody’s chest.

Augustine sighed and said, \"Black Veil Saint, do it.\"

The Black Veil Saint closed her eyes and pressed her palm downwards.

\'There is something hard!\'

Her eyes suddenly opened and showed a strange expression.

Augustine frowned and said, \"Black Veil Saint, what are you doing? You…you...\"

The fingers of the Black Veil Saint moved like the wind and took off Rody’s lapels to expose his chest.

On his sturdy chest was a silver chain with a black ring hanging on it.

Not only Augustine, but even the three Dragon Paladins noticed that the Black Veil Saint was acting strangely.

She slowly kneeled and trembled. Her shoulders trembled as if she was crying. She held the black ring with both hands as if she was spellbound.

\"Black Veil Saint.\" Augustine’s voice sank as he asked, \"What’s wrong?\"

The Black Veil Saint took a deep breath. She slowly turned around with her cheeks stained with tears and softly said, \"Augustine…I am sorry.\"


The Black Veil Saint shook her head and replied, \"I cannot kill this person!\" Her eyes were firm. \"I can kill anybody else in the world but I cannot kill him.\"

Augustine’s expression changed. He stepped back and gritted his teeth. \"Black Veil Saint, have you gone crazy?\"

The three Dragon Paladins looked at each other. They even released their hold on their sword hilts. Ice suddenly burst into laughter. \"Augustine, didn’t you say that the Black Veil Saint will execute the orders? Are you telling lies?\"

Amu grinned and said, \"Fine! The Black Veil Saint is an apostate and must die!\" After that, Amu stepped forward and was about to attack.

Augustine shouted, \"Shut up! Who dares to attack?\" He drew his sword and held it across in front as he shouted, \"Stop right there!\"

At that moment, Augustine burst out with golden fighting energy!

Ni Lin raised his eyebrows and coldly said, \"Augustine, you have heard what the Black Veil Saint has said! She is openly disobeying the Temple\'s orders! Do you still intend to protect her?\"

Augustine had a gloomy expression, but he did not step aside. He shouted towards the Black Veil Saint. \"Black Veil Saint, what is the matter? Didn’t you promise me earlier?\"

The Black Veil Saint shook her head but she looked firm. She gritted her teeth and said, \"Augustine, I am sorry! However, nobody is allowed to touch this person!\"

Ni Lin laughed and loudly said, \"Good! Good! Very good! The Black Veil Saint rebelled and must die! Killing people all the time is too troublesome. This is good! I feel happy that I can get rid of all of you at the same time!\"

Ni Lin walked forward and raised his fist.

The three Paladins burst forth with golden fighting energy at the same time. The four Paladins of the Temple glared at each other. The four dazzling, golden fighting energy faced off.

Yin Xing was surprised but he quietly stepped back a few steps to stand at the side. It was an unexpected change of situation that he could not understand. However, when he saw the Saint and the Paladins have a falling out, he knew that the further he stood away, the better to avoid getting caught up in the crossfire.

\"Kill!\" Amu was the first to rush forward and slashed at the Black Veil Saint. Augustine stopped the attack with a backhand slash with nary a thought.

Clang! There was a loud clash. Amu then shouted, \"Augustine! If you defend her, you will also be considered a rebel!\"

Augustine had a complicated expression. He looked at the Black Veil Saint and softly asked, \"Black Veil Saint, are you sure about this?\"

The Black Veil Saint also has a complicated expression. Her facial expression looked calm, but her eyes revealed the upheaval in her heart.

Mouse slowly stood up with her face in tears. Her mouth curled into a smile.

She smiled as if the spring flowers were in full bloom and said, \"In that case, from now on, the Black Veil Saint will be an apostate!\"

Translator\'s Note:

1. Ni Lin 逆鳞 means ‘inverse scale’. It is an idiom and it refers to the inverted scale of a dragon. It is similar to the English words ‘rubbing people the wrong way’.

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