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Chapter 960: The Sea of Death

Translator: _Tat_  Editor: Rundi

The Palace of Heaven’s Favorites has existed for countless years and nobody knows its origins. Even the owner of this force rarely shows his face.

However, because the Palace only activates every few hundred years, this mysterious place is very well known and many people treat it like it is extremely valuable.

In this small universe, there are many treasures inside and it is place every cultivator wants to go to. There are also many places made for cultivation. The density of the spiritual energy found here is most suitable for isolated cultivation.

Other than these treasures, what attract the cultivators the most is without a doubt, the three prohibited areas.

Though everyone is warned to not step into these three prohibited places, the Palace itself never actually stopped anyone from entering.

These three places may be dangerous, but everyone knows of all the opportunities that are within.

Therefore, every time the Palace activates, countless people would head to the first two prohibited areas.

As for why only the first two… it is because nobody has ever gained anything from the third one. The third place is less dangerous compared to the first two, which means more people were allowed to slip inside.

However, at the end of the road, they would all encounter a lady in green. Then, they would be kicked out without even getting their hands on anything.

Based on estimation, ever since the Palace activated for the first time, Ling Xian is the first person to ever gain something out of it. It is also a great fortune!

Therefore, as time went on, everyone selectively forgot about the Third Prohibited Area. Instead, they chose to head to the First and Second Prohibited Areas.

Because despite the risks, if one’s lucky or if one’s capable, one can gain much fortune.

Legend has it that a long time ago, a cultivator gained a real dragon’s bone, which was then crafted into a heavenly sword!

There was also another legend that told the tale of the heaven-defying opportunity hidden inside the First Prohibited Area. However, after so many years, nobody has ever won it. Therefore, the accuracy of this rumor must be tested.

Despite everything, two things was for sure. First, the two prohibited areas are dangerous. Second, many opportunities lie within.

These two points were enough to influence many people. The latter in particular, caused most people who think they can at least escape if anything bad happens, to head to the two prohibited areas for opportunities.

Ling Xian was one of them.

When Huang Jiu Ge and he left the Third Prohibited Area, they headed towards the Second. The reason why he knew where to go wasn’t because he had asked for directions, but because he found many cultivators who were heading the same way.

To put it more accurately, there was a stream of people who were going towards the Second Prohibited Area.

Therefore, Ling Xian didn’t even need to ask for directions. He merely followed the crowd.

After three days of flying, Huang Jiu Ge and he finally arrived at the legendary Second Prohibited Area.

“This is the legendary Sea of Death?”

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow and looked down at the vast sea.

This sea was irregularly black, rather than the normal blue. It looked absolutely hopeless and brought on much depression.

The black sea water flowed, the waves slapped against the rocks, creating sky high curly waves that mimicked a howling monster – chilling and eerie.

Despite the giant Sun in the sky that was shedding down an endless amount of light, the coldness and eeriness of this place could not be chased away.

This was the Second Prohibited Area of the Palace of Heaven’s Favorites – the Sea of Death.

Legend has it that a long time ago, this place was an ancient war zone. Then, an omnipotent migrated over a sea to conceal it.

However, because too many people have died here, the smell of death could not dissipate despite all the time that has passed. After a while, the seawater turned pitch black with the ability to eat away vitality.

“This is why this place has the word ‘death’ in it.”

Staring at the black sea, Ling Xian’s expression frozen. Then, he looked over to all the cultivators who came with him.

The moment these people saw the sea, their expression changed. Very few could remain calm.

Then, these confident cultivators jumped into the sea to look for fortunes.

Seeing this, the remaining cultivators made their moves as well. Slowly, splashes generated on the sea top.

In the blink of an eye, all the cultivators who came have entered. Only Ling Xian and Huang Jiu Ge remained suspending in midair.

Ling Xian smiled and prepared to enter.

However, just as he got ready, he saw corpses rise then float on top of the sea. They were of the people who entered before him!

His expression turned heavy. He didn’t think this Sea of Death would be so terrifying.

Remember that ever since these people jumped into the sea until now, merely breaths of time have passed. These people were Heaven’s Favorites of the original level. Even for the ones with weak capabilities, they remained Heaven’s Favorites.

Yet within such short period of time, they were all killed by the sea. How terrifying was this?

Even Ling Xian was shaken up by this.

“The Sea of Death is so terrifying. It is no wonder that it is known as the Second Prohibited Area.” Huang Jiu Ge’s expression was a serious one. She felt cold all over.

If those cultivators were killed by a visible form, these two wouldn’t be so freaked. However, these people have all died soundlessly.

That was enough to creep everyone out.

“A formless and shapeless killer?”

Ling Xian frowned slightly, “Legend has it that this place was a battlefield some time ago. These people were probably killed by the hatred leftover from those years.”

“That’s a possibility. I also heard that the seafood here is corrosive.” Huang Jiu Ge nodded gently.

“No matter what, since we came, we need to go in and see.”

Ling Xian smiled, his eyes flickered with curiosity, “I sure want to see just how terrifying the Sea of Death is.”

Then, in a flash, he hopped into the deep end of the sea.

Huang Jiu Ge followed him.

When the two entered, they immediately felt two waves of energy. One was resistance, the other was pressure.

The former attempted to stop them from dropping down while the latter pushed down onto them with tonnes of weight. It was truly terrifying.

But to Ling Xian and Huang Jiu Ge, both forces could be ignored.

With their capabilities today, even if these forces increase by 10 times, they pose no threats to them.

Therefore, Ling Xian and Huang Jiu Ge kept on dropping down. In the blink of an eye, they had dropped by hundreds of meters.

Once they reached there, two other forces appeared. One was corrosion, the other was a chilling killer’s intent.

“No wonder those people died. Even if the former forces pose no threat, these two forces are enough to kill normal Heaven’s Favorites.”

Ling Xian exclaimed, he now knows why so many people died. Then, the corner of his lips lifted, “However, I am no normal Heaven’s Favorite.”

After those words, Qi at the extreme of the original level rolled out of him, generating giant waves that blocked out these two terrifying forces.

“Jiu Ge, let us go.”

Ling Xian smiled and walked on in giant steps. Like a God paving a path, all other beings retreated!


Water tossed and turned, waves crazily rolled, but not a single drop landed on Ling Xian.

Every step he walked caused the water to split to the side. It was as if he had a knife that sliced the Sea of Death in two. That phenomenon was truly unbelievable. It more than enough proved how powerful he is today!

After some time, he saw an ancient wreckage not far from him.

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