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Chapter 562 As Beautiful As A Flower (1)

The next morning.

Outside a mountain range in Formidable Heavens Dynasty.

In the forest on the mountains, a fine gentleman in white held a folding fan and was walking slowly. “His” eyes glanced behind him discreetly.

Behind “him,” however, followed a big burly “lady” whose face could be said to be hideous.

The man in white was extremely handsome, and a seeming smile could be seen on his face. The slightly-curled corners of “his” lips added a devilish charm to “his” almost flawless face.

On the other hand, the “lady” behind the beautiful “man” was in a floral dress and had a blindingly big red flower on “her” head.

They walked one after another, but the image was completely different.

That exceptionally herculean “lady” looked miserably at the beautiful teenager walking before “her” and instinctively wanted to stretch out “her” right hand to pluck the big red flower off from “her” head. “Holy… Holy Lady… This disguise… I’m afraid… it’s not too suitable.”

Who could have thought that the “lady” who was “dressed so gorgeously” would actually be a dignified Elder from the Blood Moon Sect.

“Don’t move!” The beautiful teenager stopped him.

“Yes…” Helpless, the Blood Moon Elder could only obey with tears in his eyes.

“Look, you’re much prettier like this,” Ye Qingtang said with a smile. Ye Qingtang was originally beautiful, and even with a male disguise on, she appeared less dainty and more handsome.

If they were not in this deserted mountain range, one would not know how many young ladies would be enchanted by that attractive face that stirred hearts.

Rather, it was the Blood Moon Elder who was full of tears at that instant. To think his original body had a handsome appearance and outstanding bearing. Since seizing Zhou Qu’s body, he was already a little uncomfortable with his appearance.

Never would the Blood Moon Elder have thought that the Holy Lady would actually dress him up as a woman…

With Zhou Qu’s face, which part of it looked like a woman?!

After the war in Xuanling Sect, Ye Qingtang was listed in the Assassination Roll, and the reward for her surpassed the number one person on the Assassination Roll by multiple times. If she did not disguise herself and was recognized, the consequences would be disastrous.

Yunxiao Sect alone was already difficult to handle, much less those powerful figures who were prepared to assassinate Ye Qingtang to obtain the rewards.

“Holy Lady, how about… I return to the wilderness…” The Blood Moon Elder inched closer to Ye Qingtang and was full of smiles to please her.

However, the Blood Moon Elder who was disguised as a lady was already ugly, and the smile on his face was simply an unbearable sight!

“What do you think?” Ye Qingtang raised a brow slightly as she looked at the Blood Moon Elder with a seeming smile.

“Holy Lady, my current skills have just entered the early-stage of Martial Qi Level Two. I’ll only hinder you if I follow beside you…” The Blood Moon Elder expressed his opinion.

This time, the Blood Moon Elder’s words were reasonable.

Ye Qingtang’s martial cultivation had already entered the mid-stage of Third Heaven of Martial Qi Level Two, and she possessed the Ultimate Origin Skill. Even if she met someone who was at the peak of First Heaven of Martial Qi Level Three, she could put up some fight. With the Blood Moon Elder following beside her, it was indeed a little hindering.

“It can’t be that you’re afraid and wish to leave me, can it?” Ye Qingtang smiled.

“No no no… You must not put it that way, Holy Lady. It is my greatest honor to be able to follow beside you…” The Blood Moon Elder’s expression changed, and he hurriedly explained.

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