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Chapter 1280: The Sequelae Of A Miscarriage

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“But, you promised your mother. It won’t be good to go back on your word.” Yu Lili started to worry the moment she thought about the possibility that Ou Ming’s mother would make things difficult for her.

She is very likely… No, she is definitely waiting to find some fault with me and force Ou Ming to break up with me. No, it wouldn’t be a break up anymore. It would be a divorce now.

If that was really the case with Ou Ming’s mother, Yu Lili knew that skipping out on the visit would be a decision she’d come to regret.

When Ou Ming heard her, he laughed. In an unamused tone, he ground out, “Are you trying to seek death? Are you seeking to die on the road there or in their home?”

Yu Lili was rendered speechless. What a sharp and poisonous tongue he possesses.

“Can’t you be a little more optimistic?” she asked.

Ou Ming was silent a moment before replying, “In any case, we’re not going back. We’ll just do as we please. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.”

Yu Lili pinched him and argued back unhappily, “What you’re doing is going to drive the wedge between your mother and me even deeper!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ou Ming said. “I’ll explain it to her a little later.”

“I’m fine,” Yu Lili said. “Let’s just go later, Ou Ming.”

“No! Way!” Ou Ming’s tone tolerated no argument. He tapped her on her forehead and asked, “Did you hear me? No means no. Go back and have a good rest later. The doctor said you’re suffering from a cold womb, and it’s very hard to treat. When we go back, we’ll search out a Chinese physician to prescribe some medication to nurse you back to health.”

Yu Lili’s heartbeat began racing when she heard that. She saw Ou Ming’s demeanor, and the anger in her heart was immediately extinguished. “Did the doctor say anything else?” she asked.

Ou Ming looked at her meaningfully and shook his head gently. “No, what else were you expecting him to say?”

Yu Lili pursed her lips and shook her head in reply.

“Just be good and lie down. We’ll go when you’re better. Please just listen to me.” He reached out and felt her forehead. It was alarmingly cold. “Do you feel cold?”

“No,” she said.

“Get some rest,” Ou Ming said. “I’ll call you when it’s time.”

“OK.” Yu Lili was indeed feeling unwell. She closed her eyes. Soon, the sound of her steady breathing could be heard.

Ou Ming saw that she had fallen asleep, so he got up to step out. Feeling troubled, he reached to feel inside his pockets, but his hands came out empty. He had left in a hurry and forgotten to bring his cigarettes.

He wasn’t much of a heavy smoker, but he always kept a box of cigarettes on himself, nonetheless. It was common for him to go days without lighting up a single cigarette. However, he was especially craving for a cigarette at that moment. He needed to relieve the knots in his heart.

“A cold womb in a woman is a serious matter. Aside from the pain and damage it causes the body, there’s a high possibility that it will result in infertility. Judging from your wife’s symptoms, she’s been suffering from this for quite some time. We’ll wait for her to feel better before running our checks.”

“How is it that she didn’t suffer from this in the past? She was fine in the past.”

“It’s hard to say. It could be due to staying up late for a long period of time coupled with coming in contact with something cold for a long while. Alternatively, it could be due to a miscarriage, abortion, or insufficient recuperation after giving birth.”

“An abortion causes it?”

“Of course! Your wife had an abortion before?”

Ou Ming had been at a loss of how to reply. He smoked his way out with a vague answer and left quickly. He felt as if the deepest recesses of his heart were being pierced. It ached painfully.

It was the sequelae of her abortion?

Did that mean to say that she had been spending the past four to five years in such pain?

Every time it hurt, she’d take painkillers instead of going to the hospital or calling an ambulance.

Furthermore, it was likely to result in infertility…

Ou Ming leaned back against the door, and sighed heavily. His heart weighed heavily in his chest, and he could almost feel the pain literally.

He didn’t mind it. But what would his mother say?

Her prejudices against Yu Lili were plenty to begin with. If she knew that it was possible that Yu Lili might never bear a child, the consequences would be disastrous!

He had to make sure she never found out!

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