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Chapter 159: Episode 159 – Judgement Day, Part I

Chapter 55. Judgement Day, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED


John Smith, the head of the Pentagon, which was now the controller of the land of America, was not the kind of person who used his brain to do things. He thought that the most valuable thing in the monster era was power, not intelligence. That was why he didn’t have a meeting with his men, staying in one place and working hard on a difficult problem. He knew better than anyone that he could not do anything at such a meeting, and so he didn’t feel it necessary.

John Smith was a man who might not be clever, but he was not stupid; he was a man who focused only on what he could and should do.

“A general meeting… unexpected.”

As soon as John Smith called all the key executives of the Pentagon into the Ground Zero Cafe at the center of the Pentagon, and Mao was included in the list, Mao could see that it was not just a simple situation.

“Did you see any signs?” In addition, what Mao asked Major Chinshan was that he did not sense any signs of this not-so-simple situation.

“No… nothing. The parking lot was clean, and there was no movement from other people.”

If there had been any sign, Major Chinshan would have informed Mao.

‘Something came straight…’ Without such a sign, what John Smith was doing something he did not normally do, meaning that something was delivered through direct lines of communication.

‘Something serious…’ It must be breaking news.

‘If it’s enough to make John Smith move like this… it must be a huge threat. Did they even rouse the Black Dragon in Texas?’

John Smith, who was confident and convinced that he had already become king of the world, was an arrogant and leisurely man.

So at this moment, Mao felt something of a crisis. ‘… whatever it is, I’ll have to do something dangerous. Prevention is better than a cure.’ That was the secret of Mao’s survival so far, and at this moment he stood by it.

“Major Chinshan.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go there now, and if you don’t hear from me… just do what I said.”


“Destroy it.”

At that remark, Chinshan only nodded instead of answering.



Bean Cohen knew Mao Spencer when the Pentagon was organized and he became an executive in it, not just a Hunter. John Smith called Bean Cohen and told him that there were the Six Snakes behind him, and that there was a man named Mao Spencer at the center of it. He also told him about what the Six Snakes were after and the world Mao Spencer hoped for. Bean Cohen admired him.

When Mao Spencer lost everything, came to America, and bowed his head to John Smith, Bean Cohen did not see him as a weak man. All the more, he was impressed.

‘This guy is definitely different! This is someone who wants to be the ruler of the world! This is a scheme to bury his pride for the next step!’

Furthermore, Bean Cohen was sure that Mao Spencer had not lost everything, and there must be a secret weapon for a quick reversal of his situation.

‘For Mao Spencer, there may still be one hidden thing. And this man is one of them.’

And at this moment, he was sure that one of the hidden weapons was the man in front of his eyes.

‘Kim.’ The man who had only introduced himself as Kim now easily escaped with Cohen from the city of Dallas, which was now under the control of the Resistance.

‘What kind of training can give him this ability?’

In the process, Kim had completely avoided the surveillance of the Resistance. Without a single battle, without a gunshot, Kim made Cohen escaped from Dallas City. What was surprising was after that.

“We are going to Washington now. The distance to travel is about twelve hundred miles, so we are going to move sixty miles a day, and we’ll be in Washington in twenty days.”

The distance for the journey to Washington, which began with the escape from Dallas City, was nineteen hundred kilometers. Kim showed his amazing ability during the journey without a single proper tool in a situation full of monsters, not just a journey.

‘How can we not meet a monster once in a trip of more than a thousand miles?’

They had not encountered a monster, and Kim always found something to eat in some way in the wilderness. It was not simply something that a powerful Hunter would show. It was more than that.

It was the ability that only a survival specialist could show in a place where survival was harder than anything before becoming a Hunter. It was on the level of astonishment beyond admiration.

“That’s great. Can I ask you a question?”

“I’ll answer any questions I can.”

“What the hell happened in Asia? Can you tell me why Lord Mao Spencer came to America with a man with such a great talent?”

Cohen asked Kim at the end of the long journey, why Mao Spencer, who had a man as strong as Kim, had moved to the United States after losing everything, and who it was that had knocked down Mao Spencer and driven him so far away.

However, Mao Spencer had not told anyone but John Smith about his story. He was humiliated, but he did not speak about it as much.

From Cohen’s point of view, it was a big question. ‘What kind of monster is there in Asia?’

Kim shook his head at the question. “I can’t answer that.”

“What kind of monster is there in Asia? Just tell me what you feel.”

“I’m sorry.”

Kim shook his head again, and Cohen no longer asked Kim, because now was time to face something more important than this question, and he did not need an answer.

“No, it’s okay. I’m already grateful to you.” After speaking, Cohen looked up far away. The picture of Washington came into his eyes.

The twenty-day journey was over.



Washington DC…

The capital of the United States, the world’s strongest country, the most powerful country in human history, was just a wonderful city on the surface. It was planned and designed. In other words, it was a city where everything from one to ten was planned to make its capital, so it could not just be cool. Of course, the Washington DC, which the world saw was not the real face of the city.

The truth of Washington was revealed when they feel a fatal threat. At the moment of a fatal threat, everything in the city proved to be prepared for urban defense and war.

In particular, after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the United States remodeled everything in Washington, so that they would not go through the same incident again. The United States had hidden a powerful thorn inside itself, and nothing dared to do anything in Washington.


Now Washington was covered with its thorns.

“I didn’t know Washington was like this.”

“I didn’t know either. There are so many weapons hiding all over Washington.”

Numerous weapons, including tanks, had been deployed throughout Washington. It was armed with enough weapons to fight the world right now.

“What on Earth are they guarding against?”

“Anything that is not normal.”

The same was true of their vigilance. It was virtually impossible to pass without a trace, without sound, through the strict borders. The road to the Pentagon was even worse. Inside the Pentagon, the security was so severe that no one could enter even if they wanted to. The reason for the security was simple.

“According to the report by the Hyena Unit, the Western Alliance has already been formed, with locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.”

“There must be strong monsters between the three cities, including Yosemite National Park.”

“All the blue-grade monsters in Yosemite National Park have been removed.”

“The blue grade?”

“I guess they have been preparing for it.”

“The rebels of Texas succeeded in killing the Black Dragon that appeared in Dallas.”

“The Black Dragon is one of the most powerful dark blue-colored monsters. Were the rebels alone? Are you sure?”

“The body of the Black Dragon has now been identified. In addition, the news is spreading in Texas, the news that the rebels have killed the Black Dragon… and it’s not easy to stop the news from spreading. The Resistance forces are using this momentum to expand their influence in Texas.”

Not one, but two great threats shook the Pentagon. It was their first time.

The Pentagon had never been in a crisis. The Americans were so rich that it was not lacking to call them blessed by God. The crisis they had faced in the meantime was an opportunity to grow one step further after a crisis.

“There’s a rumor that some organizations have helped the Western Alliance and the Texas rebels.”

The threat to them now, the threat to the existence, was hard to bear. John Smith was forced to massage his temples repeatedly in front of the report.

And so was Mao. ‘Clearly, it is Mac Guild.’

He was intuiting that this report was not simply a simultaneous coincidence. Furthermore, he was able to clearly measure the existence of the culprit who had committed all this. In fact, Mao had expected it.

‘The Mac Guild is expanding its territory, starting in the western United States. Yes, they can’t be bound by the Korean Peninsula forever.’

Kim Tae-hoon was dead. It was the conclusion Mao had made using all the information networks he had.

Kim Tae-hoon’s death was, of course, a fatal event for Mac Guild. But that did not mean that the Mac Guild had lost all power. Without Kim Tae-hoon, the power of the Mac Guild was still very powerful.

The number of legendary relics they had was not only extraordinary, but above all, they had the legacy left by the strongest Hunter, Kim Tae-hoon. The influence of the Mac Guild was felt across the whole of Eurasia, and it was natural that their next purpose was to come to the Americas.

‘It will not be easy to bring down the Pentagon.’

But Mao did not worry much about it. The Pentagon and the city of Washington, where the Pentagon was located, were perfect enough fortresses for Mao to have confidence in them. Intruders were coming into a system that the United States had set up for war with the world, but they could not come in without a sound, without damage, without any trace.

“Mayor Bean Cohen has arrived in Washington, and he’s on his way here.” And then there was news that Mao and the Pentagon executives had been waiting for, for so long.

Two days ago that they were contacted by Bean Cohen, who was captured by the Resistance forces, but lucky enough to escape. The moment they were contacted, the Pentagon decided to listen to him and make a judgment.

That was why John Smith’s right hand, massaging his temples, stopped, and had a clear sign of awakening. John Smith looked up.

“Call them all here.”




The National 9.11 Pentagon Memorial…

When he looked at the place erected in honor of the 9/11 victims, he felt his heart cool. Now calm, he walked toward the Pentagon. There was a man behind him. Kim was moving along with Bean Cohen like a shadow, and no one stopped him.

Bean Cohen’s name and face were the most obvious ID card amid the tight watch. None of the fully armed soldiers stopped Bean Cohen from proceeding. Everyone was saluting and glad to welcome Bean Cohen.

Their first stop was in the center of the Pentagon, in front of the door to the Ground Zero Cafe. Now they stood there, where the specially designed iron door was blocked.

“Thank you.” Bean Cohen reached out to Kim for a handshake.

Only Bean Cohen could enter through the door, and for that Kim had escorted him this far.

“I wouldn’t have been able to get here without you.” Bean Cohen did not miss out on his heartfelt gratitude.

But Kim did not respond to that handshake. He did not even nod without saying anything.


Instead, Kim ignored Cohen and opened the door to the Ground Zero Cafe.

In this sudden situation, not only Cohen but everyone waiting by the door were shocked. But that was all. Their astonished bodies were still stiff and unable to move. ‘I can’t move…’

As soon as the door opened, a building was seen between the trees and the green grasses that were located before him.

“I am Kim Tae-hoon, the Master of Mac Guild!” Kim Tae-hoon shouted at the place. “I’m here to get the price of blood!”

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