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[Baal’s Barrier — The Story of Chae Joochul and Heynckes]

Chae Joochul and Heynckes were walking together. Every time they moved, Heynckes’s armor clattered and Chae Joochul’s cane creaked.

The only thing missing from the symphony was their voice. Heynckes and Chae Joochul did not feel the need to open their mouths.

They had lived long enough to not be bothered by silence.

“…This barrier seems to be a labyrinth.”

After a long silence, Heynckes finally spoke. The two of them had been walking for quite a while but were not getting any closer to Baal.

Chae Joochul stopped and nodded.

“You knew that already and didn’t tell me? My, aren’t you naughty.”

Heynckes gave a playful smile. But his comment did not affect on Chae Joochul as he continued to walk in absolute nonchalance. Heynckes shrugged and followed after his friend.

“…It’s no fun being alone with you.”

The two were swept away by Baal’s barrier, just like everyone else. When they opened their eyes they were alone, and there was no sign of anyone else nearby except for each other.

“Hmm. This situation reminds me of the old days. Do you remember the Leocrad Dungeon?”

Heynckes asked with a sigh. The upside and downside of being alone with Chae Joochul were that he couldn’t help recalling the past.

Back then, Chae Joochul was even more annoying than he was now. It was more than a hassle to deal with the frustration of a psychopath-in-progress who was slowly losing his ability to feel emotions. In that regard, Heynckes felt more comfortable around the present Chae Joochul, who had already lost 90% of his emotions.


Chae Joochul paused. Suddenly he thought of a way to escape from this labyrinth. He closed his eyes and raised his magic power.

But the source of Chae Joochul’s power was nature.

His Gift could not be activated in the absence of nature.

“Aha, so yours doesn’t work here either?”

Heynckes smirked. Chae Joochul spewed magic power once again without even looking at Heynckes. And then— some sort of miracle happened. ‘Nature’ transpired from Chae Joochul’s magic power.


Chae Joochul’s magic power became golden soil that covered the ground of the barrier. In just 3 minutes, the entire scenery turned into a field, and a stream of water began to flow on its surface. The green field and the river continued to expand after Chae Joochul’s magic power.

Heynckes quickly grasped Chae Joochul’s intentions. The stream would split into several branches and analyze the labyrinth. The branches would serve as guideposts to not only Chae Joochul and Heynckes but also the rest of the Heroes inside the barrier.

“You… have the most beautiful power in the world,” Heynckes muttered in amazement, but Chae Joochul remained nonchalant. He continued to walk, expanding nature at every step.

It saddened Heynckes that Chae Joochul had lost all purpose and destination in life a long time ago. In return for acquiring the most beautiful power in the world, Chae Joochul lost what was most precious to him. He became Immortal without the ability to love.

“…Joochul, wait for me.”

Thankfully, a man who lacked emotion also lacked the need for a purpose and a destination in life. Also, it was due to his lack of emotions that Chae Joochul couldn’t feel the loneliness of not being able to love. It was therefore pointless to pity him.

“Come on, let’s go together.”

Heynckes followed after Chae Joochul. Nature continued to emerge wherever Chae Joochul went. Now other Heroes would be able to use this scenery as a guide to finding the correct path.

Green grass and tall trees.

Enjoying the sight of nature consuming the barrier, Heynckes walked on. For a moment, he felt as if a gentle breeze of wind had brushed his cheek.


Meanwhile, Kim Suho and others were following Shimurin’s lead. The grand magician was an excellent guide, and they could see they were getting closer to Baal with every step they took.


Baal roared again. Kim Suho swung his sword almost immediately. The crescent mass of energy from Misteltein erased the demonic energy again.


Perhaps that last attack put too much strain on his body. Suddenly, Kim Suho felt dizzy. He got down on his knees and rubbed his temples.

“Are you all right?”

Rachel and the others approached Kim Suho worriedly. “I’m fine,” he said. But even as he said so, he felt nauseous, and his shoulders were way too stiff.

Kim Suho knew instinctively that he could do this only three or four more times at best. He raised himself, trying to contain his nervousness.

“Are you tired?” Bell asked suddenly.

Kim Suho smiled bitterly.

Bell shook his head with a broad smile.

“No, you’re not tired.”

“…Excuse me?”

“Your mind thinks you are, but you aren’t. You can’t grow tired, at least not inside this barrier.”

Kim Suho tilted his head, unable to understand Bell’s words, but Bell did not bother to add an explanation.

So they kept walking. Shimurin led them with her eyes closed. She was extremely cautious because one wrong step meant they would have to start from scratch.

However, when they reached a certain point in the labyrinth, everyone had to pause for a moment. They raised their heads with a stiff look. Looking up was the only way they could see clearly the enemy before their eyes.


The devil suddenly revealed his huge presence to them. Jin Sahyuk looked up at him, feeling a sharp pain in her chest.

“It seems that he got caught up in this, too.”

Shimurin gave a small smile. Within this barrier, Morax was like Baal’s bodyguard, whose purpose was to buy Baal time to reconstruct himself.


Everyone drew their weapons. They aimed their spears and swords at Morax.


Facing them, Morax let out a low, dismal groan. Jin Sahyuk felt like he was crying for some reason.

“Get ready….”

Jin Sahyuk clenched her teeth. Morax was strong, but he was no match for Airun, Harin, and others from the first world. They were born with the inherent ability to resist evil.



Just before everyone rushed at Morax, Jin Sahyuk stepped forward.

Facing the many confused expressions, she announced, “I’ll take care of him.”

Everyone turned to Jin Sahyuk, but Jin Sahyuk’s gaze was locked on Kim Suho. Their eyes met, and just from that, she knew what Kim Suho wanted to say.

“You mean alone, Knight Commander Shin Jahyuk-nim?”

“It’ll be a tough fight.”

Rachel and Tomer objected, but Jin Sahyuk was resolute. She shook her head and went on.

“I can only say this is what I have to do. Above all, we’re running out of time. Your first and foremost priority should be stopping Baal. You shouldn’t waste time here.”

There was a point in what she said. It was enough to convince Shimurin and everybody else.

“…Jin Sahyuk.”

Kim Suho looked at Jin Sahyuk with eyes full of complicated emotions. She wasn’t the only one who remembered the fall of Plerion. Despite Kim Suho’s concerns, Jin Sahyuk crossed her arms and answered sharply.

“Who said you could call my name?”

Kim Suho’s lips curved into a smile at Jin Sahyuk’s arrogant comeback. He felt relieved by her unwavering attitude. It suited her.


Kim Suho finally nodded. At this point, everyone else had no choice but to comply.

They passed by Jin Sahyuk, wishing her luck. Surprisingly, Morax did not disturb their departure. The devil’s gaze was locked on Jin Sahyuk.

Jin Sahyuk waited until everyone had left, and then approached Morax.

“We’re finally alone.”

The moment she said so, a man approached her. Jin Sahyuk grimaced when she turned and saw his face.

“Why the hell are you still here?”

“…A little delay won’t cost me my victory.”


The man was Shin Jonghak. It seemed that he was trying to help Jin Sahyuk defeat Morax, even though she never asked him to repay her for arranging that meeting with his grandfather.

“I’m trying to help you, you idiot.”

“Just shut up and leave-”

But before Jin Sahyuk could turn him down, Morax began to move.


It was like the roar of a beast. Morax let out a dismal cry and swung his gigantic arms.



[Yi Yeonjun’s Barrier]

Chae Nayun swung Balmung downward. The gigantic sword unleashed fiery magic power that flew right at Yi Yeonjun. Balmung aimed at Yi Yeonjun from the front and her flying swords attacked him from the sides and the rear. As such, there was no physical way to avoid her attack.

But Yi Yeonjun managed to fend off Chae Nayun’s attack with his psychokinesis. Kiiik— Chae Nayun’s magic power collided with an invisible wall, and was lost due to friction.

“That was pretty cool.”

Chae Nayun muttered calmly.

“Let’s see how long you can last.”

She could repeat the previous attack a dozen times more. Her Gift was [Sea of Magic Power]. It was named so because her magic power capacity was as big as the sea.

When fighting, she never lacked magic power.

It was by no accident that her specialty was a prolonged battle. She was well known for her endless stamina.


At that moment the barrier began to move. Yi Yeonjun tried to crush Chae Nayun by shrinking his barrier. But Chae Nayun managed to push the walls away, and Kim Hajin fired the Desert Eagle in a brief moment when Yi Yeonjun was off guard.


Countless Venomous Basilisk Bullets flew at Yi Yeonjun. He dodged the bullets and glared at Kim Hajin.


Yi Yeonjun could feel anger boiling up inside him.

Before his eyes were the creator of this world. Sadly, Yi Yeonjun was disappointed with him. He hated the fact that his creator was a human, just like himself. The creator was neither graceful nor elegant nor radiant.


‘What have I lived for?’ Yi Yeonjun wondered, blocking Chae Nayun’s sword smashing down on him from all sides.

Because he was born into this world without anything to call his own, he desired everything.

He wanted to rule Pandemonium and everything else he could see.

In a pit of despair called life, only his possessions gave him meaning. Greed and obsession helped him to survive. Had it not been for them, Yi Yeonjun would have lost his meaning in life and died a long time ago….

It was then that Yi Yeonjun recalled the face of the most precious treasure he had ever owned. Her jewellike eyes and long black hair that swayed like waves— he remembered them all.

The treasure’s name was Yi Byul.

But that treasure was no longer his. She used to be in his hands, which was where she should have stayed forever, but… the man before his eyes stole her from him.

Such a trifling man robbed him of everything.

Yi Yeonjun’s rage turned into tears that streamed down his cheeks. He aimed at Kim Hajin.

He planned to blow up his own barrier, the space itself. It would mean double suicide, but Yi Yeonjun felt his life was meaningless anyway. His life was nothing but a story in a novel.

But Kim Hajin’s life was different. His life had a real meaning. So if Yi Yeonjun could bring about Kim Hajin’s death, then it would be his first and last meaningful action.


Yi Yeonjun roared. He then tried to detonate the barrier using the remainder of his magic power. He reaped the fruits of his efforts when the barrier began to crumble. There was only a little left until everyone in the barrier had a painful death.


Yi Yeonjun suddenly realized that he could not move his body as freely as he had hoped. The shrinking of the barrier paused, and Yi Yeonjun’s vision became blurred.

He fell down. Black blood spurted out of his body and soaked the ground.

“Ah….” Yi Yeonjun muttered.

His body lost the ability to breathe. His limbs became limp.

‘How…?’ Yi Yeonjun wondered. ‘What kind of trick is this?’

Kim Hajin hadn’t moved an inch, so how was this possible?

It was then.

Yi Yeonjun’s eyes reflected the treasure that once belonged to him.

The treasure—Yi Byul—was much more beautiful than he remembered.

Yi Byul was looking down at him with cold eyes. Yi Yeonjun stared at her with his half-shut eyes. He tried to contain every fragment of her beauty in them.

And she… was too good to be the last thing he saw.

Yi Yeonjun never blinked to his dying breath.

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