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Chapter 110: Prisoner again- Part 2

Uneasiness began to build back in her mind. It didn’t look like the plan was going on track, rather it was going off track. She continued to read for further details about Lord Alexander’s confinement. The council member was killed not a month ago, his body found near the river running across north at midnight.

“Meow!” due to the shock she threw the newsletter in the empty trash.

“Oh dear, God,” Katie closed her eyes, placing one hand on her chest seeing the gold and white patched cat above the roof, continuing to walk where ever it was going, “Phew,” she exhaled but she felt something lurk behind her.

She gulped seeing the hooded person again and began taking quick steps but this time when she turned around there was no one behind her. Given the opportunity she would never step into Mythweald ever again.

Katie didn’t know how but it seemed that she had come back to the store Lady Ester had got into. She stepped closer to the door, wondering if she had to knock and that’s when she noticed the gap between the curtains behind the window. Getting more closer she peeked in to see three women where one of them was Lady Ester standing with their back faced to her.

When one of them turned around she let out a gasp, covering her mouth with both her hands at what she saw.

Dark and broken skin, horns on their head. Their nails dark and tongue that elongated out of their mouth like a snake when they spoke. With what they had assumed it shouldn’t have shocked her so much but theory was different compared to what reality had to actually offer. Witches. Three witches were right in front of her.

“And what might you be seeing?” a voice right behind her startled her.

She whirled around to only curse herself. Not three, it was four and just as the thought crossed her mind she saw the witch’s tongue snake out of her mouth with a cunning smile. Before Katie could react to it, the witch raised her hand holding a stick and she fell unconscious on the ground.

Katie groaned the next time she opened her eyes, adjusting to the light in the room she noticed that she was in the dungeon but this was different compared to last time they were held. Her stomach growled and she wondered for how long she had been unconscious for her stomach to rumble. There were doors instead of the rusted iron bars. She was on a chair, her arms and legs tied with the help of a rope. She resisted it, trying to free herself which resulted in her scraping the chair over the ground.

“It’s no use,” she heard Ester walk into the room with Leroy not far behind her, “Haven’t you realized that your resistance is futile,” the woman smiled sweetly like she meant no harm.

“Is that all you can do when something doesn’t go as you want?” Katie asked, her brown innocent eyes transiting to a fierce look. She was tired. Tired of being pulled into something she wasn’t part of, tired of being framed of something she didn’t do.

“Doesn’t she have a tongue,” Ester raised her eyebrow at her.

“Not as long as yours,” Katie came back at her.

“Hmm,” the woman hummed looking at her with a blank gaze before it broke into a smile, “It has been a while since I last enjoyed a person’s death. I can be sure to enjoy yours,” she said with an underlying threat and soon Silas broke into the closed cell.

“Mother! Why have you imprisoned Katherine for?” he asked her confused.

“My dear boy. I don’t know how to say this,” Ester frowned looking at the ground with a disappointed look. She then met Silas’ eyes and said, “This girl tried to murder me.”

“Are you sure? I don’t think Kathe-”

“Don’t you believe your own mother’s word, Silas? Or is it that you would support her words than mine,” Ester’s blue eyes flickered in the light, judging her son’s every single expression.

“No, mother I don’t. If you say it, it must be true,” he murmured to get an approving nod from the woman.

Ester came to stand in front of her son and she raised her hand to place it on his cheek.

“I know you have a fascination for this one but a woman like this will only bring threat to our family,” her lips were set in line as she glanced towards Katie.

“You are the only threat here! Don’t-”

“And she’s ill mannered and holds nothing but bizarre lies. Come with me Silas,” Lady Norman pulled her son out of the cell seeing Silas’ brows furrow deeply. Once they were away from the room she held her son’s hand in hers, “Your mother wants nothing but the best for you. Believe me.”

“What do you mean?” he asked her alarm setting off in his mind.

“Of course, you don’t believe that I would let such a woman loose after what she tried today. There is always the possibility of the threat to knock at the door again, therefore it’s better to pull the problem out at the root.”

“You are going to put her through execution?”

“Much better but I will give you enough time to get over her. Why don’t you go take some rest in your room. You will feel much better. Leroy,” she called out the guardsman, “Please escort Silas back to the mansion and fetch my husband for me,” she ordered the guard.

Going back to the room Ester spoke to Katie,

“A pity that you have to die. Don’t worry I won’t kill you that soon. I’ll make sure it’s slow and excruciating.”

“You are worried that I will expose you. A witch as you are,” said Katie.

“Right but…you already knew about it. That is why you were there at the library,” Ester spoke cleverly, “You had your doubt.”

“It won’t be long before your secret is out in the wind,” Katie kept her eyes on the woman as she walked around her.

“I haven’t been caught in two centuries. What makes you think I will now? Many have tried in the past and it hasn’t taken me much time to put them in their graves.”

Hearing the last word, Katie’s eyes narrowed. She had been wondering for a long time now as to what she was doing in Mr. Weaver’s house.

“Were you the one controlling him? Mr. Weaver,” she asked her.

“That’s a very rude way to put. I definitely didn’t control him but I did kill him. I mean there I was helping him with his hobbies and he tried turning me into one. Was he out of his mind?” She laughed after asking her the question, “In the end he turned out to be useless. Men are as useless as they get. If you know how to hold them, they turn into putty bringing you any man’s head at your request. The young girls he had collected was a useful energy to revive my strength and to use them in my potions.”

“You’re the lowest decree of creature I’ve ever come across. Someone who has been lying to her husband and her son is pathetic,” Katie said disgusted with the woman.

“My family is none of your concern and…” She bent down near Katie’s ear to whisper, “How I use them is left to me.”

“Lady Ester, it’s completed,” one of the guardsman stood in front of the room with his head bowed down.

“Did you know that one of the council member got murdered few days ago. Can you believe who was it? Your precious Lord Alexander,” Ester said with a matter of fact tone, “So young and he will be sent to trials before he gets executed. Poor thing. The council have been impressed with the punishments and trials we have put criminals across, and would have us in charge of your dear Lord.” Clapping her hands, Ester asked the guardsman to bring Katie to the next room. On the way she caught sight of the council people she had previously met.

When Katie was brought in to the next room, she was speechless seeing the person sitting on the metal chair with ease while his body was tied with thick chains around him.

His expression gave nothing away as his dark red eyes looked at her. Lord Alexander.

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