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It wasn’t common for magical beasts to possess intelligence. Generally, only magical beasts which were at the S-rank or above had intelligence. When Long Yi saw that the ice bears were intelligent creatures, he was curious.

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As long as it was an intelligent species, Long Yi would not rush to kill them. Also, these ice bears were a rare species and if Long Yi truly killed all of them, the ice bears might go extinct.

When Little Tiger saw Long Yi descending from the air, it shook its tail in excitement. Opening its mouth, it unexpectedly spat out an almost transparent plant. The plant looked like a reishi mushroom from Long Yi’s previous world but he was able to see a tiny tube-shaped thing where a milky white liquid was flowing.

Holding the strange plant in his hand, Long Yi felt an ice-cold and soft texture. In addition to the weird feeling in his hand, Long Yi could feel faint fluctuations of life coming from the plant. It felt truly strange. This plant actually had its own life. Up until now, other than the Nine Underworld Demonic Flower from the death flower sea in the Lightning God Forbidden Area, Long Yi had never sensed a life fluctuation coming from any other plant. This strange ice plant was the second flower which gave him this feeling.

When Long Yi was still playing with the ice flower, a matter which brought him more shock happened. The leader of the ice bears seemed to have noticed that Long Yi was the person who would ultimately decide their fate. A begging sound came from the mouth of the leader of the ice bear as it crawled towards Long Yi. With a ‘wuwu’ sound, the leader of the ice bear seemed to be requesting for Long Yi to spare their lives.

“Niur, see that? They are asking you not to eat them. Let’s let them go, okay?” Long Yi smacked the buttocks of Niur and said.

Niur pouted and before greedily swallowing a mouthful of saliva. She looked at the four cute young bears who were surrounded by adult ice bears for some time before nodding her head. By this time, Liuxu, who was cultivating alone, had arrived. The princesses of the Divine Dragon Clan and the Demonic Dragon Clan who were wandering around aimlessly were shocked after they heard the commotion created by Niur and the god beasts. All of them rushed over. Looking at the scene in front of them, they turned their heads as they looked at Long Yi with a curious expression on their face.

Long Yi pinched the root of the ice plant and pondered for a little while. With a frown on his face, he threw the ice plant at Liuxu and he asked, “Can you recognize this thing?”

Catching the ice plant, Liuxu examined it for some time. Shaking her head, she replied, “I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before. It might be an existence which is unique to Origin Ice.”

Long Yi nodded his head. It was clear that this ice plant was no ordinary plant. Although Long Yi didn’t know the use of this plant, he was certain that it was a special plant as it was able to grow in this kind of environment.

Without any effort, Long Yi managed to gain the goodwill of the ice bears. Everyone rode on the back of an ice bear as they ran towards their cave.

After half a day, they arrived in front of a huge ice cave. The dense spirit qi pouring out of the cave shocked them. The magic element contained within this ice cave was ten times denser than the outside world. All of them were endlessly amazed. It was no wonder that these group of ice bears possessed intelligence.

Under the lead of ice bears, Long Yi and the others walked in. Based on logic, there shouldn’t be any light in the cave. However, it was bright as day inside. The entire cave was surrounded by huge prismatic ice crystals and it greatly resembled a crystal cave. The material in the cave looked like the materials used to build the Ice Palace. It was possible that the material used to build the Ice Palace was obtained from this cave. By this point, Long Yi realized that this huge ice cave was extremely deep and the deeper they went, the higher the density of spirit qi. All of a sudden, Little Three cried out in excitement and it rushed forward. It stopped in front of a crack located at the center of the ice cave. Pushing with all its might, Little Three’s head entered the crack. Shortly afterward, it held something in its mouth when it pulled out its head. It actually pulled out another ice plant. However, it ignored Long Yi this time and immediately swallowed it. When the Violent Lightning Beast and the Fire Qilin saw this, they rushed over. They clearly wanted to get their share. Upon seeing this, Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin also rushed over, clearly wanted to get their share.

Everyone also walked over and was surprised after they looked in the crack. They could see a cold mist circulating inside the crack and the ice walls on both sides were covered with all kinds of strange plants. Every single one of the plant had different fragrances and they emitted a dense spirit qi. In addition, many plants emitted a faint light which illuminated the land in the midst of the cold mist. It was as if they were showing off a corner of the fairyland.

No one knew how long the crack extended. In any case, none of them were able to see the end.

Lugexiya couldn’t help himself as he stretched out his hand and reached inside the crack. He wanted to pick up a beautiful ice flower. To everyone’s surprise, as soon as his hand entered the crack, he cried out in alarm and he hastily withdrew his hand. His claw was covered with a layer of white frost when he pulled it out.

“It’s so cold, it’s so cold! The temperature inside is really low.” Lugexiya used his dragon power and the white frost on his claw instantly melted.

“Stupid. Little Three is much more intelligent than you.” Long Yi smiled and hit him without mercy.

Lugexiya muttered to himself but he didn’t dare to argue with Long Yi. He knew how terrifying Long Yi was from experience. He didn’t want to antagonize this fellow.

“Why are there so many strange plants in this crack? There seem to be nothing in other places.” Sharman asked.

“If I guessed it correctly, these ice walls gave rise to a cold spirit after hundreds of millions of years. This cold spirit is basically the ice essence. The longer the time, the denser the spirit qi becomes. One can well imagine the level of the cold spirit seeing as it had lived for millions of years. Of course, everything was fine as the cold spirit was sealed up in ice. It just so happened that there was a crack here… it’s nothing strange for spirit plants and weird grass to grow here. We can assume that these things would greatly increase the might of water magic.” Long Yi observed for a little while and said. Naturally, it was just his speculation. When he saw Wushuang in the Ice Palace, he would ask her about this. Maybe the Ice Palace possessed records of the plants.

“My husband, how about we pick them all? With these things, we will definitely be able to cultivate a lot of high-class water magicians. In addition, big sister Shui Ruoyan and big sister Wushuang have water attributed physiques.” The eyes of Yu Feng shone as she made a suggestion. All of these were treasures.

“Now, we still don’t know how long this crack is. It’s a pity that the crack is too narrow. We can’t enter the crack. There might be even more precious treasures inside the crack.” Midi’er said. If possible, she wanted to obtain all of the cold spirits inside the ice wall.

“If that is the case, I can go in and take a look. All of you can wait outside.” Long Yi also had some expectations. He thought about it and he prepared himself to use the bone shrinking technique in order to enter the crack.


Sparkling and crystal clear light blue water elements lit up the area.

It was a sign that magic energy had materialized in this place. If others were to see this, they would be shocked to the point where their eyeballs would fall out. This phenomenon could only be achieved by a Magic God.

A beautiful woman was floating in midair. At this moment, her eyes were closed. She looked just like a fairy who was sleeping peacefully. Her entire body was shrouded with a layer of faint blue light. The magic elements which were materialized were emitted by this beautiful woman.

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